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Searching for hotels near Beijing West Railway Station? Compare room rates and reviews to find your ideal stay.
Jingtie Hotel (Beijing West Railway Station South Square)
4.6/5538 Reviews
Beijing West Railway Station Area
The hotel is 50 meters away from the entrance of the West Railway Station, which is really convenient. The room decoration is simple and stylish. The important thing is that there is not only central air conditioning but also indoor split air conditioning. At the end of March in Beijing, this is very warm. The service is also very good, takeaway to the lobby, and then the robot is delivered to the room, the robot is nagging all the way, cute. No room card can not enter the elevator, very safe. In short, a very satisfying experience of staying in the store
Railway Hotel (Beijing West Railway Station)
4.5/51067 Reviews
Beijing West Railway Station Area
The hotel was located in an excellent place, close to the subway station, which helped us a lot in getting around. The staff was courteous and helpful. Nevertheless, we had no hot water in the shower and had to ask for a room change, which marred the experience. Please note that the rooms located above the train may suffer from noise. We used the hotel's luggage storage and it was wonderful!
Beijing Zhongyu Century Yuxuan Hotel
4.5/5932 Reviews
Beijing West Railway Station Area
Hotel is situated right in front of Beijing West Railway station. So if you need to go to your next destination from there - to stay in this hotel will be very convenient. Apart this, hotel is nice and clean with all the things you might need in the room. Stuff is friendly and helpful. There is a shopping mall next to the hotel with food court and supermarket.
Hanting Hotel (Beijing West Railway Station North Square)
4.7/5974 Reviews
Beijing West Railway Station Area
Old brand chain stores, we often choose a place to stay, high security, good environment, large rooms, more assured, thinking about catching the high-speed rail tomorrow morning, we choose the Hanting Hotel in Beijing West Railway Station North Square to stay for one night, walk over the overpass, 5 minutes to Beijing West Railway Station, Due to the adjustment of the room, the front desk sister also upgraded us to a standard room with large windows for free!
GreenTree Inn Alliance Hotel (Beijing West Railway Station North Square Century Tan Hospital)
4.3/51257 Reviews
Beijing West Railway Station Area
Hanting Hotel (Beijing West Railway Station North Square)
4.5/51774 Reviews
Beijing West Railway Station Area
Very close to Beijing West and subway station, complete facilities, good service attitude! And on the 10th floor, you can also see the whole picture of Beijing West. The heating is very warm, I feel that it is not warm enough to turn on the air conditioner. Close to the Temple of Heaven Park, the Forbidden City, you can have fun to play!

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Number of Reviews3,284,796
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Average Price (Weekends)S$ 245

Guide for Travelling in Beijing

Beijing Uncovered: China's Cultural Epicenter

Beijing, China's capital, is a bustling city where the ancient and modern coexist in perfect harmony. As one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, it's home to a treasure trove of cultural and historical sites set against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers.

Traveling to Beijing

Beijing Capital International Airport serves as the primary entry point for international travelers. Conveniently, the airport is well connected to the city via the Airport Express Line and taxis. For domestic travelers, Beijing's high-speed rail networks are a fast and efficient option.

The main mode of payment in China is usually through AliPay or WeChat Pay. Most places still accept credit and debit cards, but it's wise to carry some local currency (RMB) for smaller vendors.

Mandarin is the official language, and while English signs are prevalent, it can be beneficial to have a translation app handy.

Must-See Attractions in Beijing

This city boasts a myriad of attractions, ranging from historical landmarks to modern marvels. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China for an immersive history lesson. Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace offer a glimpse into China's impressive past, while the futuristic Beijing National Stadium, known as the Bird's Nest, showcases China's modern architectural prowess.

Understanding Beijing's Weather

Beijing experiences a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate with hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. The temperatures range from an average of -3.7°C in January to 26.2°C in July. Spring and autumn, with their mild temperatures, are the ideal times to visit. Dressing in layers is recommended as temperatures can fluctuate.

Finding the Right Accommodation in Beijing

Beijing offers a wide range of accommodation to suit different travel needs. Stay at the Legendale Hotel for easy access to major attractions like Wangfujing Street and Tiananmen Square. The Grand Hyatt Beijing, located near the famous Silk Street, is a haven for food enthusiasts. Luxury seekers can choose The Peninsula Beijing, while budget travelers will find great value at the Beijing Hyde Courtyard Hotel. The Rosewood Beijing, with its blend of traditional and contemporary architecture, is perfect for Instagram enthusiasts.

Why Choose Trip.com

Booking with Trip.com ensures a seamless travel planning experience. With a plethora of options and easy-to-use features, you can arrange your Beijing adventure in just a few clicks. Earn Trip Coins with every booking, which can be used for future discounts. For an unforgettable Beijing experience, choose Trip.com as your trusted travel partner.

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