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Ramdan993Located on Medan Merdeka Barat, the National Museum is the pride of Jakarta, providing visitors an insight into Indonesia’s long history in cultural heritage from prehistoric days up to today. Having recently been expanded, the museum houses an impressive collection of no less than 109,342 objects covering Indonesia’s Prehistory, Archaeology, Ethnography, Numismatics-Heraldic, Geography and Historical Relics.Here are statues and stone inscriptions discovered on sites throughout the archipelago starting from the first century AD, a complete collection of batik cloths and woven textiles produced through the years in the different islands. While on the top floor one finds displayed the collection of gold and silver ornaments and jewelry once owned by the rajahs and sultans of the archipelago.Officially opened in 1868 the Museum came popularly to be known as Gedung Gajah (The House of Elephant) or Gedung Arca (The House of Statues). It was named Gedung Gajah after the bronze elephant statue in the front yard, which was a donation from King Chulalongkorn of Thailand in 1871. It was also known as Gedung Arca on account of the large variety of statues from different periods on display here. In 1979 the Museum was officially named the Museum Nasional or the National Museum. The Museum is not only a centre for research and study into the national and cultural heritage, but it also functions as an educative, cultural and recreational information centre. 
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Majo_It is an impressive tourist attraction. The main statue of Garuda is really amazing. There will be a long wait for ticket. Lots of walking and lots of water is needed which is readily available for purchase. There is a shuttle for those who have trouble walking. I would definitely recommend you to use the shuttle. A map containing routes to visit different spots will be provided. Worth once a visit.One of the tallest statue in the world. While in Bali you will see this beautiful statue from a lots of places. This place was not in our itinerary and after seeing this statue from outside we visited this sight.We were astonished to see the size of this sculpture . This is very beautiful and the place is also very enjoyable. There are a lots of activities at GWK and your full day will be less to enjoy there. Very good place for family with children
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Historical Site
_FB***53beautiful black sand beach, very mythical ambiance. don’t forget to see the holy snake under the temple.
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Geological Sites
E28***65really cool view spot to overlook the powerful sea. there are some vendors selling light food and beverages. cannot jump in the water obviously.
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ramdankurniawan2111Ubud Monkey Forest is the most unique tourist package in Bali, as it says, in the sacred forest and its temple, there are hundreds of apes. Every day, apes saved and guarded by locals descend to the ground and interact with visitors who come.
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Water Park
samreshWaterbom Bali is a place to have fun with water. Located in kuta area, waterbom will give so much pleasure all day fun with family and friends. It was built in 3.8 hectar and it has more than 20 waterslides, makes waterbom bali is one of the biggest waterpark in south east asia.The staffs are friendly and helpful. The place is well maintained, clean and safety conscious. some of the good water ride that you should try such as funtastic, smash down, phyton, pipeline, and for sure lazy river. The price is reasonable since you can be in the waterbom bali for whole day. The food is also good and there is an icecream.Over all, waterbom bali is a good place to play with water with family and friends. Enjoy!

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Turtle Conservation and Education CentreBali,Indonesia

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Double Six ClubBali,Indonesia

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Ponjok Batu TempleBali,Indonesia

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Sama-Sama Reggae BarLombok,Indonesia

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Gunungsitoli Airport,Indonesia

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For many, nature exists as a curiosity, as somewhere to visit or occasionally recreate. There are those rare places, however, where one finds harmony in nature. Places time seems to have forgotten. Places where ancient creatures roam, and where the landscape seems conjured from the imagination. Komodo National Park is such a place.
avtarLove.Trip   14 May 2019
As lumbering land mammals, we humans can but imagine the freedom experienced by creatures who call the oceans home. Some 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. The oceans remain the last great frontier of Earthly adventure. With new species to discover and countless unexplored regions, let’s take a journey beneath the waves. As mere visitors to the underwater realms, diving affords us a modicum of understanding this part of our great blue planet. Here we will consider some of the world’s best diving locations. For the vast majority of people, diving is both easiest and most enjoyable in the rich tropical waters circling the globe at the equator. Vast coral reefs shelter mesmerizing life forms, ones whose colors and numbers astound. These are the world’s best diving locations.
avtarLove.Trip   13 May 2019

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Indonesia is the world’s largest island country, comprising more than 15,000 islands. Rich in natural resources, Indonesia is a favored destination for divers who come to explore the rich topical seas. The waters around Indonesia contain the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet. Among travelers, favored destinations include Bali with its luxurious resorts and fantastic beaches, and Lombak with the majestic Mount Rinjani. Jakarta, on the island of Java, is Indonesia’s capital and commercial center. Here you will find great examples of Indonesian cooking and culture. Set astride many tectonic fault lines, Indonesia has a number of active volcanos, which attract tourists hoping to catch an eruption or lava flow. In the Lesser Sunda Islands, Komodo National Park is home to the mysterious Komodo dragon. With so much to choose from, you could spend an entire lifetime exploring this fascinating and beautiful country.

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