Skyliner Ticket Guide: Get from Narita Airport to Tokyo

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Skyliner tickets

Travel to or from Narita Airport has never been more efficient with Skyliner! The Keisei Skyliner will offer direct access between Narita Airport and central Tokyo. Let’s discover how the Keisei Skyliner works in this article.

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Keisei Skyliner overview

The Skyliner, also known as Keisei Skyliner, is a high-speed train service that connects Narita Airport to central Tokyo. It is operated by Keisei Electric Railway, which can directly arrive at Nippori Station to easily connect to JR lines, as well as Ueno. The Keisei Skyliner is the fastest way to get to downtown Tokyo, without the hassle of multiple transfers.

Note: This Skyliner service is provided only to non-Japanese citizens visiting Japan. Japanese nationals may not use the service.

How to buy Skyliner tickets?

Reserve and purchase at a ticket window

Go to the Skyliner official, select the date of trip, type of ticket, departure and arrival stations, and number of passengers, then pay and get the Keisei Skyliner ticket.

Purchase at the station

After arrival, you can purchase Keisei Skyliner tickets at:

  • Skyliner Ticket Counter
  • Keisei Electric Railway Ticket Sales Counter
  • Nippori Station, Keisei-Ueno Station, Aoto Station and Shin-Kamagaya Station

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How to use Keisei Skyliner tickets?

Redeem your keisei Skyliner tickets

After purchasing, E-voucher will be sent to your e-mail. Please be sure to present your voucher at the following exchange location and redeem your Keisei Skyliner tickets. You can tell your desired departure time of Skyliner to the station staff.

To Narita Airport

  • Keisei Ueno station: Skyliner ticket vending machine or Skyliner ticket counter.
  • Nippori station: Skyliner ticket vending machine or JR Connection Counter.

To Keisei Ueno Station

  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station: Skyliner ticket machine or Skyliner & Keisei Information Center.
  • Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 Station: Skyliner ticket machines or Skyliner & Keisei Information Center.

Reserve your seats

After redeeming your tickets, you can reserve your seats on the train you would like to use at a designated Skyliner ticket counter mentioned above. Use the Keisei Skyliner tickets for the reserved seats to board the train.

Get your tickets and have a ticket inspection

After that, you will receive tickets for each member of your party to ride the Skyliner. Please go through the automatic ticket gate one by one with the tickets.

Ride the Skyliner

Sit in your reserved seat when you ride the Skyliner. Please carry the tickets with you until you arrive at the destination.


  • Please keep your tickets as travellers are not allowed to board just by their e-voucher.
  • Please note that the physical tickets for the designated date and train can only be collected on the selected date.
  • The real-name registration system applies to the ticket, please provide correct traveller data when booking.

Keisei Skyliner route map

You can choose Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport to Tokyo, or from Tokyo to Narita. Check the Keisei Skyliner route map below.

Skyliner route map

Source: Keisei Electric Railway Official

Keisei Skyliner: From Narita Airport to Tokyo

Route: Narita Airport Terminal 1 / Narita Airport Terminal 2,3 → Shin-Kamagaya / Aoto / Nippori / Keisei-Ueno

Upon arrival at Narita Airport, proceed to the arrival hall of your terminal. Follow the signs directing you to the railway station. The Keisei Skyliner terminates at Nippori Station and Ueno Station in Tokyo, then you can easily transfer to other transportation to reach your final destination.

Keisei Skyliner: From Tokyo to Narita Airport

Route: Keisei-Ueno / Nippori / Aoto / Shin-Kamagaya → Narita Airport Terminal 2,3 / Narita Airport Terminal 1

You can access the Keisei Skyliner from either Ueno Station or Nippori Station. The Keisei Skyliner terminates at Narita Airport Terminal 2/3 Station and Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station. Depending on your departure terminal, disembark at the appropriate station. Terminal shuttle buses and moving walkways can facilitate your transfer between terminals if needed.

Keisei Skyliner timetable

The Keisei Skyliner operates with three services per hour. The travel time from Ueno to Narita Airport is 41 minutes, while from Nippori to Narita Airport, it's only 36 minutes.


  • The Keisei Skyliner timetable may differ between weekdays and weekends.
  • The Keisei Skyliner may not stop at every station along the route according to Car No.

Why choose Keisei Skyliner?

Direct access to Tokyo

The Keisei Skyliner stations are well-connected to the Narita Airport and Tokyo's extensive public transportation. This seamless connection makes it easy to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo or beyon

Speed and efficiency

The Keisei Skyliner is renowned for its quick service, whisking passengers from Narita to Tokyo in as little as 36 minutes. It's ideal to minimise transit time and enjoy more time in travel.

Exclusive amenities of the Keisei Skyliner

The exterior of the Keisei Skyliner

Delight in the sleek blue and white design, the exterior of the Keisei Skyliner was designed based on the concept of "wind":

Skyliner exterior

Open and spacious interior cabin & comfortable seats

Sink into the plush, comfortable seats and enjoy a smooth ride as you travel to your destination with ease.

Skyliner interior

Storage space for luggage

With designated areas to stow your belongings safely, you can travel hassle-free knowing your luggage is secure throughout the journey.

Skyliner interior

Besides, Keisei Electric Railway offers KEISEI FREE Wi-Fi and power outlets by anyone free of charge on the Keisei Skyliner.

Note: The Keisei Skyliner's direct destinations are limited to Ueno and Nippori in Tokyo. If your accommodation or destination is closer to another part of Tokyo or requires additional transfers, other transportation might offer a more direct route, reducing overall travel time or the inconvenience of multiple transfers.

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Highlights: User reviews

“Nice, fuss free convenient exchange and comfortable ride.”
“Fast, easy and comfortable, so good!!! If you only show the QR and talk about the place you want to go, you can guide me to the time zone and decide comfortably!!”
“Skyliner is an important high-speed transportation to and from Narita Airport and Tokyo. Using skyliner can greatly shorten the travel time. Skyliner is to specify a seat in the window first, and then take a designated seat on the designated shift, and the space inside is comfortable.”

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Enjoy your time in Tokyo!

Other transport between Narita Airport and Tokyo

TransportDurationPriceCheck Details
N'EX Narita Express (JR Pass) About 55 minsFrom S$27.37Check Now!
Limousine BusAbout 60 minsFrom S$27.63Check Now!
Rent a carAbout 90 minsFrom S$80/dayCheck Now!

FAQ about Skyliner

  • How long does it take to travel on the Skyliner?

    The Skyliner takes around 36 to 41 minutes to reach Tokyo from Narita Airport and conversely, depending on the specific destination within the city.
  • If the validity period expires without the tickets being redeemed, will a refund be issued?

    If the validity period expires, a refund cannot be issued. After purchasing, if the tickets are no longer needed, please cancel the applicable purchase within the validity period.
  • Can I use my electronic devices onboard the Skyliner?

    Yes, passengers are allowed to use electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets onboard the Skyliner. Power outlets and Wi-Fi are also available during the trip.
  • Can I purchase Skyliner tickets using different payment methods?

    Yes, Skyliner tickets can typically be purchased using various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, electronic payment platforms, and cash at designated ticket counters or vending machines.
  • Can I board the Evening Line and Morning Liner with a Skyliner ticket?

    No. The Evening Line and Morning Liner are separate services operated by different railway companies and are not covered by Skyliner tickets.
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