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Weather and Best time to travel to Shanghai

Shanghai is a well known global metropolis situated in the People’s Republic of China. The city is located by the estuary of River Yangtze. It serves as the hub and centre of culture, trade, finance, the economy in the eastern portion of China. Apart from being an important city in China and the whole of Asia, Shanghai is also a very popular tourist destination. The overall population of Shanghai was 34 million as of 2019. The municipal area is close to 2500 miles squared. The city has undergone severe redevelopment since the time of the 1990s when the country was considering economic reforms as a measure. This city is also known for its highly modernistic architecture and its bold skyscrapers which form the cityscape. The Huangpu River flows through the city. The climate of Shanghai falls under the category of humid subtropical as per the Koppen classification. The region experiences four separate seasons with damp, chilly winters and hot, humid summers. The spring season is somewhat pleasant and moderate. The months of summers are susceptible to thunderstorms and occasional downpours. The city is also very prone to typhoons, but there hasn’t been any considerable damage due to typhoons in Shanghai for many years now.

The airport in Shanghai/ nearby airport in Shanghai

Shanghai has two international airports in service. The Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) is the primary airport of the city. This airport is the one in common use for international flights. Pudong is the third busiest airport in the country and overall the fifth busiest in the whole of Asia. On the other hand, there is also the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) which is mostly for purposes of domestic and regional flights. This airport is the hub of major domestic airliners in China. Hongqiao Airport is closer to the city of Shanghai if you compare it with the Pudong Airport. Getting to Shanghai from Shanghai Pudong International Airport takes about 45 minutes while doing the same from the Hongqiao Airport takes about half an hour. The mutual distance between the two airports is 58 kilometres. One can get buses and trains from the airport to get to the city of Shanghai.

Transportation in Shanghai

Transportation within the city of Shanghai is considered to be highly convenient. Being a megacity, this bustling metropolis is highly populated and public transport is the only way to deal with traffic congestion. This is why the government has worked on extensive development of public transport network from buses to subways with multiple routes to tackle this problem of congestion. The Shanghai Metro runs on 16 lines connecting the entire city. It is a convenient way to travel but it gets really crowded during the peak hours of the day. There is another type of train called the Maglev Train which is a high-speed train that connects to the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The road network of the city is also pretty expansive. Road transportation is facilitated by taxis, city buses, and tourist buses which help one get from a place to another with absolute ease and comfort.         

How to get to Shanghai

By virtue of it being a major metropolis of the world, connectivity of Shanghai to other parts of the world is not going to a problem. There is no dearth of flight options if one wishes to fly from Singapore to Shanghai. Airlines like Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines are some of the many carriers which offer services to Shanghai. However, most of these flights are not direct and have one or two transit stops in between. So the duration of this journey can vary anywhere from 8 to 16 hours or more depending on the flight itinerary. Talking about getting to Shanghai from other parts of the world, that also is not very difficult owing to the fact that most major airlines of the world offer services to Shanghai. Airlines like Emirates, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air are some of the major carriers that fly to Shanghai.         

How much are hotels in Shanghai

  • Extremely upscale 5-7 star hotels in Shanghai are a true delight. These can be availed for around 500-1000 S$ and they come with facilities like private pools, spas, and whatnot. 
  • For a bit less pricey stay, there are also options of decent 3-4 star Shanghai hotels that can be availed for some 200-300 S$. 
  • If one is looking for cheap hotels in Shanghai, those can be availed for some 50-100 S$. 
  • Neighbourhoods around The Bund or People’s Square are some top choices popular among tourists as they have good connectivity and some great Shanghai hotel deals too. 

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Shanghai Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Shanghai

Following is a list of some of the many cool places to see and things to do in Shanghai. 

  • One of the most popular Shanghai attractions is The Bund which is a spectacular broad promenade that runs along the banks of the Huangpu Jiang River. The buildings around the area house stores, galleries, corporate offices, etc. 
  • The Shanghai Museum is one of the most important museums in the country. It majorly houses artefacts pertaining to classical Chinese art. The museum has vast collections of jade coins, furnishings from ancient periods, and has bronze- ceramic displays adding aesthetic beauty to its walls. 
  • Another amazing attraction of Shanghai is the Shanghai Disney resort which is a theme park cum resort in the Pudong region of the city. The place has a magical and fun vibe attached to it and is frequented by all groups of people be it old or young, locals or tourists.

Top food places in Shanghai

Being a global city, Shanghai is sort of a cultural hotspot that takes influences from all over the world and blends it into its own unique mix. This uniqueness is evident in the food culture of the city too.

  • The tastiest, most enjoyable, and most affordable food of Shanghai will be found in its local markets. There are a lot of food streets like the Chenghuangmiao Old Street which sells quick snacks for one to gorge on the go. 
  • For an elite fine dining experience, one can turn to places like the T’ang Court Shanghai. This restaurant serves the best Cantonese cuisine in the whole of Shanghai. 
  • One can also head to a good Shanghai coffee shop for a laid back experience of a tasty brunch. 1984 Bookstore and Cafe is one such place which is a great spot to spend a lazy afternoon with good food, books, and cute cats around.     

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