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Weather, the best time to travel:

Taichung is a special municipality located in central Taiwan. It is the second-largest city in the country after New Taipei with a population of more than 2 million. This city is located in the Taichung Basin and was formed under Japanese rule. It became a major economic and cultural hub during Japanese rule. Because of its calm and beauty, it was also referred to as “Kyoto of Formosa”. The city is a perfect amalgamation of industry and culture where you will get to see museums, temples and gardens co-exist with industries.

Taichung has a sub-tropical monsoon climate which is pleasant and mild all through the year. Because of its subtropical climate, it is compared to California. The highest temperature occurs during the summer months of July to September. During summers the temperature goes up to 23 C to 30 C. The lowest temperature during winter occurring between November to February is usually 10 to 16 C. The annual rainfall is around 1600 mm which falls between May to July. Occasional typhoons do occur.

Airport/ nearby airport:

Taichung International Airport is Taichung and surrounding region's main airport. Previously this airport was called Ching Chuan Chang Airport. It is the third international airport to have started operation in Taiwan. This airport is used for both commercial and military purpose. The service for civilians started in 2004 prior to which this airport was only used as a military airport. It was promoted to an international airport in 2017 when it was renamed Taichung International Airport. Bus and taxis are the only mode of transport for getting to Taichung from Taichung Airport. The bus is the most economical mode of travel with its many routes to Taichung hotels. There are also bus routes connecting to the Taichung High-Speed Rail Station. 


Taichung does not have a vast public transport system, unlike Taipei. There is the MRT under construction which is supposed to start operating soon. If you can get access to an Easycard you will be able to access the bus and many other services.


Taichung has a fully developed bus system and is connected to most of the attractions and locations. All the buses announce the upcoming station details in 2 languages including English.  The Easycard provides free bus services within a range of 8-10 kilometres.

You can rent a bike using Easycard and the first 30 minutes of use is free.

Scooter/ Taxi / Rental Car
Visitors can rent a scooter or car when they have the requisite licenses. If you don’t have a license, then you can hire a taxi.

How to get to Taichung:

Taichung is fast gaining popularity for tourism along with its industries. The airport is connected to many major domestic destinations and to limited international destinations. The main countries that this airport has direct and non-stop flights to are China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. There are no direct flights from Singapore to Taichung at present. But you can use the connecting flights from Hong Kong or China. The average travel time to cover the distance of 3116 km is an average of 7 hours depending on the stopover time. The rates of the flight depend on when you book and the type of flight you book.

How much are Hotels in Taichung

Taichung has many kinds of hotels that you can select as per your budget and requirement. Check our list to know more about hotels in Taichung. 

5-Star Hotels: Some of the best luxury hotels of the city are Hung’s Mansion, Grand City Hotel, The Splendor Hotel, etc. Each of these hotels has world-class amenities and excellent service ensuring that you have a luxurious and unique stay experience. The rates start at TWD 1500. 

4-Star Hotels: You can look for 4-star hotels if you are looking for comfort with lesser amenities. Some of the hotels in this range are the Holiday Inn, Hotel Champ Elysees, Military 75 Hotel and many more. The prices in this range start at TWD 1000 to TWD 1200 depending on the type of room and location.

3-Star Hotels: If you are going to stay outdoor more and look for a comfortable bed to sleep in, avail the excellent budget hotel options like Raise Hotel, KIWI, Micasa Hotel, etc.  The prices start at TWD 500 to 700.

2-Star Hotels/ Hostel: For travellers on a backpacking trip or looking for cheap hotels in Taichung, try the Happy Inn & Hostel, K. Gold, Bravo Hotel and such.  The rates in this category start at 200 to 400 TWD. Visitors can Book Taichung hotels as per their budget and itinerary.

Taichung Tourist Information: 

Top tourist attractions in Taichung:

  1. Rainbow Village: Taichung is an ideal place where northern and southern Taiwanese cultures meet. One of the places to explore this beautiful culture is Rainbow Village. This village has beautiful and colourful murals painted all over its walls. Trying your skills in photography in this village is one of the things to do in Taichung.
  2. Wufeng lin Family Mansion: One of the major attraction of this city is the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion which is full of luxury and grace. It is built in traditional Chinese architecture and has centuries of art and artefact collections.
  3. 921 Earthquake Museum: Taichung has many museums with one of the major Taichung attractions being the unique Earthquake Museum. It has an interactive earthquake simulator room and detailed information about the 921-earthquake of 1999. The location of the museum is the epicentre of the 1999 earthquake which led to major damage in that year.

Top Food Places & Food Culture in Taichung

Taichung cuisine is a rich mix of Chinese, Japanese and local culture which is the result of the rich history of the city. You will get the best of Taiwanese food and also some international cuisines.

  1. Budget Food: If you are looking for cheap food then it is best to look for local food. Fifth market and Yizhong street have some of the best restaurants and street food options.  You may even try some high-end restaurants serving local food in these areas.
  2. High-end Restaurants: If you are ready to spend then you can look for restaurants serving other cuisines. You will get many of the Asian restaurants serving Japanese, Indonesian, Indian and many more. St West District, Jian Xiang Road and Zhonggong Road have some of the best restaurants serving Asian food. For the Mediterranean and European food visit Jing Cheng Street or Xitun District.
  3. Nightlife: Jing Cheng Street and Shamin Road have the best clubs and bars to party and drink. You can try the local liquan beer in one of the bars.

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