Best Taiwan eSIM Guide: High Speed Data from S$2.06

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Taiwan eSIM

This guide to Taiwan eSIM will cover everything you need to know about using eSIMs for your upcoming Taiwan trip. We’ll look at why eSIMs are better than traditional SIM cards, explore top providers and plans, walk through the setup process, and share tips to stay connected throughout your travels. Let’s get started!

The best travel eSIM options for Taiwan

Taiwan eSIM 1 Day
  • Country/RegionTaiwan
  • Package Option2GB/Day
  • Number of Days1 Day
  • PriceS$2.06
Taiwan eSIM 2 Days
  • Country/RegionTaiwan
  • Package Option2GB/Day
  • Number of Days2 Days
  • PriceS$3.80
Taiwan eSIM 5 Days
  • Country/RegionTaiwan
  • Package Option2GB/Day
  • Number of Days5 Days
  • PriceS$7.35
Taiwan eSIM 7 Days
  • Country/RegionTaiwan
  • Package Option1GB/Day
  • Number of Days7 Days
  • PriceS$6.99
Taiwan eSIM 10 Days
  • Country/RegionTaiwan
  • Package Option1GB/Day
  • Number of Days10 Days
  • PriceS$12.64
Taiwan eSIM 10 Days
  • Country/RegionTaiwan
  • Package Option3GB/Day
  • Number of Days10 Days
  • PriceS$20.93

What is Taiwan eSIM?

Electronic SIM cards (eSIMs) are revolutionising connectivity for globe-trotting travellers. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, eSIMs allow you to conveniently access data plans online, even while abroad.

As Taiwan gains popularity as a top Asian travel destination, Taiwan eSIMs enable budget-savvy travellers to stay conveniently connected across bustling cities and scenic landscapes.

How to use an Taiwan eSIM? -5 steps guide

Taiwan eSIM

Wondering about the logistics of actually utilising an eSIM for your trip? Just follow these simple steps for smooth sailing:

  • Step 1: Check the compatibility of your device, since not all devices are compatible with Taiwan eSIM. You can check compatible devices here.
  • Step 2: Using your eSIM provider’s app or website, purchase the Taiwan plan best suiting your trip duration and data needs. Make payment securely using your credit card details registered on the platform.
  • Step 3: Note down your unique eSIM profile details provided at purchase. This contains your plan information and QR activation code.
  • Step 4: Turn on your phone’s WiFi and navigate to Settings > Cellular Data > Add Cellular Plan. Scan the QR code from Step 2 to add your Taiwan eSIM plan.
  • Step 5: Toggle your new eSIM plan on as the primary cellular data line. Congrats, you can now access mobile internet in Taiwan!

Troubleshooting tips:
Facing issues activating your eSIM? Check for firmware updates, airplane mode toggles, and cellular settings. Can’t access enough data? Consider top-up bolt-on packs from your provider.

The differences of eSIM, SIM and Wi-Fi

You can find the comparison below to gain a comprehensive understanding of eSIM, SIM and WIFI to make informed decisions about which option best suits your needs!

Physical PresenceNo physical card required, embedded in devicePhysical card requiredNo physical card required, requires access point and equipment
Operator SwitchingEasily switch between operators without changing physical SIMSwitching requires physically replacing SIM cardRelies on available Wi-Fi networks and different operators
SecurityRobust security features, such as encryption and remote management capabilitiesRelatively secure, but susceptible to physical theft or lossSecurity varies depending on the network and encryption protocols used
AvailabilityIncreasing availability, supported by many modern devicesWidely available for GSM and LTE networksWidely available in urban areas, may be limited in rural or remote areas

Why use Taiwan eSIM?

Taiwan eSIM

Here are the top reasons to use an eSIM for your mobile data needs in Taiwan:


With an eSIM, gone are the days of struggling with physical SIM cards. You can skip purchasing local data plans at the airport, fiddling with tiny cards, or worrying about losing your SIM. eSIMs are directly embedded into your phone instead.


Since eSIMs are digital, you enjoy great flexibility. Purchase month-long data plans or short few-day nano-plans online, adjustable according to your trip duration. You can even switch plans to get more data mid-trip if needed!


eSIM data plans are frequently cheaper than sluggish international roaming packages. You’ll no longer return home to shocking phone bills after a trip!

Wide network coverage

Major eSIM providers ensure reliable 4G LTE signals across Taipei and other top tourist destinations. Stay conveniently connected wherever your travels take you!

How to choose the right Taiwan eSIM?

Taiwan eSIM

With different allowances and prices, picking the best eSIM plan for your Taiwan trip is key. Here are crucial factors to consider:

  • Data Allowance: Estimate your usage based on travel activities. Light users may need 1-2GB over 10 days, while heavy users stream shows and require 6-8GB monthly.
  • Validity Duration: Pick eSIM plans matching your trip length, whether a few days or multiple weeks long. Some providers offer top-up options.
  • Network Coverage: Ensure your provider offers strong signal coverage spanning key cities and regions you’ll visit.
  • Pricing: Compare total costs across nano, medium, and long-term plans from different carriers. Watch for discounts too!
  • Top-Up Options: Important for longer holidays, check if your chosen eSIM allows mid-trip bolt-on data packs.

Comparison of Taiwan eSIM providers

Taiwan eSIM

There are multiple eSIM Taiwan providers. You can choose one based on your needs. Remember to consider your data usage, network, customer support and other factors that may influence you during the trip.

Feature/ProviderNomadMobiMatterMaya MobileYoho Mobile

Network quality
Generally reliable with consistent serviceCommendable network quality with stable coverageDependable service with consistent coverageRobust network quality with reliable coverage
SpeedCompetitive speeds for fast data accessSatisfactory speeds ensuring smooth data accessImpressive speeds for fast and reliable data accessNotable speeds providing efficient data access
Checking data balanceCan easily check data balance through the Nomad app or online portalSimple data balance checking via the MobiMatter app or websiteConvenient data balance checking through the Maya Mobile app or online platformEasy data balance checking using the Yoho Mobile app or website


Nomad offers eSIM data plans for Taiwan, providing users with convenient digital connectivity. The network quality in Taipei is generally reliable, ensuring consistent service for users. Speeds are competitive, offering fast and efficient data access. Users can easily check their data balance through the Nomad app or online portal, providing transparency and control over usage.


MobiMatter provides eSIM data plans for Taiwan, catering to users' digital connectivity needs. The network quality in Taipei is commendable, offering stable and robust coverage. Speeds on the MobiMatter network are satisfactory, allowing users to enjoy smooth data access. Checking data balance is straightforward with the MobiMatter app or website, enabling users to monitor usage effortlessly.

Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile offers eSIM data plans tailored for Taiwan, ensuring users stay connected seamlessly. The network quality in Taipei is dependable, providing users with consistent service. Speeds on the Maya Mobile network are impressive, delivering fast and reliable data access. Users can conveniently check their data balance through the Maya Mobile app or online platform, facilitating easy management of usage.

Yoho Mobile

Yoho Mobile provides eSIM data plans designed for Taiwan, offering users hassle-free digital connectivity. The network quality in Taipei is robust, ensuring reliable coverage and service. Speeds on the Yoho Mobile network are notable, providing users with efficient data access. Checking data balance is simple with the Yoho Mobile app or website, empowering users to monitor usage effectively.

Additional tips for travellers on Taiwan eSIM

Taiwan eSIM

Beyond just connectivity, here are bonus travel tips for your time in Taiwan:

Recommended data usage limits

Budgeting data needs for your trip duration and activities helps pick suitable eSIM plans. Here are suggestions:

  • Light usage (maps, transport apps): 500MB daily
  • Medium usage (+ social media, local apps): 1GB daily
  • Heavy usage (+ video streaming): 3GB+ daily

Alternatives to eSIMs

If you prefer using physical SIM cards instead, popular options are Chunghwa Telecom’s prepaid visitor cards, as well as PLDT and Globe Philippines SIMs. But network coverage may be limited in certain regions.

Staying safe online

Practicing cybersecurity is crucial even while travelling. We recommend utilising a VPN service to keep your public WiFi connections private and secure, shielding from data theft. ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer reliable privacy globally.

3 Disadvantages you need to consider of Taiwan eSIM

Limited device compatibility

While newer devices generally support eSIM, many older models do not. This limitation can prevent some travellers from using Taiwan eSIM. Make sure to check the device compatibility before purchasing one.

Setup issues

Setting up an eSIM can sometimes be more complex than using a physical SIM card, particularly for those who are not tech-savvy. The process typically involves scanning a QR code or entering an activation code, and any errors in this process can lead to activation failures or connectivity issues.

One-time installation limitation

Once the eSIM profile is activated on your phone, it cannot be transferred to another device or reinstalled if you reset your phone or switch to a new device. This limitation can be particularly inconvenient for travellers who frequently change devices or need to perform a factory reset while on the go.

​​Taiwan eSIM conclusion

Taiwan eSIM

As you prepare to explore the beauty and culture of Taiwan, embracing the Taiwan eSIM technology can significantly enhance your travel experience. With the insights and tips provided in this guide, you're now well-equipped to enjoy seamless connectivity, making your adventures in Taiwan more enjoyable and stress-free.

So pack your bags, and don't forget to set up your eSIM, as exciting discoveries await you in the heart of Asia.

FAQs: Taiwan eSIM

  • Why should I choose an eSIM for my travel to Taiwan?

    An eSIM offers convenience, flexibility, and cost savings, making it an ideal choice for travelers to Taiwan. You can easily switch between plans and avoid the hassle of physical SIM cards.
  • How do I set up my eSIM for Taiwan?

    Purchase your eSIM plan online, scan the provided QR code in your phone settings, and activate it as your primary cellular data line. It's that simple.
  • What are the top eSIM providers for Taiwan?

    Top providers include Airalo for short trips, KnowRoaming for multi-country visits, and AlwaysOnline for heavy data users in Taiwan.
  • Can I use my eSIM in Taiwan for short-term trips?

    Yes, there are various plans available, from daily to monthly options, perfect for any trip duration.
  • What should I do if I face issues with my eSIM in Taiwan?

    Check for firmware updates and ensure your cellular settings are correct. If issues persist, consider contacting your eSIM provider for assistance or exploring top-up options.
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