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Things To Do in Canada

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City Park
National Park
Lee Young143Lee Young143Did you know that Vancouver is home to the world's longest uninterrupted waterfront path? The 28km Seaside Greenway stretches from the downtown Vancouver Convention Centre down to Spanish Banks Park.
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Modern Architecture
Observation Deck
leah65leah65cn tower is one of the tourist spot in toronto, its nice to see around while eating at the top of cn tower.
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Churches and Cathedrals
E57***59E57***59there are times when you cant go in the Cathedral, so make sure to check the free time to go in! its a must see in Montreal.
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Featured Neighborhood
Stephen Taylor HawkinsStephen Taylor HawkinsYou can find whatever seafood you desire in this all-encompassing merchant area, a beautiful one at that.
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E31***95E31***95its very nice place one of the best thing you shuld do in your life.
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Featured Neighborhood
绿带小米绿带小米Old city old port, slowly the pace of old city old port slowly old, here the various transportation vehicles are not so advanced, trains are very broken, the road is very bumpy, the ship is very slow...but everything is very orderly, people's life is not so nervous, even if not weekend, old port area walks, long distance running, There are still a lot of people on the bike.

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Kirin Seafood RestaurantGreater Vancouver,Canada

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Bistro 101 at Pacific Institute of Culinary ArtsGreater Vancouver,Canada

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Elements on the FallsNiagara Regional Municipality,Canada

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Vancouver Airport Designer OutletGreater Vancouver,Canada

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Woodbine Shopping Centre & Fantasy FairToronto,Canada

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Natural Landscapes
National Parks
Landmark Buildings
O Canada, indeed! The world’s second largest country is a veritable natural wonderland. Pristine boreal forests, towering snow-capped mountains, powerful rivers, majestic waterfalls...Canada is a playground for outdoor lovers. Its major cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are themselves full of great culture, food, and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for some excellent shopping, a quaint main street, or some picturesque scenery, you will find it all and more in Canada. In this article we will explore some of the best Canada has to offer and recommend some things you will not want to miss.
avtarLove.Trip   5 Jun 2019

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About Canada

Canada, the world’s second largest country by land area, is rich in natural resources. The northern Boreal forest is home to a vast and diverse collection of wildlife. Waterfalls, glaciers, prairies, and pristine coastline can all be found in Canada. Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario, is the country’s commercial hub. The mighty Niagara Falls draw visitors from around the world. Montreal enchants with its French character and European charm. In Alberta, the resort town of Banff is one of North America’s most dazzling natural wonderlands. Vancouver’s laidback atmosphere has long attracted those seeking a more leisurely pace. And of course, who could forget the untamed wilds in the Canadian Arctic? Canada is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. With culture, sports, and entertainment aplenty, this is a great travel destination.

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