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Wuhan: 1459 hotels found

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Wuhan Hotel Guide

Hotels in Wuhan

Best Time to Travel to Wuhan

If ancient history and natural wonders attract you, visit Wuhan for a fulfilling vacation. The capital of Hubei Province with a history of over 3,500 years is one of China’s oldest megacity. Wuhan is made up of three cities — Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang. These three cities are separated by Yangtze — Asia’s largest river — and Hanjing rivers. This city boasts of numerous cultural sites, lush green parks, lakes, and has a thriving entertainment and nightlife. Wuhan is known as one of the four furnaces of China due to its harsh weather in summer. Temperatures can go as high 40°C (104°F) between July and August. The summer also brings with it heavy rainfall. The winters, meanwhile, can get very cold and humid.

Airport in Wuhan

The nearest airport to Wuhan is the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. It is the busiest airport in central China and situated about 26 km to the north of Wuhan. Getting to Wuhan from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport takes about an hour. Transport between the airport and the downtown area is very convenient. You can reach the downtown area by taking by bus, metro rail, taxi, car or Towncar. There are six shuttle bus services and one metro train service to transport passengers from the airport to downtown. A metro ticket would cost S$6 while you would have to shell out S$30 for a taxi ride. An airport shuttle bus leaves for downtown every hour. 

Transportation in Wuhan

The easiest way to get around Wuhan is by Metro rail. You can buy your tickets through machines that have an English option. Maps that the names of stations written in English are available. At the stations, the announcements are also made in English. Avoid traveling during peak hours as the trains are very crowded. You can also hire a taxi to explore the city. The fares start from approximately S$2. However, there are many unofficial taxis in Wuhan. So, fix a price before you start your journey or you may be overcharged. The third option could be buses. However, the only drawback could be communication because all the information, including the name of your destination, is written in Chinese. 

How to get to Wuhan

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport operates flights to all major cities in the country alongside international flights to Singapore, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Paris, Moscow, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo Los Angeles, and San Francisco among others. A direct flight from Singapore to Wuhan takes almost five hours. Airlines operating between the two cities include Virgin Australia, Silkair, Urumqi Air, Singapore Airlines, and Scoot. Fares start from S$318. You can also reach Wuhan by express bus that operates from other cities in China. As the highway network is excellent, buses can be a good alternative to trains. The journey between Wuhan and Beijing (1300 km) takes about 16 hours and Shanghai to Wuhan (950 km) takes around 12 hours. From other Chinese cities, you can also take trains to Wuhan. There are three stations — Wuhan, Wuchang, and Hankou. The fares vary between S$28 and S$92, depending on whether you take slow trains or fast express trains 

How much are hotels in Wuhan

If you are looking at the perfect place to stay, take your pick from the hotels in Wuhan that are conveniently located, close to major tourist centers, and are great places to relax after a hard day of sightseeing. Also, read the guest reviews in the various booking sites for the best Wuhan hotel deals.

●Wuhan has a range of 5-STAR hotels that offer panoramic views of the Yangtze River and are located near shopping streets. Among these Wanda Reign, Wuhan and Marco Polo Wuhan are popular hotels. Rates range from S$100 to S$190. For the best deals, book Wuhan hotels well in advance. 

●For accommodation at popular 4-STAR hotels such as Hilton Wuhan Riverside and Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan, a room for a night would cost around S$150. These are among the approximately 50 4-STAR Wuhan hotels.

●If you are looking at 3-STAR facilities, be ready to shell out around S$60 for a night’s stay. 

●Wuhan has quite a few 2-STAR hotels too. If you’re hard-pressed for cash you can consider staying at these cheap hotels in Wuhan. A night’s stay will cost around S$35 to S$40.

Wuhan Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Wuhan

There are many unmissable attractions Wuhan has to offer. No matter what you choose, you are sure to find something that will satisfy you to the most. Here are a few of the renowned Wuhan attractions:

  • If you want to enjoy a panoramic and bird’s-eye view of Wuhan, climb the Yellow Crane Tower. Standing tall on Snake Hill, Wuhan’s most iconic tourist spot was built as a watchtower 1,800 years ago. Since then this historical pagoda has been torn down and rebuilt innumerable times. The present building was built in 1981. Inscriptions and poems by many famous people adorn the tower. 
  • Visit Guiyuan temple, one of the four important Buddhist monasteries in Wuhan. Built-in 1658 during the Qing dynasty, the temple is known for its exquisite architecture, sculptures, and collection of Buddhist texts. 
  • Discover East Lake in central Wuhan, the largest inner-city lake in China. Spread over approximately 33 square kilometers, the scenic area has tea houses, restaurants, biking zones, and boating facilities. 

Top food places in Wuhan

Hubei, Chinese, Italian, or French, whatever your taste buds desire, you can find in Wuhan. If you are wondering what the best food is and where to eat it, here are three popular restaurants in the city. So, while you plan on things to do in Wuhan, add these restaurants to your list: 

  • If you are looking for a range of traditional Hubei soups, including chicken, pork, and duck, visit Xiaotaoyuan Restaurant. The soups are served in a bowl large enough for a group of people and the prices start S$6.
  • Visit Kanglong Taizi Restaurant for traditional Hubei cuisine alongside Sichuanese dishes. Snack on delicious Wuchang Steamed fish is very popular. A meal for a person would cost around S$16.
  • Snack on the cuisines of Wuhan (Hubei) and Cantonese food at Best World Restaurant. This place is famous for its seafood. Rates are a bit on the higher side, with a meal for a person costing approximately S$40.

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