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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Lantian [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Lantian. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
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    "Although only the tiles were displayed, it opened my different insights into calligraphy and made me re-understand the historical significance of inscriptions. Part of the study of history is a simple book, part of the books written by previous people, and part of the inscriptions. In addition to inscriptions on low, they can be inscribed anywhere, on the clock, on the stone statue. Inscriptions have studied different meanings in different places. The reason for being listed as a national cultural relics is that the text on the inscription confirms the historical facts, which is historical evidence. We went to see the inscription alone. We didn't know anything. We saw it, but with the explanation, we could really achieve meaningful gains. On the fourth day of my trip to Xi'an, there were not many interpreters and there were not many. The things explained were indeed uneven. Some of the presenters spoke very quickly and very little, as if to deal with the task. Some interpreters are really good, I am very willing to talk more about it, I really like this experience, this time I chose the scenic boutique speech, I recommend everyone to choose him, this time for an hour, but told us an hour and a half. Everyone should also pay attention to the narrator on the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. It makes me experience very bad. I feel that I am a salesman. If I talk about a little history, I will talk about some Lantianyu selling goods and some performances selling tickets! It seems that I spend money to listen to advertisements. The more famous attractions, the more serious the slaughter phenomenon! Since it is an explanation service, you should talk about things related to the attractions. Don't talk about these, the narrator of the inscription museum is really good, everyone who comes to a place to encounter an unpleasant thing, don't be partial, there is still a good"
    Xi'an.Zhonggulou Square
    35.9km from Lantian
    Highlights: Appreciate famous calligraphy works carved on stone tablets
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    "Luoyang Museum is worth visiting! Dong Rongge tour guide is punctual, organized and orderly, explained clearly, like a few treasures, can see that the museum's collection is quite understanding, the history is deep! Really recommend!"
    Luoyang.Longmen Station/Municipal government
    >100km from Lantian
    Highlights: The number and quality of items in Luoyang Museum's collections can be compared with many provincial-level museums. Luoyang was the ancient capital of 13 of China's dynasties. There are many rare treasures in the museum's collections. The main building of the museum consists of two floors with a number of different exhibits, showcasing the history of the ancient capital of Luoyang, ancient culture, bronze wares, Tang sancai wares, and many other historical relics. In addition to cultural relics unearthed in the area, the Luoyang Museum also holds a collection of treasures from the Palace Museum, so you can also see some items that came directly from the Forbidden City.
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    "Catching up with the heavy rain, I was basically wet, and I felt that the zoo had to brush twice. In order to avoid the rain, I have been taking sightseeing cars and feeding cars. The experience is average. There is no place to eat, I brought snacks, mentioned all the way, and I still have to wear raincoats."
    Xi'an.Qinling Round Hill Road/Qinling Wildlife Park
    43.7km from Lantian
    Highlights: Qinling Wildlife Park is located in Chang'an district in Xi'an. The Wildlife Park includes an area that guests can walk through, a safari area (where tour buses take guests through an herbivore section and a megafauna section) and a Bird Performance Forest. The walking area is located in the western half of the wildlife park and includes a panda enclosure, a snub-nosed monkey enclosure, and a marine mammal park. The safari part of Qinling Wildlife Park includes a herbivore section and a megafauna section. In the herbivore section, you can see animals such as giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest. You can also see animals that are unique to Asia such as the white-lipped deer and the Bactrian camel. In the megafauna section you can find tigers, cheetahs, lions, bears, and wolves.
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  • No.4
    585 Review
    "The collection of cultural relics is rich, not much better than the website that is so bad that it is not about the ticket. The history museum is much better?"
    Xi'an.Chang'an University Town
    40.8km from Lantian
    Highlights: The permanent exhibition of the Shaanxi Archaeological Museum is themed on "Archaeological Sacred Land Huazhang Shaanxi", which is divided into four chapters: "Archaeological History", "Cultural Genealogy", "Archaeological Discovery" and "Cultural Preservation Technology".
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    1012 Review
    "The actors are very professional and dedicated, and the whole process is divided into several themes for about 90 minutes. Maybe the expectations are too high and it feels not as good as expected. Going out of the Wenchuang store can be picky, and the workmanship is still exquisite."
    Luoyang.Longmen Station/Municipal government
    >100km from Lantian
    Highlights: "Luoshui Tangtang, one Sichuan history, one Sichuan culture."BLACKBOW draws on "Luoyang Charm" as its spiritual symbolBased on Heluo cultureTelling the story of Luoyang using science and technology and artConstructing China’s first digital immersive performing arts"Looking for the Luo Shen Fu" is directed by Wang Zhiou, visual effects director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and BLACKBOW, the visual effects chief production team of the opening ceremony, serves as the chief producer. The venue uses a combination of digital imaging, mechanical devices, and live performances to show the story of reincarnation in the ancient capital of Luoyang. It integrates digital immersive performances, immersive museums, and multi-dimensional digital performances to comprehensively display the cultural history of Luoyang.Expert teamBlack Bow BLACKBOW specially invited Pan Lusheng from the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Guan Jun, Dean of the Calligraphy Court of the Chinese Academy of Arts, Sun Xiaochun, Dean of the School of Humanities of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Geng Shuo, associate professor of the School of Humanities of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, as experts on "Looking for the Luo Shen Fu". Based on Heluo culture, from the historical perspective of "ancient, present and new", we deeply explore the history, culture and humanities art of Luoyang "among the world", as well as the "radiation" and spread of Luoyang culture to the world.Digital immersive performing artsBy highly refining the core cultural symbols of Luoyang, Heigong breaks the traditional theater viewing model, uses non-linear narrative and a combination of full-dimensional three-dimensional performance areas, breaks through the limitations of time and space, and brings multi-dimensional sensory stimulation and emotional resonance to the audience.Experience the fully immersive traveling performance mode and walk in different time and space. Explore the long-dusted story of Luoyang from a new perspective, and get a glimpse of the origins of Hetu and Luoshu. Witness the encounter between Cao Zhi and Luo Shen, experience the melancholy of a wanderer searching for his roots, and explore the state of mind of a man of letters...Saints, masters, and famous poets gathered together in Luoyang across thousands of years. The story of Chinese civilization begins here - the beginning of Xia and Shang Dynasties, when they cast tripods and carved inscriptions; the Duke of Zhou established his capital and made rituals and music; the Three Kingdoms and the Jin Dynasty were both literary and military; the Buddhist capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty was the wonder of Jialan; the prosperous Sui and Tang Dynasties, when all nations came to court; the Northern Song Dynasty In Xijing, celebrities gathered.immersive museumThe immersive museum relies on the form of "digital" cultural exhibitions to fully and three-dimensionally reproduce the glory of the ancient capital Luoyang. Combining digital art, real-time interactive exhibits and live performances, we will experience a journey through time and space. Pursue the origin of civilization, enter the time and space dimension of history, explore and practice the cross-border innovation of "cultural relics + technology", and unfold the "pictures" drawn by Luoyang's unique cultural symbols one by the worldHetu and Luoshu are here today; Chinese civilization originated here; Duke Zhou made his assessment of the shadows and established his capital here. The wheels of history are slowly passing by, and civilization has been flowing for thousands of years. We will return to the "world under heaven" in the minds of the ancients, awaken the sleeping Chinese civilization under this land, and trace the origins of civilization and explore the center of the world amidst the changing times and vicissitudes of life.ThonglorLuoyang was also the crossroads of transportation in ancient China, the intersection of water and land. The Sui and Tang Dynasty Canals, the Wanli Tea Road, the Prairie Silk Road, the Desert Silk Road, and the Maritime Silk Road were all transportation arteries from different periods that converged in Luoyang, forming a "five-way road to Luoyang" transportation pattern. They were not only economic and trade roads, but also cultural exchanges. The road has injected a steady stream of living water into the historical process of Luoyang's prosperity for thousands of years.Cultures collide and merge in exchanges. We will transform into ancient people, listen to the camel bells in the desert, walk through the ancient sand and sea roads, meet merchants and dealers in boats and carts, retrieve the "treasures" left behind by our predecessors along the way, and return to the "Five Roads" "Luo" the wonders and prosperity.God is a dream"If you ask about the prosperity and failure of ancient and modern times, please just look at Luoyang City." Looking back at Luoyang for thousands of years is like a dream. Today, we will pick up the fleeting moments scattered in the long river of history one by one, immerse ourselves in this shining historical memory, return to the prosperous days of the ancient capital, and jointly pursue the dream of the divine capital.The beauty of the countryPeony has accompanied Luoyang for thousands of years. What does the world in her eyes look like? From the perspective of peony, in the cycle of four seasons and the flow of time and space, we can explore the beauty of the country and feel the growth and decline of all things. We can see the scene of peonies in full bloom, which "moves the capital in blooming season", and experience flowers blooming step by step and poetry waving with sleeves like a giant.Heluo holds the lanternThe twenty-four solar terms are an important part of traditional culture. They reflect the wisdom and romantic feelings of ancient Chinese people, and embody the long history and profoundness of Chinese culture. In the "Heluo Lantern" session, Hei Gong integrates iconic Chinese culture such as Luo Shen Fu and the twenty-four solar terms into the outdoor space. It combines multi-level performing arts forms and uses technological aesthetics to subvert tradition and make you feel like you are in the world. Fantasy dreamland, encounter the goddess of Luoshui. "24 Solar Terms" is like a long scroll of history unfolding slowly. With the yearning for the charm of Luoyang, we walk into the wonderful night of Luoyang the long scroll of timeLuoyang painted scenes of historyI am also drawing each one nowIt will also draw futures one by one……The journey of "looking for traces" never endsLet us set foot on this landGo explore, see, and experience!
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    "I went on the weekend, there were a lot of children, the surrounding traffic was convenient, the whole was very fun, the baby was completely enough, and there were many snacks inside, but the ice and snow world did not go, and I didn't rent clothes and didn't give in. . . There is a cleanliness, how to wear that big cotton jacket, the ice and snow world of other attractions is not mandatory to rent clothes, anyway, this is quite speechless"
    Xi'an.Qujiang Exhibition Area
    32.3km from Lantian
    Highlights: Come to Qujiang Polar Ocean Park to watch the endearing penguins, polar bears, and dolphin shows. Inside the park's Aquarium you can enjoy watching the beautiful tropical fish, the alligator show, or the dugong show. The seafloor tunnel is the place from which to appreciate the marine organisms: you can wander around like you're on the seabed. The park's Polar Museum has two floors. On the first floor you can see way of life of animals underwater; on the second, you can observe animals that live on the land. Animals such as penguins, seals, and polar bears both swim in the water and come out to play on the land.
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    "A place worth taking children to. Bringing children can increase a lot of knowledge. It is very happy and very pleasant. Children will definitely like it very much. Various types of cultural knowledge are highly recommended."
    Xi'an.Electronic City Area
    35km from Lantian
    Highlights: The Shaanxi Natural History Museum is located on the roundabout around the TV Tower in Chang'an South Road in Xi'an, including the Natural Exhibition Hall, the Science and Technology Exhibition Hall, the Curtain Theater, the Outdoor Exhibition Area, and the Temporary Exhibition. Its Natural Exhibition Hall and Science and Technology Exhibition Hall are divided into north and south sides by the Shaanxi TV Tower. The Science and Technology Exhibition Hall has a glass sphere, while the Natural Exhibition Hall has a crescent shape. The two represent "Sun" and "Moon".
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    388 Review
    "Various film and television props, various film and television equipment, various movie posters, for a film worker is really shocking, there are various sounding rooms, photography halls can experience, really worthwhile trip"
    Xi'an.Qujiang Exhibition Area
    33.2km from Lantian
    Highlights: The West Film Museum includes the classic film car museum, the film film collection library, the Wonderful House of Journey to the West, the film production technology popularization experience area, the film service road display experience area, the world film projector collection museum, the light and shadow interactive experience area, and the West Film Factory History Museum and other functional areas. At the same time, there are more than 300 film projection equipment throughout the world's film development history. The Film Film Industry Museum retains the only domestic film film processing and printing production line that is still in operation, displaying many creative manuscripts and art files in the production process of classic films. , and a large number of interactive experience equipment that demonstrates the principles of film and the charm of technology.
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    2338 Review
    "Photo location: Undersea Tunnel: Arc Tunnel, you can see a lot of fish very close, the devil fish is so cute , I took the most satisfying parent-child photos of ~ mermaid Photograph: mermaid will move with everyone in the water before and after the show. Compared with the heart fly kiss must seize the opportunity to take a photo together!"
    Xi'an.International Exhibition Center/Chanba
    35.8km from Lantian
    Highlights: The Huaxia Ocean Park is a large comprehensive ocean venue that integrates unique marine cultures from around the world with local customs, vividly showcasing global marine cultures. The integration of regional customs into marine culture is an innovation of Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group. The entire venue is themed around the Maritime Silk Road, integrating rare marine organisms and animals from around the world. It combines entertainment, sightseeing, scientific research and education, world fishing village culture, and the dissemination of marine culture. The ocean park has five major themed areas: Polar Wonder, Dreamy Ocean, Sea Creature Show, Silk Road Exploration, and Happy Coast. It includes 15 cultural themed areas, each meticulously crafted by hundreds of artisans, creating magnificent cultural scenes that allow visitors to immerse themselves, travel around the world, experience diverse marine cultures, and revisit the Maritime Silk Road.
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  • No.10
    265 Review
    "Went on March 3, 2024, the scenery is pleasant, the seven theme cultural blocks, the building is European style, is a holy place to take pictures and punch in. There are many amusement projects, fantasy flying, Marco Polo exploration, mining cars, jumping machines, all kinds of roller coasters. The musical is very shocking and the on-site effect is good. The dining is varied, with Shaanxi characteristics, the price is very close to the people, a trip worth remembering!"
    58.7km from Lantian
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Lantian?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Lantian include:Xi'an Beilin Museum, Luoyang Museum, Qinling Wildlife Park, Shaanxi Archaeology Museum, XUN JI LUO SHEN FU
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Lantian?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Lantian include:Xi'an Beilin Museum:4.6, Luoyang Museum:4.7, Qinling Wildlife Park:4.4, Shaanxi Archaeology Museum:4.7, XUN JI LUO SHEN FU:4.7
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Lantian located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Lantian are mainly located in:Xi'an Beilin Museum:Xi'an, Luoyang Museum:Luoyang, Qinling Wildlife Park:Xi'an, Shaanxi Archaeology Museum:Xi'an, XUN JI LUO SHEN FU:Luoyang