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Weather and best time to travel to Fukuoka

Surrounded by the mountains on three sides, Fukuoka is one of Japan’s most populous cities. It opens up in the north to the Genkai Sea and surrounds Hakata Bay. The city is also known to be one of the oldest ones in Japan. It is a product of two different cities, Hakata and Fukuoka which were united to form one city, Fukuoka in 1889. The city has a humid subtropical climate which means that it has hot and humid summers and relatively mild winter. The city sees beautiful cherry blossoms during the months of March to April. Hence, the best time to travel to the city is from early April to mid-June since the weather during this time has light breezes and it is neither too hot nor too cold. Another good season to travel Fukuoka is autumn, that is, between September and November.

Airport in Fukuoka

Situated just 3 km east of Hakata station, Fukuoka Airport (FUK) was earlier known as Itazuke Air Base. It is an international and domestic airport situated about 6 km from the city. FUK is one of the busiest single-runway airports in the world. Getting to Fukuoka from Fukuoka Airport is fairly easy as it in close proximity of Hakata station which is Kyushu’s biggest train hub. There are many ways in which you can reach the city centre. One of them is the subway; it is the cheapest and quickest way to reach Fukuoka. The trains operate from early morning till midnight and arrive every 4 to 8 minutes. Public buses and shuttle buses will help you reach the city centre in approximately 18-20 minutes. Taxis and car hires are also available for you if you want to travel with a lot of ease and comfort. 

Transportation in Fukuoka

The city is a very popular place and is always bustling with tourists. There are various modes of transport available for you to visit the numerous Fukuoka attractions. First up, the 100 yen loop bus will take you to any of the major places in the city in 100 yen. The way to identify this bus is if you see the electric board on the top front of the bus, there is a 100 yen mark. It is definitely one of the cheapest ways of travel as you can get off at any place and you would have to pay only 100 yen. Then we have the Nishitetsu Train, it is one of the three railway and subway corporations and very convenient if you want to move towards the Tenjin area. Now, the Fukuoka City Subway and JR lines, while the former will take you towards the west of the city, the latter will help you travel not only in the city but around the city’s prefecture too. Then there is the Velotaxi which all visitors should experience travelling in, at least once. It is a taxi operated by manpower and ideal to stroll around the limited areas in the city. 

How to get to Fukuoka

The city is becoming a hub for tourists from all over the place as there are so many things to do in Fukuoka. Fukuoka Airport serves flights coming from all over the world. The majority of the flights that arrive in the city are not only from domestic destinations like Tokyo and Nagoya but also from international destinations like Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong. Some of the most popular airlines which fly to the city are, All Nippon Airways, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines and Fuji Dream Airlines. The average range of flights varies from SGD1,019 to SGD1,727.  

Hotels in Fukuoka


  • For people who love luxury, the city has a number of 5-star hotels ready for you to stay in. With the best infrastructures and multilingual, efficient staff, the 5-star hotels in this city will certainly reach your expectations. 
  • You can book Fukuoka hotels and find extreme comfort and ease even in the city’s 4-star hotels. With the locations of the hotels being close to the city centre making it very easy for you to reach there with any transport available. Staying in one of the 4-star hotels will surely make your stay memorable.
  • Finding great Fukuoka hotel deals especially when it comes to 3-star hotels is convenient for people travelling on a budget. 3-star hotels are affordable and hygienic and have flexible prices and free cancellation. 
  • For all the adventurous backpackers out there, finding cheap hotels in Fukuoka will not be a difficult task for you. The city has numerous 2 and 1-star hotels which are available at all times. 

Fukuoka Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Fukuoka

  • Fukuoka Castle, if you are into history and want to see some beautiful architectural design, then you must definitely visit the castle. It is the perfect example as to how the 17th-century ruling elite liked to live. With over 1000 cherry blossoms. The castle will leave you feeling mesmerized and magical.
  • Nanzoin Temple and the reclining Buddha is by far one of the most visited places by both pilgrims and tourists. It is the longest bronze statue in the world and is a sight to behold. Not only that, but the walk towards a small village called Sasaguri has many statues of Buddha on the way and the path has photo-worthy streams, gardens and bridges. 
  • Fukuoka Tower, just like in many other cities of Japan there is a tower in Fukuoka which is the highest building in the city. You can go on top of the tower and find a breathtaking view of the entire city below you. 

Top food places in Fukuoka

  • Yanagibashi Market is one of the most popular food places among the locals. With vendors selling some delicious and fresh food. This has to be in your bucket list if you want to experience some real local street food.
  • Yamanaka serves some of the best seafood in the city. It serves the traditional authentic Hakata-mae sushi which is made by a variety of fresh seafood and is something you should definitely look forward to. 
  • Daishizen is a must-visit for you if you are looking for tasting some good traditional food at a reasonable price. It serves a wide variety of foods and will make you want more. 

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