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Best Time to Travel in Wuxi

Wuxi city is situated in eastern China near Shanghai and is on the banks of Taihu, which is one of China’s freshwater lakes. Wuxi has four distinct seasons as it belongs to a sub-tropical monsoon oceanic climate. The rainfall is spread evenly throughout the whole year. The best time to visit Wuxi is from the Spring to the Autumn season. During this time the weather is absolutely perfect and the city looks at its best. The Spring season falls between the months of March and May where you can get to see the plum blossoms, azalea orchid, and its also the best time to have hiking. The Autumn season falls between the months of September and November. The Autumn season is also considered as the Golden travel season for tourists in Wuxi city. The winter season falls between the months of December and February with a suitable climate for enjoying the hot springs. The Summer season falls between the months of June and August where you can get to eat many fruits like peaches and grapes.

Nearby Airport 

Wuxi is considered one of the prominent historical and cultural cities of China. It is also a regional business hub, with extensive manufacturing and large industrial factories devoted to the new industries built up. The city is has Sunan shuofang International Airport. Getting to Wuxi from Sunan Shuofang Airport(WUX) 15-20 minutes as it is not far away from the city. The charges are moderate and there is an abundance of Taxi services available. The 24/7 taxi stand helps in easy transportation from one place to another, especially to the city center.

Getting around the place

 Wuxi is the transportation hub of east China and has a network consisting of Highway, railway, waterway, and airline. The buses through the city are also convenient and are charged minimum. There are also several coach stations and many taxi’s to the server the tourist to move around the city with ease. The public can use the local buses as well as the tour buses which can carry them to various places within the city and navigate the tourist to the famous attractions. Both the ordinary and AC buses available for the Public.

How to get to Wuxi

Wuxi is a southern Jiangsu province, 128 km away from Shanghai. To get to Wuxi there are many different ways. You can first fly down to Shanghai Airport and then from there, take the train to central Shanghai and transfer up to the Wuxi city. A few of the Airline services to Wuxi are United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Lufthansa, and many more. It would take about 2 hours in total for the transfer and all and would cost you around CNY250. There are train services as well which run to Wuxi from Shanghai and Suzhou as well as the popular Chinese cities like Hong Kong and Beijing. All major regional cities of China are connected to Wuxi bus Station.

Hotel Information 

This exciting city is home to some of the most unique and exciting hotels in the world. It has a variety of hotels that fall into different categories segregated as per pricing as well as popularity. Here are some of the hotels, concerning each price range, that is a definite hit to stay in Singapore.

  • 5 STAR HOTELS-some of the most Hi-Fi hotels include Intercontinental Wuxi, Hyatt Regency, Sheraton Wuxi, etc. Having world-class amenities and luxuries experienced like never before, the price ranges vary from 160 AUD to about 180 AUD. Hotel prices are subject to change according to seasons and preferences.
  • 4 STAR HOTELS-When you want an affordable price along with luxury, Wuxi hotels with 4-star ratings are preferable. These hotels have a luxurious standard at a slightly lesser rate charge. Some of the most famous 4-star hotels include- Atour Hotel, Holiday Inn, Courtyard by Marriot, etc. These are rated as some of the best hotels in Wuxi. Their price range varies from-80 AUD to 140 AUD. Book Wuxi hotels such as these for a perfect stay.
  • 3 STAR HOTELS- To bag unlimited extras and recreational activities and things to do in Wuxi include affordable and fun stays. These 3-star Wuxi hotel deals provide quality comfort stays priced between 40 AUD to 70 AUD.
  • 2 STAR HOTELS- an exciting yet basic stay at Wuxi hotels can be easily available at a price range of 30 AUD to 70 AUD, depending on the type of stay and area of stay. You can easily book cheap hotels in Wuxi at great prices.

Wuxi Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in the city

Some of the top-rated Wuxi attractions include-

  • On the North banks of the Taihu lake lies the Tortoise Head Garden. It derives its name from it as it has an outline in the shape of a Tortoise.
  • The tallest Bronze statue in the world is the grandstanding Buddha statue in the Lingshan Mountains. It is about 79 meters high and stands on a 9-meter-high lotus-shaped seat.
  • There is a gorgeous Buddhist Palace which is located right near the Lingshan Mountain, which has a total construction area of 70,000 sq meters. The Buddhism palace is made with a Tibet tower architecture style and is luxurious. 

Top food places in Wuxi

There are a lot of things to do in Wuxi, but one has to indulge in decadent food options lined up in Wuxi.

  • To enjoy some gourmet food- Wuxi xiaolongbao (dumpling soup) you can check out Xixin on Chongning Road.
  • To find great noodles and meat dishes you can head to Xishengyuan or the Blue Marlin Music Restaurant who are known for their fine seafood, widespread menu, and entertainment.
  • Usually, the meals are priced around CNY120 per person (25 AUD) 

Travel to Wuxi, a land of many treasures and exciting new opportunities with to uncover a side of efficient, reliable, and easy travel. With 24-hour customer service, readily available hotel and flight is an exquisite travel partner you need to try out. Singapore is one place which every traveler would cherish and is a must-visit place at least once in a lifetime

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