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Weather, the Best time to travel: 

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. It is located in the southwest of the country and includes 32 smaller islands off its coast in the Andaman Sea. The place is one of the most popular beach destinations in Southeast Asia with the visitors spoilt for choices among its 30 amazing white-sand beaches to choose from. The coast is lined with attractively swaying palm trees, temples, museums, and many other interesting places. The visitors can go on an exciting, exhilarating speedboat ride to nearby islands or a peaceful cruise along the bay. Topping the list is a promising gastronomic experience in the province enticing return and repeat vacations. 

Phuket measures 48 km x 21 km and is covered by mountains for about 2/3rd of its area. It is situated near the equator and has a typical tropical monsoon climate. It has an average annual high temperature of 32 deg Celcius and an average low of 25 deg C. The best season to visit Phuket is between November and April before the hot summer sets in.

Airport/nearby airport: 

The Phuket International Airport, HKT, is the gateway to this region in Thailand. It is located 32 km to the north of the island city. The airport is the second busiest in the country and handles around 17 million passengers a year. 

Getting to Phuket from the airport is easy with fast conveyance available for tourists. Airport buses and shared minibuses are available for a convenient, cheap, but slow journey to your hotel. The buses drop off the passengers to the main beaches. An airport limo is the fastest, safest mode, normally cheaper than you can imagine. Besides, Taxi Meter and car rentals are available for you to choose from for travelling to the city. 


Getting around Phuket is mostly by the unique tuk-tuk which is a minivan or a  converted pick-up truck with long window-side seating. Some may even be a covered three-wheeler as in Bangkok. Many drivers can speak English which is very helpful while moving around the city.    

Taxis are available for faster conveyance but may be difficult to find. Grab app-based taxis are also available in the city. As typical to the Southeast Asian regions, a motorcycle for hire is available at reasonable prices, as well as a bike ride on the pillion. If you can drive yourself, then you can avail car rentals. For island-hopping tours, boat rides are available to tourists. 

Uber is not available here, it was sold to Grab Taxi, which incidentally cannot pick up passengers from the airport, but can drop them off to the airport from the city.

 How to get to Phuket:

The Phuket International Airport is connected to several destinations in Southeast Asia, China, Vietnam, Japan, Vietnam, India, Russia, and the Middle East, apart from domestic destinations. Jetstar Asia, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Aeroflot, Etihad, Indigo, Vietnamese Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Philipinnes airlines, some Chinese airlines, and many other international airlines connect Phuket to dozens of cities across the world. 

The maximum flights operated to Phuket are from Singapore which sees around 75 flights per week, followed by Kaula Lumpur. The fares at short notice can be extremely high and cost SGD 1300 onwards due to the limited number of flights. However, for a booking of 45 days earlier and beyond, it might drop substantially. Such fares typically start at SGD 95 for a direct flight taking about 1 hour 50 minutes. 

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range:

Hotels are available in Phuket to suit any tourist budget. Many super luxurious, top-end 5-star hotels are available in the city. Some of the priciest of them start from SGD 700. Try the Reuan Thai Villa, Amanpuri, Trisara, Keemala, and Paresa Resort. Cheaper 5-star accommodation is also available in plenty.

The luxury 4-star hotels are normally available in Phuket at an average price of about SGD 175.  

If visitors are looking out for highly affordable 3-star and 2-star category Phuket hotels, then hundreds such hotels are available. These cheap hotels in Phuket are on offer at a price starting for as low as SGD 50 per night.  

PhuketTourist Information:

Top Tourist Attractions in Phuket:

We shortlist three of the dozens of exciting and popular Phuket attractions for your bucket list.

1.    The Big Buddha:

This is one of the most prominent landmarks and one of the top things to do in Phuket. It is located on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Kata and Challang. This 45 mt high Buddha is located in a popular serene spot. This spot also offers a beautiful 360-deg panoramic view of the city below. 

2.   Phuket Beaches:

The Patang beach is the longest, most beautiful, and the most crowded beach in the city. It has a few top resorts, shops for shopping enthusiasts, and offers many water-sport activities. If you are looking for a much quieter beach to relax on or even adventure activities like surfing and snorkelling, then Kata beach and the smaller Kata Noi beach are very good substitutes.

3.   Wat Chalong:

This is the most beautiful and popular temple among the city’s 29 worth visiting temples. The exhibition centre houses the wax models of two extremely revered Buddhist monks.  Buddha statues in various postures can be seen as you move around the magnificent temple premises. The grand pagoda has preserved a few of Buddha’s bones and has many attractive murals depicting his life.  

Top Food Places in Phuket:

1.  Phuket's old town is a great place for foodies. Many places like One Chun Cafe and Restaurant, Raya, Lock Tien Food Court, and Ko And Seafood are all famous for their delicious dishes. You can even go on the Phuket old Town Food tour with Pema for a deeper knowledge and to experience the various recipes. 

2  Kata Beach has many good restaurants. You can find great Thai food here, and the beach view makes this place a wonderful place to stay.      

3  North Phuket is another great place where many restaurants serve gourmet food. Some of the best restaurants here are Iniala Gourmet and Kindee Restaurant. The Kamala Beach in North Phuket is another good place for foodies.   

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