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Cambodia eSIM

Cambodia stands out as a gem in Southeast Asia, rich in culture, history and natural beauty. However, staying connected will be a headache while exploring this vibrant country.

In this article, Trip.com will delve into the comprehensive guide to Cambodia eSIM, offering you a perfect method for seamless connectivity. Let’s get started!

Discover the best Cambodia eSIM plans

Cambodia eSIM 8 Days
  • CountryCambodia
  • Package Option500MB/Day
  • Number of Days8 Days
  • PriceS$10.90
Cambodia eSIM 8 Days
  • CountryCambodia
  • Package Option1GB/Day
  • Number of Days8 Days
  • PriceS$16.50
Cambodia eSIM 12 Days
  • CountryCambodia
  • Package Option500MB/Day
  • Number of Days12 Days
  • PriceS$15.50

For the beginner: What is eSIM?

eSIM is an embedded SIM, which can replace the traditional physical SIM card in certain circumstances. We all know that physical SIM cards need to be inserted and removed from devices, but eSIM can be easily added through a QR code remotely and digitally.

eSIMs simplify the connectivity process while travellers are abroad, making network connectivity on the go. Wherever your adventure leads you, eSIM is always the best way to ensure you stay connected.

eSIM, SIM, and Wi-Fi: Which one fits your travel best?

Cambodia eSIM

Check out the differences of eSIM, SIM and Wi-Fi and see what is the best option for you.

eSIM- Convenient activation without physical SIM card
- Easy to switch between networks and data plans
- Flexible for international travel
- Limited device compatibility, particularly older devices
- Dependence on network availability
- Potential for higher data costs
SIM- Widely available in most countries
- Compatible with a wide range of devices
- Easy to purchase and install, may offer more affordable and long-term plans
- Requires physical swapping
- May have roaming charges when abroad
- Risk of losing or damaging
Wi-Fi- Often free in public areas, can help travellers save on mobile data charges
- Can offer faster data speed than mobile data
- Accessible in hotels, cafes, attractions, etc.
- Coverage may be limited, especially in rural and mountainous area
- Security risks on unsecured networks
- Data usage restrictions may apply

Considering these factors, the choice between eSIM, SIM cards, and Wi-Fi depends on your travel destination, duration of stay, connectivity needs, and personal preferences.

4-step guide to using Cambodia eSIM

Step 1: Check device compatibility

Before purchasing a Cambodia eSIM, ensure that your device is compatible with eSIM. Check the supported device list below:

Cambodia eSIM supported list

Step 2: Receive QR code

After booking, you will receive a QR code via an email with installation instructions and a reminder of the latest installation time. You must have a network to install eSIM. Please ensure that there is available WiFi or mobile data before installation.

Step 3: Activate Cambodia eSIM

  1. System - Settings - Cellular (iOS) / SIM Card Management (Andriod)
  2. Add a Cellular Network Plan (iOS) / SIM Card (Android)
  3. Agree to download Cellular Plan (iOS) or SIM Card (Android)
  4. Scan the QR code for activation (or enter SM-DP +Address and Activation Code manually)
  5. After you confirm, the mobile phone/device is started. If the installation is successful, the Cellular Data / SIM Card status will be displayed.

Step 4: Test connectivity

We recommend that you disable eSIM until you reach your destination. After arriving at the destination, please open your eSIM and enable data roaming. Then you can test the connectivity of your Cambodia eSIM to ensure it is working correctly.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can ensure the hassle-free connectivity during your travels in Cambodia.

Best Cambodia eSIM providers


Airalo offers various affordable eSIM plans for Cambodia. Their plans start at US$4.50 (about S$6.07) for 1GB valid for 7 days, with other options like 2GB for US$7.00 (15 days) (about S$9.44) and 5GB for US$13.00 (30 days) (about S$17.54). Airalo utilises the Smart network, known for good coverage and reliability in Cambodia​​.


Known for its user-friendly app and competitive pricing, Holafly provides several data packages. The most popular one is unlimited data, and you can choose number of days from 1 to 90. While Holafly does not offer 5G access in Cambodia, its 4G/LTE coverage is sufficient for most travellers​.


This provider offers a range of eSIM packages tailored for Cambodia, from 1GB for 7 days at US$6 (about S$8.09) to 20GB for 45 days at US$36 (about S$48.56). Nomad's eSIMs generally use the Singtel network and are ideal for those who need flexible data options.


As the largest local operator in Cambodia, Metfone provides eSIMs with extensive coverage. You can get a 10GB eSIM for around US$10 (about S$13.49), valid for 14 days. For longer stays, Metfone offers an 18GB plan for US$25 (about S$33.72), valid for 90 days. These eSIMs can be purchased in Metfone’s physical stores in Cambodia​​.

Who is suitable for Cambodia eSIM?

Cambodia eSIM

International visitors

Cambodia eSIM is ideal for international visitors travelling to Cambodia for leisure or business purposes. It will be more convenient for tourists.

Frequent travellers in the short-term

People who frequently visit Cambodia can gain benefits from Cambodia eSIM, such as those who travel to Cambodia regularly on a brief holiday or business trip. Cambodia eSIM can offer a convenient solution during short stays.

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads who work remotely and require reliable internet access can also benefit from Cambodia eSIM. It enables them to stay connected to clients, colleagues and working platforms.


Backpackers exploring Cambodia can rely on eSIM. Its flexibility and affordability make it an excellent choice for those seeking connectivity during their adventures.

Who is not suitable for Cambodia eSIM?

Cambodia eSIM

Local residents

Cambodia eSIM is designed for travellers and may not be suitable for local residents or people who would like to stay in Cambodia for a long term. Typically, local residents have more options on local providers and SIM cards.

Those whose device is not supported

Not all devices support eSIM. People with these kinds of devices may find Cambodia eSIM unsuitable. Please check your device compatibility before purchasing an eSIM.

Heavy data users

Users with frequent use of data are considered heavy data users, such as video streaming, social media, gaming, business files or other data-extensive requirements. They may find Wi-Fi or local data plans more suitable because most eSIMs have limitations on data volume.

Cambodia eSIM may not be the best fit for those people mentioned above. It's important to evaluate your requirements before searching for an eSIM solution.

The importance of Cambodia eSIM

Cambodia eSIM

Enhanced convenience

Reliable networks are necessary for communication and accessing travel information. eSIM offers travellers a fantastic experience to easily stay connected to local networks, without purchasing or inserting a physical SIM card upon arrival. The convenience eSIM brings enhances the overall travel experience.


Unlike traditional SIM cards, which are tied to specific operators and may require cumbersome paperwork to terminate or switch operators, Cambodia eSIM offers flexibility and freedom. Travellers can easily switch between mobile networks and plans while travelling.

Cost-effective solution

Cambodia eSIM provides a cost-effective solution for travellers, offering competitive pricing and flexible data plans. With Cambodia eSIM, travellers can choose from a variety of affordable data plans that suit the budget and needs best.

Introducing Trip.com's exclusive Cambodia eSIM

Embark on a digital journey through Cambodia eSIM

Trip.com, the leading one-stop travel platform, has exclusive Cambodia eSIM for travellers to stay connected while exploring Cambodia, as well as other travel-related services.

Cover all over the world

Not only Cambodia, Trip.com can get you covered all over the world to make sure you stay connected to family, friends and businesses without worrying about network coverage or roaming charges.

Affordable pricing

Our Cambodia eSIM offers competitive pricing and flexible data plans to suit every traveller's budget. Choose a customised and affordable plan and enjoy the convenience of instant connectivity at your fingertips.

User-friendly experience

If you have any issues when purchasing or activating your Cambodia eSIM, the support team is ready to help you all the time. We aim to enhance your seamless eSIM experience when travelling.

Customer testimonials: What users are saying

"Works very well. Good price and highly recommended."
"Amazing and reliable. Had internet access the moment I landed."
"Good Signal anywhere~👍"
"The first time I used esim mobile phone to surf the Internet is really convenient. I am afraid that the first time I used esim mobile phone to surf the Internet there is a problem, I also bought a physical card to put it on the mobile phone. Later, I proved that I was too worried. Use esim mobile phone to surf the Internet is really simple and easy to use."
"I couldn't use it at first, but when I contacted customer support, I was able to respond immediately and use it safely. Even if there was something I didn't understand, I could respond immediately and I used my smartphone all the time, but it never disappeared. I was very satisfied"

Unlock the seamless connectivity with Trip.com – your trusted travel partner.

FAQ about using Cambodia eSIM

  • Can I top up my Cambodia eSIM data plan?

    The data-only eSIM does not support voice calls, SMS, or other top-up services. You can check the Trip.com website or app for available top-up options.
  • Can I use Cambodia eSIM with multiple devices?

    No, Cambodia eSIM is tied to a single device and cannot be transferred to another device once activated. If you need eSIM on multiple devices, you will need to purchase separate eSIMs for each device.
  • What happens if I run out of data on my Cambodia eSIM plan?

    If you run out of data on your Cambodia eSIM plan, you can purchase another eSIM plan through Trip.com. Alternatively, you can use Wi-Fi to conserve data usage until you get a new eSIM plan.
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