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About Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a modern metropolis. As China’s first Special Economic Zone, opening it up as a worldwide hub of market capitalism, as well as Hong Kong as its neighbor, the primary characteristics of the city are innovative vitality and diversity. Shenzhen lies between the ocean and the mountains. The landscape is both elegant and beautiful. Fresh air and pleasant climate like this are hard to encounter in other Tier 1 cities. Shenzhen is a comfortable place to live. This place has many theme parks, which are good places for family trips and outings with children. The numerous skyscrapers, grand architectural designs and modern buildings combine to give the city a brilliant landscape and glorious nightscape. The many creative parks, art galleries and characteristic small towns lend a lot of color to Shenzhen. The coastal area also has many kinds of entertainment such as diving, biking, walking and playing in the water at one of the swimming beaches. It is the busy city's leisure strip.

Popular Attractions in Shenzhen

Window of the World
23,950 Reviews
Theme Park
The Window of the World is a well-known theme park in Shenzhen. As the name suggests, it is the window into the world. There are miniatures of famous landscapes from all over the world, such as the Thai Royal Palace in Thailand, the Taj Mahal in India, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, etc. There are also various cultural showcase, such as Japanese tea ceremony, African song and dance performances. It is a good place to take photos and absorb a lot of knowledge at one go, as well as enjoy recreational facilities available on ground.
Overseas Chinese Town East
14,370 Reviews
Amusement Park
Theme Park
Overseas Chinese Town East is a large-scale eco-resort created by the OCT Group. It contains a number of theme parks, including Knight Valley and Tea Stream Resort Valley. Knight Valley is dominated by natural canyon scenery and has exciting aquatic amusement projects. You can experience the Surging down the Rapids ride and an all-glass observation deck over the cliffs. Tea Stream Resort Valley has beautiful rural scenery with flowers in full bloom. It also has tea fields, tea gardens, and stylish ancient tea towns.
Shenzhen Happy Valley
11,495 Reviews
Theme Park
Shenzhen Happy Valley is an old theme park in Shenzhen. The park has nine existing theme sections and a total of more than 100 amusement rides and programmes that are ideal for people of all ages. The nine sections are namely the Spanish Square, the Castle Fantastic, the MT Adventurous, the Gold Mine Town, the Shangri-La, the Typhoon Bay, the Sunshine Coast, the Happy Time Village and the most famous Playa Maya water park that was awarded the "Tourism Innovation Award" by World Waterpark Association. It is especially popular in the summer when temperatures are high. Shenzhen Happy Valley also has several performance segments here that are very engaging. You can check out their official website for more details.
Shenzhen Safari Park
7,273 Reviews
Shenzhen Safari Park is located in Nanshan District. It is the first safari in the country. They have a rich animal collection that features animals from all over the world. There are rare breeds, such as the rare ligers and tigons, as well as performances that will get you excited. The large-scale animal musical "Carnival of 100 Animals" is also very entertaining. The attraction is a good destination for family outings.

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3 Jul 2020
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Trip Moments

Shenzhen is not only a high-tech city with rapid development, but also has many charming scenic spots. Yangmeikeng, located in Nanao Street, Longgang District, is a more popular one. Yangmeikeng has a magnificent seascape, with twists and turns on the coastline, and a coastal road full of greenery all year round. It is a riding resort and a paradise for photography. Every day, new people take wedding photos on the beach in Yangmeikeng. The Luzui Mountain Villa, connected to the greenway of the sea, is a beautiful place to enjoy the sunset. In the evening, the sun sets, the red sky fills the sky, and the sea reflects a beautiful yellow hue. The ships sailing on the sea, the waves and the rocks and trees on the seashore make a charming landscape painting.  Transportation: Shenzhen City can take the E11 air-conditioned bus directly to the South Australian terminal, transfer to the M274 bus to the new 7-day tourist shopping terminal in Yangmeikeng.
Posted: 19 Dec 2018
Diwang Building Sightseeing Diwang Building is known as the “land king” because the land occupied by the auction in the same year was the highest price of a Shenzhen land transaction. This is why the public named it the Diwang Building. The building has a height of 69 stories. The “Land King Sightseeing Shenzhen Window” is located at the top of the Diwang Building. A 50-second elevator ride will take you to the top. On the surface, it seems that it is just sightseeing, but when you get there and see it, it is not. The top seems to be an exhibition hall where you can learn a lot of things. I have been in Shenzhen for 10 years; and have learnt many things from there. So, if you want to know about the city of Shenzhen, this is a very good learning platform. The lecturer will circle around the building to tell you the story of Shenzhen and the geography of Shenzhen. As it is at the top, you can see the whole of Shenzhen. There are still some old photos from decades ago. Looking at this piece of paper, and comparing the high-rise buildings in front of you, you will really have a deeper understanding of Shenzhen. After all, Shenzhen is unique in the world.
Posted: 21 Dec 2018
Shenzhen Ocean World is located in the eastern golden coastline of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province and enjoys the scenic spot of Xiaomeisha seaside tourist area with the reputation of “Oriental Hawaii”. It is the main body of the “Jiuguan Sanyuan” with 16 sets of water features, including the Ocean Paradise, Ocean Plaza, Undersea Tunnel, Touch Pool, Turtle Island, Shrimp Pond, Couples Gallery and Inner Lake. As it is far away from the urban area, you should head out early. The earlier you go, the fewer people are present in the major exhibition halls, and you can have a good viewing experience. As the marine park is not too big, you can easily browse through the major exhibition hall while waiting with excitement for the big performance to start. You need to choose your seat carefully. The dolphins and acrobatic performances are most worth watching. Watching the dolphins jump so high up out of the water is really shocking. When visiting, you will be able to take some great pictures with your friends as well as learn a lot about marine life.
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
The Shenzhen Library gives a very warm and literary welcome. When you visit, there is a very inspirational atmosphere. It has all the facilities you need, and the building is spacious and bright, reflecting some of the urban styles common in Shenzhen. There are sometimes themed exhibitions that are held here. The library is very practical, and you can learn a lot and gain more knowledge. Knowledge is a source of strength. 
Posted: 22 Dec 2018
Min Hua Emily   
At 8:40 pm on Saturday, a fireworks show will be held over the Eiffel Tower of the Window of the World. The best place to watch is the Venice Ruitu Hotel in Shenzhen. The colour of the Eiffel Tower in the Window of the World changes with the colour of the fireworks, shining under the blue sky. The fireworks rise to the sky, creating different and beautiful patterns. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, spread out in the night sky. With a bang, the curved rainbow floats above the dark clouds, like a little star, slowly disappearing, and melting in the air. 
Posted: 21 Dec 2018