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Glorious Temple in city centre

#createwithtrip Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most recognisable temple in the world. From Exterior you just feel like it is a pagoda fully cladded with Gold. Some shinning and beautiful. The Pagoda is situated on Singuttara Hill in the centre of Yangon. It is the most sacred Buddhist Temple in Myanmar. I visited this place few times when it was more accessible few years back. It was mesmerising to me and others worshipers and tourists alike. It is dated back to 14th century and believed to enshrine the bodily relics of Buddha. The whole site is mammoth, you will take at least a few hours in this glorious places and the place is fully packed with people every day especially during the special occasion such as the birthdate of Buddha. The main Pagoda is 326 feet tall above the city and the plated the solid gold. simply unthinkable. Strongly recommended. A must see in Myanmar.
Posted: 20 Jun 2022
Elizabeth ND Ko
Thura Kyaw
cikpuan bunga
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