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About Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a great international metropolis which beautifully melds the traditional and the modern. It's also a gourmand's paradise. The skyscrapers that tower in a veritable forest in Zhujiang New Town are representative of the new Guangzhou. While here you can also see a wide variety of different kinds of modern architecture. If you would like to experience traditional Lingnan style, then you can visit Old Xiguan. Lingnan, or south of the Nanling Mountains, refers to the areas of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and parts of Vietnam. At the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall you can see classic folk art such as carved wood, carved brick, engraved metal, pottery and molded plaster. Don't miss out on the colonnaded buildings at Shangxiajiu. Lychee Bay and the Xiguan Big Mansion are also well worth visiting. Beijing Road’s modern array of shopping mixes with Yuexiu Park’s ancient legendary statues and historic monuments to display Guangzhou's vast thousand-year history. This place also has Chimelong Paradise, an amusement park loved by the little ones, and parks like the TIT Creative Industry Zone serve the tastes of creative individuals. Have a cup of morning tea, try out the traditional dimsum, or tuck into some classic Cantonese food. Eating your way through the city is a good way to spend your time.

Popular Attractions in Guangzhou

Chimelong Safari Park
46,742 Reviews
Chimelong Safari Park is part of the Chimelong Tourist Resort. Located in Guangzhou's Panyu, it is China's first and Guangzhou's only "AAAAA" grade scenic area. It is also the filming location of the famous reality show “Dad, Where Are We Going”. The park spans over 2000 acres of land including a large section of undisrupted Southeast China subtropical rainforest making it the largest eco-zoo in China. The park contains many wild animals from all over the world, of which many are rare species. It is a great place for family trips, there are plenty of animal performances in the park, and there is also a park zone designed specifically for children. It's a lot of fun!
Chimelong Water Park
12,939 Reviews
Water Park
Chimelong Water Park is one of the best water parks in China. It is only open during certain parts of the year, and is very popular in summer. The park environment is decorated with a lot of plants and flowers. They have a large variety of water rides, with the more famous rides being the 200 meter-long "Slide Wheel" and "Big Trumpet". You are sure to get wet and have fun here!
Canton Tower
23,406 Reviews
Modern Architecture
Canton Tower is currently one of the tallest towers in China. Due to its unique shape, it is also known as "Slim Waist" and is a landmark of Guangzhou. The tower has a stunning nightview and it is one of the main venues for the Guangzhou International Light Festival each year. At the observation platform, you are offered a bird's eye view of the entire Guangzhou skyline. There is also a world's highest ferris wheel located at the top of the 1,480 ft tower. The tower is a frequent host to high altitude extreme sports programmes.
Chimelong Paradise
16,838 Reviews
Amusement Park
Chimelong Paradise is one of the top amusement parks in China. It has a wide range of amusement facilities. Whether you are looking for attractions that are exciting, of higher difficulty level or something more comforting, Chimelong Paradise has it all installed for you. It is suitable for tourists of all ages. There are several large amusement instalments in the park, and there are also exciting performances and parades all day round. Many theme events are held here during the holidays. These events are rich in content and highly popular.

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Trip Moments

It never occurred to stimulate so fast, into the park. I was the first to experience the ten ring roller coaster, ten ring roller coaster total length of 850 meters. It will be carrying you sometimes rapid dive, sometimes hovering clouds on the rise, occasionally thrilling reversal sometimes centers rapidly plunged more wonderful comic rotating concentric inertia force. The interlocking exciting, different ring is full of surprises, such as controlling the Pentium rolling Jiao Long, sparking bursts mind the stormy sea. Roller coaster quickly through each circle, the kind of centrifugal force just let you go, a lot of shouting on the roller coaster, soon to let me go, I can not stand it, the students under the roller coaster I want to say again line up, sit back, too cold! The giant pendulum is simply a nightmare in my life. in my high school had twice after the roller coaster even the big swing, down vomited sanitation workers told me anxiously. Since then, I no longer afraid to grow in the swing, but this time to challenge yourself or try a little big swing. Very sterile and do not spit, but have to say is very exciting, in addition to giant swing up and down with the left and right rotation. Rotation of the pendulum itself is there is a mood-elevating like a feel, amusement park adventurer's paradise! Although I came to Guangdong for two years, but a long, long time have not been to, first, because no time, and second, always feel what joy the world's oceans Kingdom should be child's play before, so I'm a great person to inappropriate, that the Quest just to look at. My past is also very convenient by car from Dongguan to play to play the most exciting, starting with the joy of playing the world! Tornado next ten ring roller coaster, roller coaster just down I dared not try this, I looked at the people standing below flip back and forth, listening to the sounds one after another, as if to sit still enjoyable than my own.
Posted: 28 Nov 2018
Guangzhou is the most beautiful wetland which a Haizhu Wetland Park is undoubtedly on the list. Into Wetland Park is like stepping into a colorful world where green is the absolute protagonist, no matter the season was headstrong green, green was fresh and moving. Pearl, wetland comprises Haizhu Lake, Mu orchards and rivers 39, a total area of 869 hectares, water area of 377 hectares, the PRD creek wetlands, urban lake wetlands, and semi-natural fruit trees inlaid composite wetland ecosystem intermixing. Guangzhou City is an essential ecological buffer zone, but also oxygen bar in southern Guangzhou. Bus: You can take the bus to the new road 14,45,206,250,264,270,762 Kau Road (Longtan) station next to go. Subway: Datang Subway Station, the bus ride down to the Longtan village of St. Paul.
Posted: 18 Dec 2018
Min Hua Emily   
Liwan District of Guangzhou where a less prominent, quietly lay an old train station: Shek Wai Tong Station. Accurate, this is the oldest in Guangzhou train station. Purple Tang chess one-way track This song is filmed here, this place has now become selfie Holy Land Guangzhou young artists. The station has a striking Dongfeng internal combustion engine, outside the blue and white paint not how to fall off, seems like a trend of wearing apparel, do not throw in the towel old guy.
Posted: 20 Dec 2018