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2022 More than Travel · 2022 is really a year worth commemorating for myself, because I have traveled to more than 10 countries one after another, and all the experiences and memories are unforgettable. On the journey, everything is a treasure worth cherishing. Not just the moments on the road. Beautiful scenery is also a tribute to the younger self of a second ago. P1 Another perspective of the landmark of the Faroe Islands, the sun's last moments before sunset. The afterglow shines on this place in the North Atlantic, more like the end of the world than Iceland. At the place. P2 Wake up early and climb up the knife-edge peak of the Dolomites, thinking that time It's too late for any good scenery, but the clouds and mist on the other side of the valley... Starting to drift towards me, walking on the ridge of the mountain is like dancing in the clouds. P -At the end of the Norwegian continent in the Lofoten Islands, although it is already polar day, the inland highlands are still frozen, and flying high in the sky, you can see lakes extending inward level by level. P4 -In the mountains of Senja Island. At the summit, I saw the most steep mountain and sea line, because there was almost no daylight. The setting sun forms a long-lasting glow that spreads between the sea and sky. P5 day. Climbing up from the Funes Valley, rushing through the forest, all for the sake of being able to... Arrive at the campsite at the foot of the mountain before sunset and see the huge range of sunlight covering the Golden Mountain, with the sunshine also turning the thunderstorm clouds behind it bright red. P6 - Iceland. One of the most charming attractions, Diamond Beach, turns pink at sunset. Nasir's belt reflects the distant snow-capped mountains and sea mist, and the beach is full of washed up items. The blue "diamond" that comes up. The Mont Saint-Michel at sunrise on page 70 is solemn. Solitary and desolate, but when the first ray of sunlight shines, the shepherds and sheepdogs drive the flock to the seaside to graze, and the scene comes to life. P8 Ten. Looking for a cloud cave in a blizzard is very lucky, especially when it happens to be above Grass Hat Mountain. The fierce wind on the ground is still blowing snowflakes, but... Don't hinder the aurora dancing in the sky. P9 - Silakuzha seaside lighthouse. Above the ruins next to me, the winter Milky Way and Orion are hanging high, in this In a place with level 8 light pollution in the city, surprised at how good the view towards the sea can be. Details of the starry sky. P10+Connected in the Faroe Islands due to a major aurora outbreak. Chasing the aurora for two nights, due to the aurora almost covering a 180-degree field of view, It allows the summer Milky Way and red-green aurora to be framed together. P11 - Brad. It's truly a fairyland town, suitable for visiting in late autumn, with small islands in the calm lake. Just like floating there, the sunrise sun shines the autumn leaves even more golden. P12. On a fall day, take the uphill train to Heidelberg's Königstuhl mountain, Experience the romantic feeling of driving through the golden autumn forests.
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Posted: 13 Jan 2023
Mukesh Mahajan
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