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About Sydney

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales. The city is wrapped around the beautiful and iconic Sydney Harbour. This is one of Australia's oldest, biggest and most diverse cities. From the center of downtown out to the suburbs, there is an endless array of charming and interesting things to see. The dazzling sites of Darling Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge complement each other. The historic city center is a fascinating place to spend the day. The many beaches surrounding the city and Blue Mountains National Park—a World Heritage Site—are great places to either relax or be active.

Popular Attractions in Sydney

Sydney Opera House
2,785 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site  
Modern Architecture
Opera Hall
Concert Hall
The Sydney Opera House is a symbol of Australia. It is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the 20th Century and is also a landmark in Sydney. Its white exterior, a shell-like sculpture built on the harbour, like scattered petals floating in the air, have for many years left observers in amazement. It houses a concert hall, a music theatre, a performance theatre, a children's theatre and a photography studio. Auctions, concerts and other events are held every month or even every week.
Darling Harbour
1,215 Reviews
Darling Harbour, also known as Lover Harbour, is located in Sydney and is a large leisure area with entertainment, dining and shopping. Darling Harbour consists of port terminals, green water and various buildings. King Street Wharf is a popular venue, with trendy dining options. There are also famous attractions such as Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Wild Life Sydney Zoo and Madame Tussaud's Sydney. You can also choose to dine in the outdoor area on the shore, shop at the Port Mall, listen to the performances of outdoor performers, or interact with the little pigeons. You can also take a boat trip to enjoy the view from a closer distance.
Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
1,180 Reviews
Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is located in the eastern part of Darling Harbour, with the main building under the waters of Darling Harbour. The passage here is up to 100 meters long, with rounded transparent glass on both sides, offering you face-to-face encounters with marine life! The aquarium exhibits aquatic creatures from Australia's seas, such as the platypus, clownfish, little penguins, and the denaturing Napoleon fish. Many marine life can only be seen at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, such as the large, spindle-shaped dugong! Many of the pavilions here are named after the Australian waters.
Taronga Zoo
1,129 Reviews
Located on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo is surrounded by pristine forest belts and national parks. In addition to the popular koalas, kangaroos and platypuses, you can also see animals such as seals, tigers, monkeys and echidnas. Due to the geographical advantages of the hills where the zoo is located, it is also a great place to enjoy the views of Sydney Harbour. There is also a gondola lift in the Taronga Zoo, where you can take the cable car for breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour.

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Best Cycling Treks In and Around Sydney For The Adventurous
Explore Nature
Sydney may be a bustling metropolis but this vibrant capital offers some of Australia’s best caricatures of Mother Nature and an abundance of history that ignites the wanderlust in both the young and old. From pretty coastlines and harbours to magnificent parks and heritage landmarks, we invite you to explore the beauty of this city on two wheels.   20 Jan 2020
Australia: A Vast Continent with Immense Beauty
Natural Landscapes
Flora & Fauna
Music & Arts
Traditional Culture
Western Australia
Australia, the Land Down Under, is a vast continent full of rich biodiversity, incredible culture, and untamed wilderness. The great Australian Outback is the stuff of legend. A vast expanse of desert and grasslands stretching to the horizon. Running along the country’s eastern coast is the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system. Sydney Harbor is recognizable the world over for the famed Opera House and the New Years fireworks display. A country flush with natural resources, Australia is a welcoming destination where travelers can find just about anything.
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Trip Moments

Hyde Park is in the heart of Sydney. Located right in the middle of the road, a large rectangular green space between the high-rise buildings. In addition to the clean lawn, the towering trees for more than 100 years, there are many beautiful statues, fountains, ponds, etc. The environment is really calm and clean. It feels so good to be here. The park was opened to the public as early as 1810. Every holiday, there are many locals who come out for leisure and entertainment, and they are very popular. At the heart of the park is an Apollo fountain built according to Greek mythology, consisting of a group of bronze sculptures. The St. Mary's Basilica across the road is Australia's largest and oldest religious building, and the Gothic spires are particularly beautiful and spectacular.
Posted: 6 Jul 2019
The University of Sydney in Australia is one of the most interesting places besides the Opera House. On campus, you can see what life in Australia is really like. Some people are running, some are playing sports, yet others are reading under trees and some are even making movies. It is all so interesting!  The most important thing is that the campus is beautifully composed of ancient poetry, paintings and ancient buildings. There are green lawns and lavender growing in the garden. It is a truly beautiful place. 
Posted: 14 Sep 2019
The Sydney Aquarium is the world's largest private aquarium with an area of 3,200 square meters with more than 5,000 species of marine life. There is also a 146-meter transparent undersea tunnel in the aquarium, where visitors can clearly see the various activities of various fish groups and explore the wonders of the underwater world. Unlike other aquariums, the Sydney Aquarium does not provide seals, dolphin shows, etc., and the aquarium is built similar to their natural habitat, the sea. The water for marine life is directly connected to the freshwater port. The marine life living here has basically the same habitat as the sea. There is not much difference. The penguins in the museum are loved by many tourists. They sometimes slide, sometimes show their affection, many children and adults have been reluctant to leave and love taking pictures.
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
The Sydney Fish Market is the largest fish market in Sydney and Australia with a mix of wholesale, retail and catering. It ranks second in the world in terms of seafood and is the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere. It sells more than 100 kinds of seafood products every day, about 65 tons of fresh seafood that has just been salvaged. This is a colorful and vibrant fish trading venue. The fresh fish market is open to customers at 7:00 in the morning for sales. The batch of fish market transactions starts at about 5 o'clock in the morning and starts to dock a variety of fishing boats near the Gulf Pier. The freshly harvested fresh seafood comes ashore and some are to various places. Since we didn't do the Raiders beforehand, we went in the evening, and only a seafood dinner could be made. The harbor of the fish market is also unique. The sunset, the fishing boats and the bridge constitute a beautiful landscape. 
Posted: 20 Dec 2018