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Popular Attractions in Yangon

Shwedagon Pagoda
763 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
The Shwedagon Pagoda is an immense Buddhist shrine that was built an estimated 2500 years ago in Yangon, Burma. The native title for the shrine is Shwedagon Zedi Daw. It is also known in English as the Great Dagon Pagoda or the Golden Pagoda. This breathtaking pagoda houses several ancient relics and is considered the most sacred of all Burmese Buddhist shrines. It is located west of Kandawgyi Lake, on Singuttara Hill. At 325 feet high, this golden-plated pagoda completely dominates the city skyline. Many tourists choose to buy pieces of gold leaf from the vendors and apply it to the Pagoda as a token of respect for the beauty of this amazing gilded landmark.
Yangon Chinatown
206 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Yangon Chinatown has a history of hundreds of years and gathers about 150,000 local Chinese and overseas Chinese. The old and quaint colours of the street are unstoppable. In addition to numerous small commodity stores and snack bars, Yangon Chinatown also has Chinese ancestral halls and temples. Many Chinese people open restaurants here, dumplings, ramen noodles and other Chinese foods. Visitors who like Chinese food can eat more authentic Chinese food here.
Ngwe Saung Beach
118 Reviews
Ngwe Saung Beach is a resort on the southwest coast of Myanmar. With crystal clear blue waters, soft white sand beaches, sliced ​​coconut groves, and delicious seafood, it will satisfy your dreams of the beach, clean, quiet and laid back. Let you put down all the anxiety, irritability, and single-mindedly into the slow life.
Bogyoke Aung San Market
243 Reviews
The new wing of the market which houses shops that sell medicine, foodstuffs, garments and foreign goods.

Trip Moments

The buddhist Buddhist culture experience KHAKHATWAIN is Myanmar's most authoritative Buddhist college and one of the three Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar. Because there are 1,200 monk students who believe in the Hindu Buddhism in this Buddhist college, they are also known as the Thousand Buddhas College. Featured recommendation: For many tourists, the biggest highlight here is the vegetarian lunch scene at 11am every day, thousands of monks practicing, they are neatly led by the master. The team, hanging on the edge of the shackles, followed by one, went to the atrium of the college for collectiveization, aiming to thank the local people for the meals. The crowd of mermaid enters. There is a dragonfly hanging on the chest of the monk. Some of them are silver and some are black bakelite. Many monks still hold the pen and the pen. When the bells of the monastery ring in the morning, the vegetarian lunch begins. The Hinayana Buddhism stipulates that only two meals a day, no lunch, but the sorghum of the Hinayana Buddhism can eat three clean meats, that is, non-self-killing, non-my killing, not killing me. Before entering the dining room, the monks began to accept the gift of the donor, and the tourists could also serve the monk. In the restaurant, the youngest monk, their table is at the end. The dining room has five rows of dining tables, six rows on the right and five rows on the left. Each table has five people, five dishes and one soup, and one pot of tea. The eggs are six. Myanmar Buddhism Culture Brief: Myanmar is a country with a strong religious consciousness. Monks wearing crepe can be seen anywhere in Myanmar. There are more than 10 million monks in Myanmar, and one in 300 is a monk or a nun. Every man in Myanmar must be a monk at a certain age, and only then can the society recognize his adult. In Myanmar, the freedom of being a monk is also free. The age of Burmese is usually around 10 years old, and the time of being a monk is as short as 7 days. The time to choose to be a monk can also be months, years, or even lifelong. For the monks, the deaf can teach them to get the necessities of food, clothes, shelter, medicines, etc. in the simplest way, and let them know how to be content and to cultivate their hearts. Visit time: 11 am to eat time 5 pm chanting time
Posted: 4 Aug 2019