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Top 7 Fine Dining in Langkawi - 2024

Indulge in the best fine dining in Langkawi! Experience gourmet meals and exquisite settings.
Updated Jun 2024
  • top_1
    Restaurant in The St. Regis Langkawi
    18 Review
    Asian Cuisine
    "simply amazingby far the best restaurant''s experience not only on Langkawi, but in the entire Malaysia. From the food, to the beverage to the setting...but mostly the staff: well trained, skillful, they make you feel like at home. Very attentive but never intrusive.Thumb up to Chef Gaetan and the rest of the crew. Keep it up!"
    8.7km from downtown
    No. 6 of Restaurants for Views & Experiences
  • top_2
    Restaurant in Four Seasons Resort Langkawi
    12 Review
    Southeast Asian
    "Mainly Malaysian dishes, the package inside sounds good, because it is not very good at ordering, the tofu inside is delicious, there is chocolate cake after the meal, the taste is first-rate."
    Langkawi.Tanjung Rhu Beach
    11.1km from downtown
    No. 3 of Restaurants for Views & Experiences
  • top_3
    Restaurant in The Datai Langkawi
    38 Review
    Southeast Asian
    "Lunch: Chinese food is very special, one of the braised pork is really amazing, thick oil red sauce, soft and salty, a bite to go down any weight loss plan can be abandoned! Afternoon tea: seasonal fruit, dried fruit plate, cake cake cake + hand-made coffee black tea, etc."
    16.5km from downtown
  • No.



    Restaurant in The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa
    15 Review
    "A restaurant on the edge of the beach, the fried salmon inside is very delicious, and the taste of the steak is also very good, the environment is a more attractive place. The price is also more expensive, but the environmental food is quite satisfactory."
    8.2km from downtown
    No. 9 of Restaurants for Views & Experiences
  • No.


    Restaurant in The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi
    1 Review
    "The environment is great, the view of the sea is very wide, a good place"
    Langkawi.Pantai Kok
    12km from downtown
  • No.


    Restaurant in The Datai Langkawi
    10 Review
    Southeast Asian
    "It is the reason why I booked the andaman hotel. It is mainly curious how beautiful and creative this restaurant is. I can get the big prize. Unfortunately, it is currently being renovated. The dishes are available. Forget it, Malay dishes are not my favorite. I will wait for the baby to make money. Please mother"
    16.6km from downtown
  • No.


    Restaurant in The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi
    3 Review
    Other Chinese Cuisine
    "A very high-end Chinese restaurant, it is a bit Cantonese seafood style, the lobster inside is delicious, the hot and sour soup is also very good, the spicy fish is OK, I feel Hunan cuisine."
    Langkawi.Pantai Kok
    11.8km from downtown
    No. 4 of Restaurants for Views & Experiences
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What are some Fine Dining in Langkawi?
Some Fine Dining in Langkawi include:Kayuputi, Ikan-Ikan, The Gulai House, Tide, The Beach Grill
What are some highly-rated Fine Dining in Langkawi?
Some highly-rated Fine Dining in Langkawi include:Kayuputi:4.6, Ikan-Ikan:4.5, The Gulai House:4.5, Tide:4.3, The Beach Grill:5.0
At what locations in Langkawi can Fine Dining in Langkawi be found?
The Fine Dining in Langkawi are mainly located in:Kayuputi:Langkawi, Ikan-Ikan:Langkawi, The Gulai House:Langkawi, Tide:Langkawi, The Beach Grill:Langkawi
What are some specialty dishes found at Fine Dining in Langkawi?
Specialty dishes at Fine Dining in Langkawi include:Kayuputi:Asian Cuisine, Ikan-Ikan:Southeast Asian, The Gulai House:Southeast Asian, Tide:Western-style, The Pavilion:Southeast Asian
What's the average price per person at Fine Dining in Langkawi?
Average price per person at Fine Dining in Langkawi:Kayuputi:Average price per person: SGD 99.00, Ikan-Ikan:Average price per person: SGD 56.00, The Gulai House:Average price per person: SGD 69.00, Tide:Average price per person: SGD 65.00, The Beach Grill:Average price per person: SGD 54.00
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