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Boracay Hotel Guide

Hotels in Boracay

Weather, the Best time to travel

If you are looking for a small serene place to escape for a stunning sea-side vacation that doesn’t involve too much commuting around, then Borocay in Philipines in the Aklan province about 315 km to the southeast of Manila is the ideal location. This tiny 7 km long and 1 km wide parcel of an island in the Philippines with only around 33,500 people outshines its much larger peers in tourism popularity. 

The popularity of the island as a tourist destination started early in the 1970s itself. It was even awarded the ‘The Best Island in the World' title by the international Travel magazine ‘Travel Leisure’ in 2012. It is known for its white-sand beaches, with its main beach around 4 km long and lined with everything a traveller seeks in an ideal vacation spot. 

Moderate temperatures ensure that Boracay can be visited at any time of the year. However, it is best suited for a vacation between December and April end, the just before the season moves towards peak summer in May and June. 


The nearest airport to the city is Godofredo P Romos Airport in Caticlan. It is also called Borocay airport even though it is situated in Caticlan, a small town on the southern tip of Panay Island. Another approachable airport is in Kalibo which is a two-hour drive to Borocay Island. But you can get in a bigger luggage deal for this bigger airport. 

Getting to the city from the Boracay airport is just a 20 minute Banka boat or oyster ferry ride from Caticlan. You can take a tricycle to the port from the airport which is about a 10-minute ride and then a van or tricycle from the Borocay port to your hotel. You can also book for a hotel transfer for convenience. If you can afford, take a VIP chopper ride to your hotel transfer to your hotel. 

Since the number of visitors permitted to stay in the city is limited to 19,000 a day by the government, ensure that you have a printed booking confirmation from an accredited hotel or resort before embarking on the tour. 


Getting around Borocay is fun. Since this is a small strip of an island, normally tricycle rides are enough to cover any area. The motorized trikes can be shared or taken private, exclusively for you and your group at a higher price. Trikes can be hailed at any place on the island. Other than this, hired mountain bikes or motorbikes can also be a choice. You can even go on the back of motorbikes as ‘singles’ if alone.

A fun-filled, slightly adventurous way of getting around is by para sailing, a boat ride that can even get you wet. You can hire for a day trip or a sunset sail late afternoon for a lovely view of the setting sun.

 How to get to Boracay Island

The Borocay Airport has direct flights from Manila. Currently, only Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines fly into the smaller Borocay Airport. Getting to Borocay Airport from Singapore has to be normally with transit at Manila as there is no direct flight. However, the bigger Kalibo airport is better connected, has comparatively lower airfares, and even has flights from Singapore by Tiger Air four days a week. It also receives daily direct flights from Seoul and Taiwan. 

The fare from Singapore to Borocay starts at around SGD 1100. However, you can expect a very substantial discount if you book at least 45 months in advance.

How much are hotels in Boracay

Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa, Crimson Resort and Spa, Lind Borocay, and Discovery Shores are some of the best 5-star hotels in Boracay. The prices start from SGD 300 per night.  

If you are looking out for great luxury hotels,  but a bit less expensive, some of the best 4-star hotels like Coast, Mandala Spa and Resorts, and the Muse Hotel are available for around SGD 200 per night.

More affordable accommodation in the 3-star and 2-star Boracay hotels is available for those on a tighter budget. They provide a comfortable stay with high-quality service, but with a lesser degree of luxury. These cheap hotels in Boracay are available at a price starting from as low as SGD 40 per night.  

Boracay Tourist Information

Top Tourist Attractions in Boracay

We take a look at three of the popular Boracay attractions most frequented by tourists from across the world.

1.    The White Beach

This is expectedly on top of the things to do in Boracay. This awesome strip of white sand beach occupies a 4 km stretch of the 7 km long island and is one of the most visited beaches in Asia, more so because it doesn’t get too hot even in summer. It is lined with restaurants, resorts, shops, and adventure sports spots. You can just relax on the white sand, take a walk, or take to adventure sports like snorkeling, diving, and also take refreshments in any of the numerous eateries lining the beachfront. 

2.   Island hopping by boat

There are numerous smaller islands with lovely beaches and marine life around Boracay. You can explore these places by hopping on a tour boat or taking one on rental. One of the popular ones is the crocodile Island which is about 20 minutes ride. It gets its name by its shape and it offers plenty of activities and has an active marine life. Other islands worth visiting are crystal cove island, the much larger Panay Island, and Magic Island for cliff diving.

3.    Ride a Zip Line and Cable Car

You can get an awesome bird’s eye view of Borocay by taking a thrilling 70-mt zipline. The ride back to the platform is by a cable car.  

Top Food Places in Boracay

  • Station 2 is the area where all the visitors are seen. This is the place for great gastronomical experience as delicacies of all cuisines to suit any budget are available. D-Mall is one place that can quench a food connoisseurs' curiosity. A few other places are Christines Restaurant, Dulcinea, Jasper’s Tapsilugan and Resto, and Coco Cafe. 
  • Station 1 has also several places for you to try out. It boasts of Army Navy, Boracay Traveling Chef, Kasbah, Pamana, and Red Coconut Restaurant serving delicious dishes.
  • The street-market is the island’s first-ever food stall. You can get Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, and Mexican delicacies here among other recipes. with its worldwide presence and long professional experience can be your trusted partner to get you a great Boracay hotel deal. You can rely on for a combined super saver package with a booking for a Boracay hotel with a cheap flight to the city from its wide repository of accommodation.

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