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About Vancouver

Vancouver is located on Canada's west coast. Nestled between the mountains and sea, it has a pleasant climate the whole year round, leading it to be known as one of the world’s best cities to live in. Vancouver is a multi-ethnic, multi-faceted city with a high proportion of Asian residents. Whether in Chinatown or a community with many Chinese, you can find familiar Chinese restaurants and Chinese supermarkets, and feel the kindness of your hometown in a foreign country. Vancouver is exceptionally suitable for relaxing holiday vacations. City parks are a good place to go for a stroll. You can also walk through the malls and shopping streets to buy local specialties. Taste the flavors of the world or enjoy the stunning natural scenery of the nearby countryside.

Popular Attractions in Vancouver

Stanley Park
863 Reviews
City Park
Located at the center of Vancouver, Stanley Park is an urban green boasting a sequoia forest, a never-ending waterfront causeway, Indian totem poles, and the Vancouver Aquarium. A tapestry of vegetation, the Park offers compelling views and is dubbed a “huge natural oxygen bar”. For locals, this is a perfect place for a rich variety of leisurely outdoor activities, be it walking, cycling, rollerblading or skateboarding. A grassy playing field and waterfront pool can be found at the beach in the Park’s western side, which also serves as an open-air cinema during summer nights. The beach is a perfect spot to watch the sunset and a frequent gathering place for local residents to have barbecues and picnics.
Canada Place
498 Reviews
Canada Place, located on the Vancouver waterfront is a multi-purpose complex that houses a convention center, a trade center, a hotel and an Imax theater. It also serves as the main cruise ship dock for the region and hosts various special events, such as the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and Christmas At Canada Place, throughout the year. The main building was built to house the Canada Pavilion at Expo 86, the 1986 World's Fair. You can find breathtaking panoramic views of the city just by walking around the facility's upper stories.
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
398 Reviews
Built a century ago by native aboriginals with hemp ropes and thick wooden planks, the footbridge at Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park hangs high in mid-air over the swift rapids of the Capilano River. The bridge swings and gives out a human-like cackling sound when winds blow across the valley, hence its nickname "Laughing Bridge". The suspension bridge straddles the Capilano River and swathes of leafy forest. Walking on the bridge, one is surrounded by nature, taking in not only the beautiful woodland, but also the snow peaks in the distance and the nearby ravine. If fortunate enough, one could also spot a splendid rainbow due to the vapor from the river.
Fly Over Canada
128 Reviews
Entertainment Center
FlyOver Canada is a 4D simulation flight entertainment device in Canada, taking you on an "airplane" over the clouds, from the east coast of Canada to the west beach, and admiring the tranquil mysterious starry sky and the shocking green aurora of the Canadian Arctic Circle. On the way to "flying", you will fly over the forest, waterfall and touch an iceberg. All your senses will be activated, and you will smell the scent of the trees and the sprayed water mist, letting you feel the Canadian outdoors in an immersive experience.

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Lost Souls of Gastown Walking Tour
24 Reviews
Available for Tomorrow Onwards

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3 Jul 2020
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4 Jul 2020
5 Jul 2020
Intermittent Clouds
6 Jul 2020
Partly Cloudy

Trip Moments

The sea of clouds is light, a high altitude viewing area Since we like to experience the pleasure of riding in a cable car, my friends and I bought tickets for the Sea to Sky Gondola and prepared to have a look. It was still early morning when we arrived here, so there was still a light feeling of haziness inside the entire park. First we walked all over and saw that many trees were growing in rows, and when we lowered our heads and sniffed we could smell the fragrance of the grass. Because we arrived so early we could even see the drops of dew on the grass, and felt the morning coolness. Our main aim was still to ride in the cable car and look at the scenery. After we rode up to the top we discovered that we originally were very close to the sea of clouds, and it seemed as though if we stretched out our hands we could touch the water vapor enshrouding us. It was cloudy so it seemed that the entire cable car was surrounded by cloud mist. When we looked down we could see a small lake inside the park, and we could also clearly see the stubborn trees growing between the cliffs swaying with the wind. When we finally reached the lower mainland, we decided to climb and better feel the refreshing air while going down the mountain. The entire mountain forest had places that were flat and others that were winding; it was very steep when we looked down at some places, and the irregular stones that protruded made it impossible for me to resist reaching out my hand to touch them. There was also a gurgling little stream that flowed out between the rocks, and it was clear and sweet. Practical tips: 1. Friendly suggestion: 2. Attraction address: 36800 Highway 99,British Columbia V8B
Posted: 22 Jul 2019
Canada's journey started in Vancouver. I do not know much about Vancouver. I told my friend that it was like Hong Kong before I left. I realized what she meant after landing. Vancouver has high-rise buildings and majestic crosses. The sea bridge is like a modern city, and there are a lot of Chinese immigrants. Even in Richmond, Cantonese is more circulated than English. Although traveling abroad is for me to find a strange environment, but also I have much satisfied my Chinese stomach. There are many Cantonese dishes in Vancouver that are more authentic than Hong Kong. I think the best place to watch the sunset in Vancouver is at a point known to local talents. Cypress Hill- All the way to the mountains of Mount Cypress, look at the sunset in Vancouver. Watching the snowy mountains in the distance slowly turn red, watching the Lions Gate Bridge, the five sails slowly light up the neon at dusk. It must be the best you have ever seen a sunset. Anyway, I was very excited at the time, terrified of the cold wind on the top of the mountain, standing on the observation deck and taking a time delay, while holding my eyes open, I was not willing to give up a little beauty.
Posted: 28 Nov 2018
Adam Yue   
In the season of blooming flowers, I walked into Vancouver, Canada, and there was a fragrant fragrance everywhere. The beautiful cherry blossoms in Queen Elizabeth Park experienced a blooming and fading change, leaving a romantic cherry blossom avenue full of petals. Time is inadvertently The time passed slowly, and this romantic moment was fixed as an eternal and memorable memory. The withered leaves fill the entire street of the park, paving it into a romantic cherry blossom avenue that stretches into the path surrounded by distant green trees. The scene is extraordinarily charming. The golden sunset, the green meadows, and the pink petals make the entire park a very romantic place. The world's mosaics are inconsistent, and they are used to make gold pots and leaves for dust. The petals scattered on the road. It is not messy, but unexpectedly pleasing to the eye. When the warm sunshine shines on the earth, the entire Vancouver is dyed golden. How much time is hoped that the time will be slower, and hope that the loved ones can be slower and older?
Posted: 8 Dec 2018
Compared with other parts of Canada in winter, Vancouver has relatively little snow. Every winter, Vancouver is always rainy. The rain of patter, the clean air is mixed with cold fresh, moist streets, and the rushing passers-by, like a picture of tranquility. Whenever the Hua Deng first appeared, the glamorous night scene was extraordinarily charming. The dense raindrops dispelled the hustle, noisy and dull. The light raindrops washed the street and embellished the roads,the narrow streets suddenly became wider. Long. The drizzle is covered with rain, and the rain is drizzling. In the winter, Vancouver has less dust. It is beautiful. Everything is quiet and beautiful. Gastown is the oldest district in Vancouver. It is the birthplace of Vancouver. Nowadays, this block was now in the 19th century. The steam clock at the intersection is the symbol of the gas town. It is the first in the world. The steam clock emits a whistle-like sound from the steam tube every 15 minutes. The Capellan Suspension Bridge is one of Vancouver's most iconic attractions. It spans the 450-foot-wide Capilano River and hangs over the breathtaking 70-high sky. At the other end of the suspension bridge, the lush towering trees and secluded The trails can be traversed through the green jungle and feel a collision with the soul of the vast forest. The Gentle Trail above the tens of meters high cliffs is high and narrow. Some sections and the canyons at the foot are only separated by a piece of glass, which can become the new favorite of travelers who love adventure and excitement.
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
It takes only 10 minutes to drive, and Vancouver people can switch from the city center to the magnificent mountain mode. Take the 99th road through Stanley Park, cross the stalwart's Lions Gate Bridge, and then drive for three or four kilometers to Capellan. Kapelano Suspension Bridge Park. This swaying ancient suspension bridge is 20 stories high from the rushing Kapelano River valley bed. I watched some of the heightened tourists grab the railing and bend their knees forward to move a little. Walking on the top, although the bridge is also trembling, I can overlook the valley forest from the perspective of God, so I am not willing to take half a step.? Crossing the suspension bridge is a piece of virgin forest, each of which is a towering tree that has been baptized by the years. The air has the unique taste of the cedar trees, and it is refreshing. We walked under the tree, and some people were walking in the air on the top of the head. The rope bridge between the substantial cedar trees climbing down the tree roots to the treetops, we can switch to the daily. The squirrel or owl walking through the shadows of the forest is fluffy. It has a beautiful feeling. Returning to the opposite side of the Kapelano Suspension Bridge, there is more exciting to Cliffwalk. It extends from the granite cliffs hanging over the Caperan River. The forest is at the foot is full of waves. A wave of green waves because it is high enough and there are no trees in front of it. So this is also the best angle to shoot the Kapelano suspension bridge. Of course, the premise is not to be high. We walked under the tree, and some people were walking in the air on the top of the head.
Posted: 9 Jan 2019
Vancouver has a rainy climate, and I did not see the sun at all during the three days I spent there. However, I was still able to get the magic of why this city has long headed the list of most livable cities in the world. I strolled along the bay, and searched with a map and found that large maple tree in Stanley Park, and only then did I discover that an owl that was unwilling to show its face had already beaten me to the tree and occupied the branch where the red leaves were thickest. This large maple tree is located at the edge of Stanley Park, and if you walk towards the depths, you will not be able to stroll the entire distance without it taking the better part of the day. It takes at least 90 minutes to cycle round the park. This urban forest park (nearly 1,000 acres larger than New York’s Central Park), the largest in North America, occupies almost an entire peninsula. The towering trees that cover the sky, the broad and tranquil lake, and the native totem poles with different shapes face the beach of English Bay. Naturally there is also an endless number of people who are exercising and walking around inside the park. All of this is a very rare urban landscape for us. The birth of the primitive forest inside the park was determined by legislation at the time of the city’s foundation in 1887. In Stanley Park in October, you will be deeply moved by the sight of the red leaves of different shapes that are fluttering and falling no matter where you walk. But the locals will proudly tell you that it is the cherry blossom festival in spring that is the most enchanting time. I really only learned this after visiting Vancouver; before then my understanding of “livable” standards was very poor.
Posted: 9 Jan 2019