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VOI Praia de Chaves Resort
4.2/560 Reviews
The Iberostar hotel is very nice garden in the middle of dessert/savanna land. There is beautifull beach, but the sea is nearly impossible to swim due to big waves. So unles you are competetion level swimmer, you can only waddle to wet your knees. (Im a good swimmer and struggled really bad, the waves knocked me down and around...) You can go on trip to snorkel or visit Sal rei, where the watter is calm. The hotel consists of separate ”tiny homes” in two levels and you walk to the restaurant and reception, which may be problem for elderly or hurt people (not me). The food is excellent, but one needs to remember thats its africa, so any mistake can and probably will have consequences. My father got violently ill third day and we had to call doctor to the hotel, who gave him two IVs and saved him, but he spent the rest of holidy in room and I had to be nearby. The hotel manager was helpfull and allowed us late check out for free, but there was high cost of the medical care, so I strongly reccomend high level travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the popular hotels with Wi-Fi in Rabil?

    Whether you are travelling to Rabil for business or tourism, Riu Palace Boavista - All Inclusive is a preferred hotel.

  • How much is the average rate for hotels with Wi-Fi in Rabil?

    For hotels with Wi-Fi in Rabil, the average price on weekdays is S$ 396, and the average price on weekends (Friday–Saturday) is S$ 386.

  • Which hotels with Wi-Fi in Rabil are luxury hotels?

    Many hotels with Wi-Fi in Rabil are luxury hotels. Riu Palace Boavista - All Inclusive is very popular.

  • What promotions are available for hotels with Wi-Fi in Rabil? provides various promotions and discounts for users all year round. You can check the promotions page to see what promotions are available on

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Average Price (Weekdays)S$ 396
Average Price (Weekends)S$ 386