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Kadoya Hotel
4.5/5138 Reviews

Kadoya Hotel

Shinjuku/Nakano Tokyo|0.4km from Shinjuku Station
4.5 stars! My spouse, son, and I have previously stayed at Kadoya in December 2019. I was delighted with our most recent stay in February 2023. Last time, I booked a triple bed room. This time I booked a ”Fourth Standard - 2 king beds (Universal Design Type -B” room. What a terrific room. The tv set was massive! Even I had to grin at the size of the tv screen. There was a ledge behind the bed which was convenient to put cups on during our evening beverages. We also used the ledge to place our cellphones on overnight as they charged. Ample electrical plugs. The room has a small fridge to keep drinks cool. A microwave is located in the laundry room. The laundry room also has two washing machines and two dryers. All coin operated. There is also a vending machine in the laundry room. Handrails in the shower/tub of the bathroom much appreciated. Staff at Kadoya that I encountered were very pleasant and helpful. I requested front desk staff to kindly print out documents and they did so without hesitation. Housekeeping staff is friendly and promptly brought me towels and extra wooden hangers when requested. Daily housekeeping service. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash all had a pleasant fragrance. We were provided with feather-free pillows and feather-free duvets given our allergies. Room was clean. Ample space for 4 luggages. Excellent location. Close to Shinjuku station. Several dining options nearby. Pharmacy nearby. 24 hour Lawson convenience store next door. Another Lawson across the street. Travel tip: We arrived at Kadoya using the Airport Limousine Bus which departed from Narita. I chose the Keio Plaza Hotel instead of the Shinjuku stop as it is closer to Kadoya. Get off at the Keio Plaza stop and walk through the lobby. Leave the Keio Plaza hotel and walk 2 blocks to Kadoya. When going to Narita, in order to get to Narita quicker I booked the Airport Limousine Bus to depart from Shinjuku as the earliest bus leaving from Keio Plaza hotel was not early enough for me. Catch the bus from Bus Stop 23 located right in front of the Airport Limousine Bus ticketing office, to the left of Keio department store. Currently, Airport Limousine Bus routes and schedules are reduced. All in all a pleasant stay at Kadoya!
Book and Bed Tokyo Shinjuku
4/558 Reviews

Book and Bed Tokyo Shinjuku

Shinjuku/Nakano Tokyo|0.64km from Shinjuku Station
It was the worst. I finished the payment procedure on the website the previous month and received multiple confirmation emails for accommodation reservations with breakfast. It is okay to tell the name that check-in can be 9 pm in the daytime and call, so when I go to 9 pm, I have no name on the guest list. If that shouldn't be the case, I showed all the driver's license for identity verification, reservation confirmation emails, and records of the dedicated site on the spot, but ”I can't stay because it's full today” and ”Because of Airhost of the reservation system” One point. I was able to travel from rural areas to Tokyo, and it was the worst result of being kicked out in the middle of the night amid the bad weather when the typhoon approached. When I tell you that I'm already paying my credit card, I'm saying, ”Is it a day use mistake?” The check-in and check-out dates are definitely written on the email presented and the confirmation page of the reservation site, and even though it says breakfast is included (there are multiple evidence for confirmation of the reservation in front of you) Full So I was honestly surprised that I couldn't stay. It can't be helped to complain to the receptionist, and it's full, so if you force it, you'll have to kick someone out in bad weather, so if you give up and ask about the location where you can stay nearby, It is said that there is an APA hotel opposite, and when I go, the APA hotel is closed for a long time. The cheerful club at the west exit of Shinjuku Station, which another receptionist told me, was miraculously vacant, so it was quite a bit, but this terrible experience is the first level in my life. The next day, I emailed the above situation and told them that I wanted my credit card payment to be invalidated, but I still haven't heard from them about apology or payment processing. In that situation, I received an email urging TripAdviser to post my impressions, ”How was your stay?” I was thinking that I would refrain from publishing it if I had a proper contact, but I will write it as a warning so that no one has the same feelings. It's horrible to think that my child will have the same experience.

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Anshin Oyado Tokyo Shinjuku Ekimaeten - Male Only
4.6/557 Reviews
This Capsule Hotel is greatly situated in the heart of Shinjuku, right next to the Shinjuku Station. The staff is wonderful and helpful in every possible way. The amenities and the onsen are excellent. With free drinks 24/7, masssage chairs, rice and miso soup all day long, this is a small piece of heaven on earth. Just bear in mind that using ear plugs for some snoring neighbours might be helpful, but even that, the hotel takes into account and offers ear plugs for free.
Jr Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku
4.6/5669 Reviews
I recently stayed at the Jr Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku and had a fantastic experience. The hotel's location is absolutely unbeatable, receiving a perfect score of 5/5. Situated near the Shinjuku Jr station and Lumines 1 and Lumines 2 mall, it offers unparalleled convenience for exploring Tokyo and commuting to other parts of the city and simple shopping needs. The cleanliness and service were also top-notch, both deserving a solid 5/5 rating. The staff went above and beyond to ensure a comfortable stay, and the rooms were kept impeccably clean throughout my visit. The amenities were mediocre, earning an average rating of 3/5. While they were certainly functional and satisfactory, there wasn’t any wow factor to them. However, given the hotel's prime location and exceptional service, this can easily be overlooked. Overall, the Jr Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku is a highly recommended choice for anyone looking for a convenient and comfortable stay in Tokyo.
Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku
4.5/51635 Reviews
One of the dropoff hotel for the orange airport limousine bus. Note that its the last stop. First stop is Shinjuku Station. So of you don't want to wait and don't mind walking just a little, you can actually stop at Shinjuku Station as it takes another almost 20-30mins to route to the hotel even though its so near. I proceeded to one of the checkin counters and the front desk staff asked for my passport. She returned me my passport after checking my booking and confirming it. Then she brought me to another counter who asked for my passport again. He too checked my booking and confirmed it. Then brought me to the auto check in machine and guide me to check in which is quite easy. Right from the start the staffs should have just direct me to the machine instead of manually confirming my booking twice. I just find it abit unnecessary 😅 Crazy selection of self service amenities available right beside the lift. Room was clean but crazily small. My 6feet tall husband looks so out of place in the room and so in the way. 😂 Good thing was the bed is high enough to even put my thick luggage underneath. Excellent idea. 👍 TV has netflix and youtube. 3-4mins walk to the nearest exit from Shinjuku Station.
Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower
4.6/5500 Reviews
Returning customer. They willing to house my luggage for a week while my family explored the other part of Japan. The staff were friendly with simple english. We were allocated a room with the same level and same view so nothing much to look out from the windows. Overall stay was fine.
Apartment Hotel Shinjuku
3.7/54 Reviews
Hotel transportation is convenient
Hotel&Co. Sagami
2.5/518 Reviews
If we had read the comments, we would not have booked, but the price and the position still worth it. The area is silent, the room no: walls of veil paper that give the corridor, where the only commonly used washing machines are placed, which are poorly hygienic. The bathroom is hot water, but only that is saved: it is dirty and muffy, shared men and women, and it cannot be closed by key; the Lord speaks a little English, you will understand yourself well, or even with the phone translator. The top was the ”prohibited smoking” cartel hangs over the ash full of cigarettes, cleaning, strangely reading the other comments, of the bedrooms (but only those).

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Guide for Travelling in Tokyo

Tokyo: Where Tradition Meets Futurism

Tokyo, Japan's bustling capital, is a fascinating city where the past coexists with the future. A hub of innovation, fashion, and gastronomy, Tokyo combines ultramodern architecture with centuries-old temples and shrines. It's an urban jungle that pulsates with energy, offering endless discoveries for visitors.

Journeying to Tokyo

Tokyo is served by two airports: Narita International Airport, handling the majority of international flights, and Haneda Airport, mostly for domestic flights and some international routes. The city has an extensive and efficient public transportation system, with its subway and train lines being the most convenient ways to travel.

The official currency is the Japanese Yen (JPY), and the main language is Japanese. English is not widely spoken, but signs in English are common in tourist areas. Japan's visa policy varies by nationality, so it's advised to check your requirements before traveling.

Tokyo's Must-Visit Attractions

Begin your Tokyo adventure in Asakusa, where the historic Senso-ji Temple resides. Experience the neon-lit chaos of Shibuya Crossing and the fashion-forward streets of Harajuku. Explore the high-tech district of Akihabara, the haven for anime and electronics.

Marvel at the views from the Tokyo Skytree, or lose yourself in the natural beauty of the Imperial Palace East Gardens. Savor Tokyo's renowned food scene, from sushi and ramen to street snacks in Tsukiji Fish Market.

Weather & Best Time to Visit Tokyo

Tokyo experiences a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Summers can be hot and humid, while winters are generally mild with occasional snowfall. The best times to visit are spring (March to May) for cherry blossom season and autumn (September to November) for the vibrant fall foliage. Layered clothing is recommended to adapt to changing temperatures in Tokyo.

Choosing Your Ideal Hotel in Tokyo

Tokyo offers a range of accommodations to suit different needs. For proximity to shopping and entertainment, the Shinjuku district is ideal, with luxury hotels like Park Hyatt Tokyo. Asakusa, with hotels like Asakusa View Hotel, offers a more traditional neighborhood feel.

Capsule hotels like The Millennials Shibuya provide a uniquely Japanese budget-friendly option. For business travelers, the Conrad Tokyo in the Shiodome area offers convenience and luxury. The contemporary design of TRUNK(HOTEL) in Harajuku will please Instagram-lovers.

Why Plan Your Tokyo Adventure with Trip.com

Booking your Tokyo journey with Trip.com ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience. With our user-friendly platform, personalized travel suggestions, and a 24/7 customer service team, planning your trip is just a few clicks away. Plus, you'll earn Trip Coins for every booking, giving you fantastic discounts on future travel adventures. Explore the dynamic spirit of Tokyo with Trip.com!

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