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Tianjin Hotel Guide

Hotels in Tianjin

Weather, the Best time to travel 

Tianjin is the fourth most populous city in China bordering Beijing with a population of around 16 million. This huge coastal city is a big industrial, economic, commercial center, and an important logistics hub with its massive harbour. It is a dual-core city with the old city still preserving the many magnificent structures of the Qing dynasty and the 19th-century European architecture, while the  Binhai new area is the modern growth engine of the city. The Hai River is the lifeline of Tianjin and its banks give a fascinating view of the preserved ancient architecture. Apart from this, this city offers dozens of spectacular places of interest to visitors like temples, entertainment parks, gardens, great infrastructure for transport, good accommodation to suit all budgets, interesting culture, and gourmet food.  

Tianjin, situated on the west coast of the Bohai Gulf, has a semi-arid climate, has four seasons, and can be very cold for many months in a year. The best time to visit the city when the weather is at its most pleasant is from March to June, and between September and October.  


The Tianjin Binhai International Airport, TNS, is one of the busiest airports in the country. It handles about 23 million passengers per year from destinations across the world. It is located 13 km from the city centre and 30 km from the seaport.  

Getting to Tianjin from the airport is a breeze with the availability of many fast modes of transport. The economical way is to take the airport bus or city-bus. However, the fastest and most convenient mode of commuting from the airport to the city is the Tianjin Metro. Line 2 connects the airport to downtown. Besides, taxis are available to travel to the city as also the car-rentals for those who want to drive here on their own or with a hired driver. 


Multiple transportation options in Tianjin excite the tourists. The fastest option is the Tianjin Metro which has nine lines in operation, covering major attractions and locations in the city. The Bus network is extensive and you can take this economical mode to travel around the city. Tianjin Light Rail is about the longest in the country and operating frequency is 15 minutes. Trains and long distances buses can be chosen to travel to other cities from Tianjin.    

Taxis in the city are available everywhere and not very expensive. You can travel to any corner of the city. You can also rent a car on a full-day basis for which the rentals start from SGD 60. 

 How to get to Tianjin

The Tianjin Binhai International Airport is connected to dozens of destinations across the world by multiple airlines operating from here. This airport is the hub for Tianjin Airlines, Okay Airlines, and a focus city for Air China. The airlines which operate the highest number of flights from here are Air China, Xiamen Airlines, and Tianjin Airlines. The airport operates flights on 18 domestic and 7 international routes connecting around 50 destinations. Apart from the many Chinese Airlines, All Nippon Airlines, Japanese Airlines, Scoot, Korean Airlines, Vietnamese Airlines, and Air Asia operate out of this airport. Intercontinental flights connect the city to Los Angeles in the US, Stockholm, Madrid, and Paris in Europe, Okinawa, Tokyo, and Osaka in Japan, and Seoul, Bangkok, Phuket. Taipai, and Singapore in Asia. 

How much are hotels in Tianjin

Hotels are available in plenty in Tianjin to suit any tourist budget. Many super luxurious, top-end 5-star hotels are available in the city. Some of the best 5-star hotels in the city are Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La Sheraton, and the Grand View Hotel. These hotels charge starting from SGD 200 per night.

The luxury 4-star hotels are available in Tianjin at a starting price of about SGD 125.  

Hundreds of more affordable 3-star and 2-star category Tianjin hotels are available for those on a tight budget. These cheap hotels in Tianjin are available at a price starting from a low of SGD 50 per night.  

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Top Tourist Attractions in Tianjin

We suggest three out of the dozens of the most spectacular and popular Tianjin attractions for your reference list.

1.    The Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel

This is the only Ferris wheel in the world that is located on a bridge. You get unparalleled 360 deg views of the city up to 40km radius as you reach the top of the 110 mt high Wheel. You will get a 30-minute ride and this can be a great photo opportunity. 

2.   Wu Da Dao, Five Great Avenues

This is a lovely area with 230 structures of European architecture of the 19th century. You can walk around leisurely or take a bicycle on rent or even take a horse-drawn carriage to go around the area to experience the architectural wonders of the area. A local guide would be helpful to fill in the details.

3.   Water Park

This is a spectacular park where you can relax with the family for half a day. The park has twelve small islands connected by arched bridges and small mounds. It has 3 lakes, houses the Tianjin zoo with 200 types of animals in a big 135-acre enclosure. The water -park is a serene place for walking, jogging, or just relaxing. The park also has pagodas, pathways, and gardens. 

Top Food Places in Tianjin

1.  Nanshi Cuisine Street is a foodie’s paradise with upwards of 100 restaurants located in this 40,000 Sqmt complex in the Helping district. Some of the popular joints here are Da Jin Haiwei, Zheijiang Restaurant, and Erdouyan Fried Cakeshop. You can relish 7 of the 8 Chinese cuisines here as well as western and vegetarian food. 

2  Other streets that are very popular as food spots are Helping District Food Street and October Food Street. Some great Tianjin snacks are on offer in these places.        

3   Contrary to expectation, one can find great vegetarian food in Tianjin province. Some of the great restaurants for vegetarian food are Seven Patra Leaves in Hedong District, Peach Blossom Land, Satisfactory Vegetarian Restaurant, and Qing Lai Yue Vegetarian Pavillion in the Hexi District,

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