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Hsinchu Hotel Guide

Hsinchu is located in the northwestern part of Taiwan. It is also the earliest developed area in Taiwan. There are many places of interest. The humanistic environment is good and the cultural heritage is rich. It includes various kinds of churches with precious works of art exhibited inside. As many high-tech talents migrated to Hsinchu drove its rapid economic development it is known as Taiwan’s Silicon Valley. The northern half of Hsinchu City is located on the Hsinchu Plain, which is formed by Toucian River, Fongshan River, and Keya River. The terrain is relatively flat. The highest peak in Hsinchu is Wubuku Mountain, and the western coastal area has a narrow coastal plain. Attractions and hotels in Hsinchu are also quite concentrated and easy to visit.

It is best to visit Hsinchu in autumn. At this time, the scenery in Hsinchu is particularly beautiful and magnificent. Located in a tropical rainforest climate zone, the climate is hot and humid throughout the year and the temperature difference between day and night is small. The average annual temperature is between 23 and 35°C. You should avoid coming here in winter because the monsoon winds are the strongest at this time.

Hsinchu’s cuisine is varied. Fish balls, hot pot, and sweet zongzi are some of the main specialties of the city, which can be considered famous for its food. Even the pickiest of eaters won’t have trouble finding a bite to eat in Hsinchu, as the city is filled with all sorts of cuisines, including tea restaurants. In the evening, while having hot pot is another option. Hsinchu's ingredients are known for being pure, so their flavors are undoubtedly authentic.

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