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5 star

Hotel New Otani Hakata
4.5/575 Reviews

Hotel New Otani Hakata

Fukuoka|0.91km from downtown
Since it is a New Otani brand, I had some expectations, but unfortunately it was crushed. Stayed alone in a twin type with breakfast for business use. The room was large enough and clean and the amenities were substantial. It is undeniable that it is old, but some of the water and closets have been renewed, and the air conditioning was good without any discomfort. However, the bed mattress is cheap, or it is not comfortable to sleep in. I felt that there were more high-quality things that were more particular about the new business hotels in the surrounding area. I was greatly disappointed with that point. The breakfast of Western buffet was very small and I was really disappointed. * The point that you can order the dishes and the taste are generally passing points, but the fact that the variety is too small is surprising and stunned. The staff at the breakfast venue were dull and vacant, but it felt like a flow work. I couldn't feel any dust in the consciousness of carrying the hotel sign on my back. The cleaning staff stopped firmly and greeted each other, but it looked far away and the staff was arrogant and rough and made me feel sick. As for this, I feel that the new business hotels around me are more educated. The front staff 々 seemed busy, but it was crisp and there was no discomfort, but on the other hand, I didn't feel warm. Conclusion, bird, soft, and price are not chosen. I would like to stay again if it is much cheaper, but I am positively pear. Birds cannot be easily improved due to budget problems, but staff education should be as much as possible. When I noticed, I was overtaken by the surrounding competing hotels and the hotels of the rank that were not competing, and such a future is close.

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Family friendly

Tokyu Stay Fukuoka Tenjin
4.6/5510 Reviews

Tokyu Stay Fukuoka Tenjin

Fukuoka|0.31km from downtown
We reserved 4 residential twin rooms in Tokyo Stay Tenjin from Aug 20th to 24th. As a frequent travellers (5-8 times to Japan annually), originally we had a very pleasant stay (prime location, all rooms are clean and we love the washing+drying machine in each room), until we experienced the life-time worst customer service. I requested for 2 hours late check out extension to 1pm and agreed to pay for additional charges for all rooms (2000 yen per hour per room and I paid 16000 yen in total). We experienced an unexpected long lunch on 24th and I sent a mail (at 12:30pm) via Tokyo Stay site to request for extension to 2pm (instead of 1pm). When we returned hotel at 1:20pm, one of the staff pulled his face, scolded and yelled at my family members loudly in Japanese, and he kept doing that in 3 of our rooms, even yelling at elderly and children of my family. My family members felt humiliated and were very upset. They told me that unpleasant experience, so I looked for that staff at front desk and asked the reason for the yelling and scolding, especially when we paid for all charges for extension. I used google translate in Japanese with speaker and there wasn’t any reply. When I asked for his name, he took off his name tag, ignored my request and said providing his name is against their privacy policy (All other staff were wearing name tags except him). He threatened to report to the police, if I keep asking for his name! Wait, what? So I want to ask: 1: Does the policy of Tokyo Stay allow staff to yell and scold customers when they do late check out? (not to mention we informed and paid for charges already) 2: It’s your policy to report your customers to the police when they ask your staff for their names?

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Tenjin Underground Shopping Center

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Ohori Park

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Hakozaki Satellite, Kyushu University

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Fukuoka Tower

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Fukuoka Floral Inn Nishinakasu
4.5/561 Reviews
Accommodation date / December 20th (Fri) - December 21st (Sat) 1night 2day Single Breakfast ※Reservation by Shinkansen round trip and set on a trip to Japan We booked for a live participation in Fukuoka. [Location] The location is located in downtown Hakata, Nakasu Kawabata. I think that if you go to the water park, you can see the building, but it is not along the wide street, but it is built a little deep, so it took a little time to get to the entrance. [Building] The building itself was relatively new and clean. [Customer Service] The front desk staff and the cleaning staff were very happy and the customer service was firm. [Service] There is a space where a personal computer can be used for free or a little work. There were many shampoos in front of the front desk, and it seemed to be able to be repackaged into a small container. I think it is a happy service for female guests. Of course, there was shampoo in the room. There were also several kinds of tea bags such as herb tea in front of the front desk, and there was a tea bar that could be enjoyed freely in the room. 1F As a rental pillow in front of the elevator, we were able to choose several kinds of pillows with different hardness such as low repulsion, and what we liked. Of course, there is a pillow in the room. There were rental cycles and coin laundry. There seemed to be a night meal service. [Room] There was a closet, and the hanger was 4 books ◯ and the bathroom had a small laundry drying ◎ bedding seems to be sticky and adopts airweave. I was comfortable. There is an outlet on the bedside. There is also a humidifier. Wi-Fi was also comfortable. The water pressure of the shower is also strong. The surrounding area was quiet because it did not face a big street. [Breakfast] Breakfast is in the space in front of the front desk 1F. The space of the table is also wide, and the number of seats is large, and it was not crowded. The menu was also rich in Japanese, Western, bread and curry. Drinks such as milk, juice and coffee were also substantial. [Location] There are many restaurants around because it is located in Nakasu, and there is no problem with eating. However, there is no convenience store near the hotel, so it is wise to stop when you find a convenience store if you need anything. I think the nearest station will be around the subway ”Chushu Kawabata”, ”Tenjin” and ”Tenjin Minami”, but both are about 4 ~ 5 minutes walk. However, it is between Tenjin and Nakasu, so I think it is good to be a very tourist base.
Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka
4.3/599 Reviews
In fact, I personally think it is closer to the Nakasu Kawabata subway station. It is actually across the bridge from Ichiran Ramen Main Store. There should be a canal outside the hotel. It is a very lively business district and convenient for eating and drinking. It feels like Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Just as prosperous. Check-in at the hotel is self-service. There is a large stuffed bear in the lobby, which is fashionable and simple. The rooms are small but well-organized, reflecting the sophistication of Japan. It's just that the young staff at the front desk speak English with Japanese pronunciation, which is difficult to understand. In addition, if you stay for two consecutive days, the service staff will not clean the room and will only hang the linen that needs to be replaced on the door. . It is worth recommending to stay!
Fukuoka U-Bell Hotel
4.4/540 Reviews
I was surprised at how clean and well located the hotel was. From the reception, I was impressed by the cleanliness of the hotel, and although I wasn't able to go there this time, I heard that there was a large public bath, so if I have a chance to go to Fukuoka again, I will choose this hotel.
R&B Hotel Hakata Ekimae 1
4.2/5103 Reviews
This hotel is in a good location near Hakata Station. The room I stayed in was very small. However, I was able to spend it without any inconvenience. Breakfast was simple, but the bread was delicious. I think that cost performance is good.
Cross Life Hakata Tenjin
4.4/5274 Reviews
Room size for a 3 Bedder room is still alright for us. There are lots of restaurants around the hotel. If you get to the hotel via Exit 6 from Tenjinminami Station, there is no escalator or lift and takes about 8 minutes from the exit. There is a lift from the station opposite of exit 6 though (near Diamaru) which we used when we left the hotel to go to airport.
Hotel Eclair Hakata
4.1/512 Reviews
I stayed at 1 to take the qualification test. It was located near Nakasu Kawabata Subway Station and was conveniently located near Hakata Riverain. The weather was fine on the day of the test, and I passed through the side of Across Fukuoka to Tenjin at the test venue and arrived in about 15 minutes on foot. In order to prevent the new corona, the amenities were selected next to the front desk, and the cup in the room was a paper cup, but considering it as an infection control measure due to the corona virus, this is one of the methods considered. I thought, and I liked it. I was happy that the shampoo in the bath was my favorite POLA product. The room was calm, on the side that did not face the big street on the 5 floor, and I didn't mind the noise, so I took a rest. Breakfast was a room meal as a measure against corona, and I was sorry that the hotel brought it to the room. It was a form of eating from the bread or miscellaneous rice choice the day before, and it was delicious and balanced breakfast than expected. Alcohol disinfectants are placed in various places, and I have the impression that consideration is given to measures against the new corona infection, and I would like to use it if I have another chance. Thank you to all the staff.

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