Seattle is the darling of the West Coast

Seattle is the darling of the West Coast. Always passionate and fiery, Youth and vitality, forever flowing. The pulse of technology beats in the chest, The rise of Amazon, witnessing innovation and splendor. The Olympic Mountains, majestic and magnificent, Evergreen forests, picturesque scenes. The most beautiful skyline, always Waiting for the dawn to break, admiring the sunset dusk. The World's Fair always nurtures magnificent architectural wonders. The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas, and Seattle's Space Needle. This 185-meter-tall tower is the city's most special landmark, debuted at the 1962 World's Fair, piercing the Seattle skyline, becoming a symbol of our ongoing exploration into space. In every corner of Seattle, just look up to see the Space Needle. You can take the elevator to the top of the tower, where the year-round open 360-degree observation deck offers a panoramic view of Seattle's wonderful landscape. Sit in the Loupe revolving lounge at 150 meters high inside the tower, let the romantic sunset and beautiful night view accompany you through every sleepless night in Seattle. In Seattle, there's hardly anything more familiar than its unique futuristic skyline, all set against the magnificent backdrop of the Rainier Mountain profile on the horizon. In the morning, head straight to the lush Kerry Park, where the rolling hills and surrounding beauty are in full view.
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Posted: Mar 25, 2024
Reza Gardian
Adeline Maulidya
Diaz Adan Pradana
Danielo Azar
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Reza Gardian
Reza Gardian
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Brian Jau
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