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About Madrid

The capital of passionate Spain, Madrid attracts many tourists with its diverse culture. Here there is luxurious royal architecture, world-famous works of art and museums, and of course exhilarating football matches and bullfighting displays that you absolutely shouldn't miss out on. As you slowly stroll through the city's lively plazas, go on a shopping spree, or savor the food, Madrid is incredible in the warm Iberian sunshine.

Popular Attractions in Madrid

Museo del Prado
670 Reviews
Museo del Prado
Plaza Mayor
535 Reviews
Plaza Mayor, 28012 Madrid
Royal Palace
1,073 Reviews
The Royal Palace in Madrid is an exquisitely beautiful building. It is one of the most completely preserved royal palaces in the world. The Royal Palace, or Palacio Real, mixes Baroque architecture with Classical style, and is the largest royal palace in Europe by floor space, covering 135,000 square meters. The entire palace has more than 3,400 rooms of which about fifty are open to the public. Visitors can take a tour of the interior, where such treasures as the Stradivarius Room holding five Stradivari family made instruments are on display, as well as ceiling frescoes painted by masters like Velasquez and Bayeu.
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
261 Reviews
Calle de Santa Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid

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15 Nov 2019
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16 Nov 2019
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Intermittent Clouds
17 Nov 2019
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18 Nov 2019
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Trip Moments

After four years of travel, I also collected a lot of beautiful and good-looking hotels, and decided to organize these hotels and share them with everyone.
Today I recommend a hotel in the center of Madrid, go to Madrid friends to remember the collection.

Hotel Name
Axel Hotel Madrid-Adults only
Axel Hotel Madrid-Adults

Hotel in a very upscale European building In the streets, it is more than 600 meters from the Plaza Mayor. The

restaurant and bar
restaurant is also open on the first floor of the hotel. Opposite the restaurant is the bar, the bar decoration is the kind of fashionable modern style, the restaurant decoration seems to walk into the style of a basement independent movie room, the food is very delicate, a combination of Western and Japanese, 30 euros per person.

Hotel highlights (photographing point)
1Swing staircase
The hotel has stairs and elevators, elevators are general, the stairs are beautiful, white classical geometrical spiral staircases, large areas.
2The roof pool
the whole hotel is dark, but the roof pool is another scene, the sun is shining and the pool is dazzling.
3The roof is very large. There are also a lot of high chair rest areas across the pool. The opposite side is also very good to take pictures. The background behind it just has a European-style tower building, which is super beautiful.

The swimming pool is long and narrow. Standing in the pool, you can see the cityscape of Madrid, and the European-style buildings with red roofs. The angle of view is super good. It is too comfortable to stand and blow.

A lot of foreigners are basking in the sun. They go out that morning and soak in the roof to drink and bask in the sun. When you travel, you dont have to hurry. Its extravagant. Enjoy a whole morning of Madrid.

Pool bar
Pool must have a small bar, this is standard! How to order wine, if you don't know much about wine, I usually ask the bartender to be the best seller.

Bouquet price
Some rooms are extremely European, with a European palace style, and some rooms are trendy dark black nightclub style.
Palace style rooms ranging from 1700-3000
night club style 1300+
The price difference is somewhat large, and it is also a peak season.

Finally, there is an underground night club in the hotel's negative building. It is hidden in the nightclub below the building. You can't hear the sound at night, the sound insulation is good, it doesn't affect sleep, but it is worth talking about. Yes, this nightclub is a gay bar. I instantly understand why the hotel only received it. I thought about whether I would like to see it or not. In the future, more friends will go out to play together. People are really eager to see the foreign gay bar.

Like a collection of reviews, follow me, this hotel or other travel questions can comment and ask me, thank you for reading!
Posted: 17 Sep 2019
Madrid, Spain must go to the Prado Museum Art Literacy Sticker

Madrid is actually very suitable for art lovers to go to the Golden Triangle of Art near Central Station Atocha It attracts countless tourists every year. One of the most not to be missed is the Museo del Prado, which has the best works of Spanish art history from the 16th to the 19th centuries, such as the works of Velasquez, Goya and Greco. Foreign Renaissance works, such as Titian of the Venetian school of Italy, Rubens of the German Baroque, Boss of the Dutch surrealist, and so on. The
bag has traveled to Prado twice, and every visit is really different. The Goya black painting exhibition hall brought me the visual impact and shock, some of the revival of the Renaissance painter, the portraits of the ancient Roman emperors in the sculpture room, and so on. Its no exaggeration to spend a whole day in the Prado Museum.
The official Prado Chinese Guide must be bought. The museum also provides a map for each visitor. The map contains 50 works of essence, which condenses the best works of Prado, if time is limited. After reading these 50 works, it is enough.
Figure 1: The town hall: Diego Velzquez's "The Maid" (Las Meninas, 1656)
Figure 2: The town hall : Hieronymus Bosch's Triptych of the World of Paradise (Earth, Paradise, Hell) (El jardn de las delicias, 1500-1505)
3: Francisco Goya's "swallowing it" The Saturno (1820-1823)
Figure 4: Angelico's "Angel of the Annunciation" (La Anunciacin, Holy Inspiration, 1425-1428)
Figure 5 : Sandro Botticelli's "The Story of Nastagio De Nastagio degli Onesti One, Two, Three, 1483"
Figure 6: Albrecht Dre's "Self-portrait" (Autorretrato , 1498)
Figure 7: Raphael's "The Cardinal" (El Cardenal, 1510-1911)
Figure 8: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio Victory of David of Goliath (David vencedor de Goliat, 1600)
Figure 9: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Ri Jn) of Artes Artemisa (1634).
Posted: 6 Sep 2019
Meson del champinon: The magical mushroom is here

A mushroom-themed snack restaurant
a street food is not as inconspicuous as the mushroom restaurant
Surrounded by the taste of mushrooms

mushroom restaurant entrance is very small, a small door
this restaurant, a large family, so you have to see the restaurant name
will be here at night There is a piano performance in a small cellar with food and wine is not firey

[roasted mushrooms]
because this is a must-order dish noticed that the kitchen is filled with mushrooms semi-finished products
chef arrived The meal basically does not stop the work on the hand
use the larger mushroom to pick up the bottom of the mushroom and dig a hole to fill the stuffing and soup
basically can be a whole part of the whole component is enough 2 People eat

This ham does not have the ham that was eaten before. The hh/Spanish ham brand is made in a somewhat different way. The taste is not the same
/ Hh/[apple stewed sausage]
sausage is very Q flavor Q-like match The sauce is very tasty
but unlike the table sausage we eat, this kind of spicy sausage is a bit like salami

[fried squid ring]
the earliest fried squid is In the Italian restaurant but came to Spain, I realized that this is a classic Spanish dish
I have eaten countless fried squid rings in Spain. The best taste is the thickness of squid and skin flour

The small vaulted ceiling is covered with flags from all over the world
, including China, which is recognized by Chinese tourists. The Chinese also recognize the taste of this restaurant.
Posted: 20 Aug 2019


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Spain, occupying most of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of Europe’s best destinations. A magnet for those seeking simple charms, amazing cuisine, and incredible culture, Spain is a diverse country offering visitors multitudes. In this short travel guide, we’re going to delve into those can’t-miss cities and towns. These are the places you’ve seen in films or imagined as you thumbed through a novel by Hemingway. They live between the notes in a melody strummed on a flamenco guitar or in the smells and tastes of tapas. Spain’s bounty is open to all so come discover why this destination has for so long captivated writers, poets, and world travelers.
William_Whitman   24 Jun 2019