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About Madrid

The capital of passionate Spain, Madrid attracts many tourists with its diverse culture. Here there is luxurious royal architecture, world-famous works of art and museums, and of course exhilarating football matches and bullfighting displays that you absolutely shouldn't miss out on. As you slowly stroll through the city's lively plazas, go on a shopping spree, or savor the food, Madrid is incredible in the warm Iberian sunshine.

Popular Attractions in Madrid

Royal Palace
1,247 Reviews
The Royal Palace in Madrid is an exquisitely beautiful building. It is one of the most completely preserved royal palaces in the world. The Royal Palace, or Palacio Real, mixes Baroque architecture with Classical style, and is the largest royal palace in Europe by floor space, covering 135,000 square meters. The entire palace has more than 3,400 rooms of which about fifty are open to the public. Visitors can take a tour of the interior, where such treasures as the Stradivarius Room holding five Stradivari family made instruments are on display, as well as ceiling frescoes painted by masters like Velasquez and Bayeu.
Museo del Prado
745 Reviews
Museo del Prado
Puerta del Sol
577 Reviews
Puerta del Sol is the central square of Madrid. Surrounded by many historical buildings, it was once the Napoleonic army invaded Madrid and confronted the public. Now it is a place for major parades and gatherings for citizens and tourists. The Puerta del Sol is semi-circular and the buildings are surrounded by many buildings, many of which are the essence of Madrid's urban architecture.
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
388 Reviews
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is the home stadium of Real Madrid. Superstars such as Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, Raúl González Blanco and Zinedine Zidane are have all played on all Bernabéu's famous pitch. In case visitors come to Madrid in the off-season, tours of the stadium can be arranged. You can take a moment to sit on the sidelines, in the coach's seat or on the replacement players' bench. You can walk around the display case full of trophies and even take a look at the media center and locker rooms.

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One Day Tour of Cuenca & Casas Colgadas from Madrid
Private Day Trip from Madrid to Toledo
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Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Top walking tour of Madrid


Spain: Chasing the Sounds of Flamenco
Skyline Views
Landmark Buildings
Spain, occupying most of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of Europe’s best destinations. A magnet for those seeking simple charms, amazing cuisine, and incredible culture, Spain is a diverse country offering visitors multitudes. In this short travel guide, we’re going to delve into those can’t-miss cities and towns. These are the places you’ve seen in films or imagined as you thumbed through a novel by Hemingway. They live between the notes in a melody strummed on a flamenco guitar or in the smells and tastes of tapas. Spain’s bounty is open to all so come discover why this destination has for so long captivated writers, poets, and world travelers.
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Trip Moments

The bullfighting (toreo) is a national quintessence of Spain. It is popular all over the country and has a world-famous reputation. It has been a century or even a thousand years. Although it is controversial from the point of view of animal protection, it is still a modern tradition unique to Spain and has been welcomed by many people. March-November is the Spanish bullfighting season, which usually has one or two games on weekends. Our days in Madrid have been the last days of the bullfighting season and the climax of the entire bullfighting season, so it is very lucky to be able to watch a wonderful bullfight in Madrid. A bullfight played by three bullfighters, fighting a total of six bulls, two rounds per person. The three matadors each have a team of assistants, including three darts and two riding spears. In fact, for bullfighting, cattle and bullfighters are equally important, because its training level and fierceness are related to the bullfighter's good and bad, and the famous bullfighter in history is inevitably killed in the battlefield, and finally the fate of being killed by cattle. . The entire bullfighting process consists of four parts: teasing, spear piercing, darts and formal killing. After watching the Spanish bullfighting, it is really a tide. On the one hand, he is very admired for the bravery of the bullfighter, on the other hand he feels bloody and cruel to the bullfighting being stabbed to death. However, as a long-standing culture in Spain, it is very lucky to be able to see such a wonderful bullfight performance.
Posted: 4 Jan 2019