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Surrounded by the sea and blessed with pastel green landscapes, the beautiful island of Jeju is quickly becoming one of the largest tourist hotspots of Korea. Located around 90 kilometres below the southern coast of South Korea, the island of Jeju lies in the Korea Strait south of the South-Jeolla Province. It is the countries largest Island and one of the nine provinces. Jeju takes up a total area of about 1800 square kilometres and has a population of about 7 million people. The Jeju Island has aptly earned the title of the “Hawaii of South Korea” owing to its calm coastal weather, beautiful natural attractions, scintillating delicacies satisfying every type of palette, drawing millions of tourists all year round. Blessed with four distinct seasons, Jeju sees a moderate subtropical climate. The summers that are hot and humid, and at times rainy. The winters are cool and dry, and Spring lasts from the middle of March till May. November to February is the recommended time to visit Jeju, which is when during their winters as the precipitation is not high. Expected temperatures are 18 degrees to 10 degrees celsius, and as the winter sets in around January, the temperatures sift between an 11 degrees celsius to 3 degrees celsius.

Cheju International Airport (CJU):

Being the second largest airport in South Korea, the Cheju International Airport was opened to public use in the year 1968. It would take you about 10 minutes getting to Jeju from the Cheju International Airport from the city centre, as the airport is located about 3 kilometres from the city centre.  Airlines servicing the island of Jeju are Air Jeju, Air Busan, Asiana Airlines, Jin Air, Korean Air among other domestic and international airlines.

Getting Around Jeju Island: 

Bus, taxi, private vehicle hiring and pay-by-the-hour bicycle services are the public transport services offered in Jeju. The cheapest means to travel within the city are the City Bus, Tourist Shuttle Bus and Airport Limousine bus services. Taxis and cycle for hire options are available enabling travellers to get around the city conveniently.

Hotels in  Jeju

This coastal paradise caters to all types of travellers. You could be wanting to be pampered in luxury, or travel on a budget, you will find Hotels in Jeju for any requirement. 

Those wanting to indulge in luxury, The Lotte Hotel Jeju are among the elite of Jeju Hotels that would make your stay on the island a breathtaking experience. Providing you with top of the line amenities, indoor and outdoor pool with VIP service on call, this 5-star hotel checks all the boxes. The beautiful Jungmun Saekdal Beach is about a 10-minute walk, and the airport is a 50-minute drive from the hotel. Beds start at around USD 200 per night.

For backpackers, there are available a wide selection of guest-houses, hostels and cheap Hotels in Jeju to choose from. Slow Citi Hostel is well known among the backpacker circles, with its comfortable rooms and modern amenities. Beds start at around USD 12 per night.

New and competitive Jeju hotel deals are updated onto our website regularly. For those travelers who wish to book Jeju hotels through our portal, these deals would be worth looking out for.  

Jeju Tourist Information

Things to do:

Things to do in Jeju are in abundance. There are several Jeju attractions, parks and trails, beaches, cafes and museums to choose from. 

  • Head over to the lovely Cheonjiyeon waterfall. The name Cheonjiyeon means sky connected with land and aptly fits that description. The source of this waterfall is the Yeonhee-chun stream. This waterfall is most popular to visit in the night as the fall is illuminated. 
  • Deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Manjanggul Cave is considered to be the longest lava tunnel in the world, spanning a length of about 13 kilometres. It has been in existence for over 2.5 million years. Filled with a variety of natural formations such as lava stalagmites and lava-tubes, the Manjanggul cave is worth spending a day in.
  • Take a day trip to the majestic Mount Hallasan. Inactive for several thousand years, this dormant volcano is considered the country’s tallest peak, sitting at 1950 meters above sea level. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Travellers willing to trek to the peak of the mountain are blessed with the surreal beauty of the crater lake and breathtaking views of the island itself.
  • It's not every day that one comes across a museum based on a unique and fresh concept, however, there is one particular museum in Jeju that is of special significance. The Teddy Bear Museum is one of Jeju's most unique and famous tourist attractions and is definitely worth a visit. In fact, it is one of the handfuls of moues in the world that allows visitors to buy items that are on display.  Teddy Bears in various sizes, in a wide variety of costumes posed in a variety of settings, now that's something you don't often come across. 

Places to eat:

Jeju offers abundant culinary delights and offerings for travellers of all palettes. The island is interlaced with restaurants and cafes serving authentic South-Korean cuisine. 

  • Haejin Seafood Restaurant is among the more popular seafood restaurants on the island, specialising in seafood preparations such as squid, eel, abalone, amongst many others.  
  • Jeju Black Pork preparations have a reputation the world over. Hangane Heuk Dwaeji in Seogwipo is famous for its Jeju Black Pork preparations.
  • ‘Dasani’, located at 24 Onam-ro 6-Gil, is a meat-free restaurant that gives you a holistic and green ambience to enjoy local Jeju preparations.

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