Southeast Asia Travel | In Myanmar 🇲🇲, when watching a movie, everyone must stand up and sing the national anthem.

A country with a millennium-old Buddhist atmosphere. LP once included it in the list of recommended travel destinations. --- 🇲🇲It's Myanmar🇲🇲 --- A country forgotten by Chinese tourists. Although some are poor and backward. But the people here are very simple and honest. --- Here are abundant tourism elements. Historical sites, mountains, rivers, and primitive forests 🌳 --- Take a short break for yourself. Come here to enjoy the lazy slow time. Embrace a leisurely and beautiful slow-paced lifestyle 👇 --- 🧬Unmissable attractions🧬 ⚱️Landmark of Yangon, the capital city~Shwedagon Pagoda⚱️ Inlaid with numerous gold, diamonds, and various types of jewelry. At the top is embedded a 76-carat diamond 💎. --- 🧲Unmissable unique experience🧲 ☕️Burmese-style afternoon tea☕️ The restaurant converted from Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's former office. Menu is a vintage newspaper 📰 Tea leaf salad has a very seductive taste. --- One durian costs 6000K and is equivalent to RMB 24. Everyday eating one is not excessive 🥥🥥🥥 --- Myanmar is a foodie paradise with high cost performance 🥙🌮🫔🌯. 100r eat until full --- 🚊Experience the various aspects of the city on the mini train around the city🚉 Also a mobile little "supermarket" Speed is only slightly faster than walking. The biggest characteristic is "slow". --- Enjoy the "customer is God" service while eating hot pot 🍲. Finished gnawing on the crab 🦀🦀. The waiter brought a basin of water with lemon 🍋 ice cubes for hand washing. --- 🚌Take a 50-cent bus ride to watch a Burmese-style movie 🎞. Before the film screening, play the national anthem, everyone stands up and sings the national anthem. --- 🧴Unmissable local specialty skincare products🧴 Wood grinds into powder on the stone plate, add some water. Can be used as a skincare product when applied on the face. Both sun protection 🌞 and mosquito repellent 🦟 Supermarkets and shopping malls both sell finished products. --- 🏨Share a hotel with a nice environment🏨 Yangon's only hotel with an infinity pool. Great location. You can see the big golden tower across the way. There is a big church downstairs. First floor connected to a large shopping mall. --- 🛎tips Local taxi recommendation: Grab app, cheap price. You can talk to the driver, and it will automatically translate. Tested and very convenient to use.
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Posted: 25 Jan 2023
Larry Lwin
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