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About Cairo

Egypt's capital city of Cairo is one of civilization's ancient cities. If you are a history lover, you can go to the Pyramids of Giza or the Cairo Museum and walk the halls of ancient Egyptian civilization while learning about what the Pharaohs believed the afterlife held in store. At the same time, Cairo is a modern metropolis. The banks of the Nile River are crowded with a forest of skyscrapers including several famous hotels. This is a great place to enjoy the scenery of the Nile. Cairo holds a vast mix of many different cultures. There is a profusion of Coptic art and Islamic-style culture to discover throughout the city. Cairo unfolds like a beautiful story out of “1001 Arabian Nights”.

Popular Attractions in Cairo

Khufu Pyramid
652 Reviews
Historical Site
The Khufu Pyramid is the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu of the ancient Egyptian dynasty. It is an Egyptian pyramid. Built around 2580 BC, this pyramid is not only a symbol of Egypt, but also the oldest and only surviving building of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. To visit the Pyramid of Khufu, you must first enter the Pyramids of Giza. After entering, you will first see the Pyramid of Khufu.
Great Sphinx of Giza
689 Reviews
Historical Site
The Sphinx is located in the Pyramid Scenic Area. Near the Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramids of Kafra, the Sphinx and the Pyramid are both representative relics of ancient Egyptian civilization. It is also synonymous with Egypt. The Sphinx is a statue of a face-faced lion, with its front paws lying forward on the desert. Except for the front paws, all are carved from a piece of natural rock. original
Egyptian Museum
1,008 Reviews
Officially called the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, downtown Cairo's star attraction feels more like the warehouse of Indiana Jones than a traditional museum. Like the rest of Egypt, the organization may be a bit chaotic but it's worth it to spend at least half a day wandering the museum's two main floors. The highlight of the Pharonic treasures here are without a doubt the mummies of famous Egyptian Pharaohs. Queen Hatshepsut is the most recently discovered mummy here, while the remains of King Tutankhamen's tomb is the most visited attraction; check out the the 24-pound gold mask of King Tut's face.
River Nile
641 Reviews
Boat Tour
The Nile River is a river that flows through the eastern and northern parts of Africa. It is injected into the Mediterranean Sea from south to north. It is the mother river of Egypt. The sailboat on the Nile is a beautiful view of the Nile. It rides on a sailboat and blows the wind of the Nile. It is very pleasant. Visitors usually choose to visit the Nile River at night, not only to enjoy the night view of Cairo, but also to watch a wonderful belly dance or Sufi dance performance.

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Full-Day Tour from Cairo: Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis, and Saqqara
Two Day Tour to Cairo from Dahab in Egypt
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Private Departure Transfer from Cairo or Giza Hotels to Cairo Airport
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Nile Cruise Dinner Show

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Trip Moments

sarah on the road   
Islamic Cairo refers to the part of the old city of Cairo, which was approved by UNESCO in 1979 as a World Cultural Heritage. The ancient city of Cairo in Egypt is located in the eastern part of downtown Cairo in Egypt. Apart from a few ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures, it mainly reflects Islamic culture. Because of the majority of people and their belief in Islam, many mosques have been built, and there are still more than 500 ancient mosques in the old city. If you have been to Istanbul, do you feel familiar? How can this mosque be like the Blue Mosque? Then take out the photos taken before and compare. This Mosque, if you search for information, is really an imitation of the Blue Mosque, and has a long history. The Ali Mosque is located in the Saladin Citadel on the Mugetam Mountain in the eastern suburbs of Cairo. This castle was built by Saladin to resist the invasion of the Crusaders. Tickets are 60 HKD per person.
Posted: 11 Dec 2018
Most of Egypt's land is in the desert. The vast desert area in the western part of the Nile is known as the western desert and is part of the Sahara Desert. The Bahariyya Oasis is 365 km from Cairo, and the black and white desert is between Bahariyya and Farafa. The "chicken stewed mushrooms" naturally cooked in the white desert is a more interesting thing I learned. A few days ago, my sisters inadvertently talked about the chicken stewed mushrooms. It turned out to be this dish. The beauty here is not like the other parts of the earth. The men will play the drums, and you can hear the rhythm and laughter. I liked to spend time here.
Posted: 25 Dec 2018