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Foshan: 1604 hotels found

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Foshan Hotel Guide

Hotels in Foshan

Weather and Best Time to Travel: 

Foshan is the third-largest city in the province of Guangdong in Southern China. The city abounds with culture, art and history. Foshan is also home to martial arts. Foshan experiences tropical oceanic-monsoon climate where the weather is warm throughout the year with a probability of rainfall. Foshan has 5 seasons namely summer, monsoon, autumn, spring and winter. The climate is tropical during summer and the winters are cold and wet. The tropical monsoon climate areas have a favourable temperature throughout the year. The ideal time to visit Foshan is during the spring season in the months of March to May and during fall from September to early November. 

Airport/ nearby Airport: 

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the closest international airport to Foshan. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is around 38.8 miles from Foshan City. Foshan Shadi Airport is the nearby domestic airport and is around 10 km. from Foshan City. Metro, Bus, Car, Taxis, etc. are available as modes of public transport. Various international like China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Hainan Airlines, FedEx Express, KLM, Air China Ltd operate flights. The taxi services are best for getting to Foshan city from the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.


Foshan has excellent transportation services to all over the city. Air, railway or bus, all transport systems are available to top tourist’s attractions in China. Foshan is well connected with various cities, like Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Kunming, etc. by the Guangzhou-Zhanjiang trains. The railway service in Foshan is very quick and comfortable. Bus transportation can help reach railway stations and is the chief mode of communication in Foshan. There are many long-distance bus routes to the far off cities which cost 0.39 to 1.97 SGD. The local bus services charge 1.18 SGD to 2.36 SGD for long-distance travel. The subway services also cover parts of Foshan.

How to get to Foshan:

To reach Foshan is easy as transportation like railways, airways, bus, car, etc. are aplenty. Foshan City has many hotels which offer exemplary services and good accommodation. Foshan can also be reached from the Shenzhen and Zhuhai airports. Buses and car services are convenient to travel to the airport and to various cities around. Some of the flight operators are KLM, Air Foshan, Delta, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, etc. Normally, cheap flights fare range between SGD 963.2 to SGD 1,349.35.

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range

Foshan is a popular destination in China as it has many tourist attractions, luxurious hotels, temples, and parks. Many luxurious and cheap hotels in Foshan offer top-class views and amenities. These luxurious Foshan hotels are situated a few miles from the top attractions of the city. You can avail such comfortable hotels from SGD 50.

  • Five-Star Hotel: Virtuous World Hotel, Hilton Foshan, Foshan Regal Financial Center Hotel, InterContinental Foshan, Zanyee Hotel Nanhai Foshan, etc are among the top hotels with costs from USD 76 approximately. Besides the best of facilities and amenities, booking early can earn you big savings in hotel deals.
  • Four-Star Hotel: Four-Star hotels are comfortable and available at budget-friendly prices. Some top four-star hotels in Foshan are Notel Inn Foshan Zumiao, Hilton Garden Inn Foshan, Park Lane Hotel Foshan, Yuwa Serviced Residence, Hampton by Hilton Foshan Sanshui, etc. 4-star hotel prices start from SGD 39 approximately.
  • Three-Star Hotel: Three-star hotels are comparatively cheap hotels in Foshan. Some better known three-star hotels in Foshan are Holiday Inn Express Foshan Chancheng, Foshan Poltton International Serviced, Vienna Hotel Foshan Nanhai City Square, Foshan Jin Bo Jin Business Hotel, and Foshan Taohuayuan Boutique Motel, Their prices start from SGD 29 approximately.
  • Two-Star Hotel: Two-Star hotels in Foshan are budget-friendly accommodations. They provide you with basic amenities and very competitive rates. Some two-star hotels are Wanyin Apartment, Foshan Rand Hotel, Ala Join Hotel Foshan, 7 Days Inn, etc. Their prices start from SGD 25 approx and they offer good Foshan hotel deals and are easy to book Foshan Hotels.

Foshan Tourist Information

Top Tourist attractions in Foshan

Some of the top tourist attractions are mentioned below: 

  • Foshan is full of shopping malls, handicrafts, martial arts, beautiful temples and parks with many exciting things to do in Foshan. Adventure activities are also Foshan attractions and season dependent.  
  • One of the captivating sites is the Foshan Ancestral Temple, locally renowned as Zu Miao. This ancient temple is dedicated to worship the chief god Beidi. The temple is situated in the southern area of Foshan. The temple’s name and the city's name are identical. The temple has a renowned sculpture, great outer beauty, a grandiose martial art museum, and an exquisite exhibition room.
  • Baomo Garden is not just a captivating garden but also has many Chinese sculptures. The authentic stone carvings in Baomo Garden are enchanting. It is located in the village of Zini which is famous for its food and eateries.

Top Food Places in Foshan

There are many attractions in Foshan, but trying tasty food in Foshan is a must. Some top food places famous in Foshan are:

  • Little Italy honouring its great Italian cuisine. The service is excellent and it is within walking distance of the subway station. Little Italy’s delicious pizza pasta and western dishes are famous all over China.
  • Bingsheng Seafood Restaurants is another best place for foodies. Its many VIP rooms provide great spaces to dine in. The friendly staff provide adequate services. The food quality is exceptional as are their delicacies. All the Chinese dishes at this restaurant are appetizing local fare that you must try out at least once in a lifetime.
  • Buongiorno Italian restaurant is renowned for its quality South Indian Food. It is situated in Guangzhou. This is one of the favourite places for gastronomy lovers. Also, its pasta and pizza are famed in Foshan and China too. The culinary and staff services are impressive. Spend an enjoyable time gorging on food that could be Indian inspired in the Buongiorno Italian restaurant.

Visit Foshan city with and make the best of hotel deals while having a memorable trip that leaves you asking for more time in Foshan.

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