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Apr 30, 2024


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Everland, Korea's largest theme park, delights visitors of all ages with its wide array of attractions. From thrilling rides and diverse themed festivals to a zoo hosting 2,000 animals from approximately 200 species, there's something for everyone. Thrill-seekers will especially enjoy Everland Korea's fastest, tallest, longest, and steepest wooden roller coaster.

What time does Everland open & close?

Everland opening hours are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (April 2024). Note that closing hours may vary between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM on different days.

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Where is Everland in South Korea?

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Everland is located in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province. It is situated to the south of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

Everland address is 199 Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

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How to Buy Everland tickets?

You can buy your Everland tickets at the park, but these days most people prefer to buy them online before they go. This avoids the need to wait in line at the ticket counters. You can easily purchase tickets on, which often offers discounts and save time.

Ticket Type Age Original Price Discounted Price Savings
1-Day Ticket (Flexible dates) 3 years and over $45.37 $30.52 $14.85
1-Day Ticket + Transport from Seoul (Fixed dates) $57.80 $37.79 $20.01

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How to get to Everland from Seoul?

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Everland is a popular theme park located in Yongin, a city not far from Seoul, South Korea. If you're planning to visit from Seoul, there are multiple convenient transportation options available.

The subway is the cheapest method, but it requires going through more than 45 stops to reach Jeondae Everland Station. It involves multiple transfers and a significant amount of travel time, which can be tiring.

【From Seoul Station to Everland】

Step From Station To Station Line
1 Seoul Station Suwon Station Line 1
2 Suwon Station Giheung Station Bundang Line
3 Giheung Station Jeondae Everland Station Yongin Ever Line
4 Jeondae Everland Station Exit 3 Everland Free Shuttle
Overall Duration: ~2 hours
Overall Cost: ~$1.78 (2,450 KRW)

【from Gangnam Station to Everland】

Step Departure Station Arrival Station Line
1 Gangnam Station Jeongja Station Line 2 (Green)
2 Jeongja Station Giheung Station Sinbundang Line (Dark Red)
3 Giheung Station Jeondae Everland Station Bundang Line (Yellow)
4 Jeondae Everland Station Everland Free shuttle bus from Exit 3
Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Total Cost: Approximately $1.78 (2,450 KRW)

Due to the complexity and duration of the journey, other more direct transportation methods might be preferable for some travelers, especially those unfamiliar with Seoul's subway system.

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Departure Station Bus Number Approximate Travel Time
Gangnam Station Exit 5 or 10 No.5002 ~55 minutes to 65 minutes
Jamsil Station Exit 6 No.5700 ~70 minutes
Sadang Station Exit 3 No.1500-2 ~90 minutes
Gangbyeon Station Exit 1 No.5700 ~75 minutes
Cost: ~$1.78 (one-way)

For visitors planning a trip to Everland who prefer a more direct and comfortable transportation option, bus services can be a great choice.

Direction Schedule Pick-up Locations
North Seoul to Everland 9:05 AM to 9:50 AM Various locations from Hongik University to Dongdaemun
Everland to North Seoul 6:30 PM & 8:30 PM Returns to original pick-up locations
Gangnam/Suwon to Everland 9:25 AM to 9:30 AM Sinnonhyeon, Gangnam, Suwon Stations
Everland to Gangnam/Suwon 7:00 PM From Everland Parking Area No. 5
Approximate Time: 1 to 1.5 hours

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Get to Everland By Tour offers discounted bus tickets that provide convenience and cheap price. Bus Operating Hours: 08:50 to 22:00. Book now and save up to $20.01 on your transport to Everland from Seoul! also has a Cheap Day Trip Package, which includes:

  1. Everland Round-trip Shuttle Bus
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  4. Special Packages: Private van transfers for night events at Everland

【Everland Transport Options on】

Description Original Price Discounted Price Savings Details
1-Day Ticket + Transport from Seoul $57.80 $37.79 $20.01 Check Now!
Seoul City-Everland Comfort Bus $4.13 $3.88 $0.25 Check Now!

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Everland Theme Park Map

Source from the Travel Intern

Everland has five themed zones, starting at the main entrance and going counter-clockwise: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zootopia.

Zone Order Zone Name Features
1 Global Fair Entrance zone with shops, restaurants, and essential amenities.
2 American Adventure Thrilling rides and exciting attractions.
3 Magic Land Family-friendly rides and magical experiences for all ages.
4 European Adventure Themed after old European charm with additional attractions.
5 Zootopia Animal exhibits and safari adventures.

Pick up a paper map at the entrance or different stands, or download the mobile app for a live map on your phone.

Map Type Availability Location Description
Paper Map Entrance & various stands Grab a free map to help navigate through the park.
Mobile App App Store or Google Play Download for a live view of your location within the park.

You can walk between the different attractions in Everland. For a quicker way to get from one area to another, you can take scenic chairlifts and a cable car.

Ride Name Seating Capacity Route Information
Human Sky Chairlift 2-Seater From Global Fair to Zootopia Zone.
Sky Way Chairlift 4-Seater Connects American Adventure Zone to European Adventure Zone.
Sky Cruise Cable Car 8-Seater Also connects American Adventure Zone to European Adventure Zone.

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What to do at Everland Korea?


Everland, South Korea's premier theme park, offers an array of exciting attractions that cater to all ages and preferences.

Among these, the T-Express stands out as a favorite among many visitors due to its thrilling ride experience. This wooden roller coaster is renowned for its speed and dramatic drops, definitely a must-try for adrenaline seekers!

Below is a detailed overview of the most popular attractions and rides available at Everland:

Zone Attraction Key Features
European Adventure T-Express Korea's first wooden roller coaster, one of the world's fastest, reaching speeds of 104 km/h. It has the park's highest drop at 46m and a steep 77-degree angle. Ride lasts 3.12 minutes.
Royal Jubilee Carousel A traditional carousel with beautifully decorated horses and chariots, perfect for family enjoyment.
Blood City A horror-themed walk-through experience with live actors and detailed sets that create an exciting and spooky adventure.
Rose Garden A beautifully maintained garden with various types of roses, great for relaxation and photos.
Zootopia Lost Valley Safari experience in a vast area with over 200 species, including elephants and giraffes, visible from a guided vehicle tour.
Safari World Take an enclosed tram ride to see predators like tigers and lions up close.
Amazon Express Experience the thrill of a river boat ride with rapid currents, simulating a journey through the Amazon.
Panda World Home to the Panda Bao Family, showcasing their daily life in a habitat designed for their needs.
Polar Bear House View polar bears in a space that replicates the chilly Arctic conditions.
Tiger Valley Observe various tiger species in a setting that replicates their natural habitat.
Bird Paradise Explore a diverse collection of birds in an interactive and engaging environment.
Penguins See various penguin species in a space that reflects their native Antarctic conditions.
Snow Buster Enjoy snow tubing on tracks of different lengths and difficulty levels, a fun activity for all ages during the winter.
American Adventure Rolling X-Train A fast-paced roller coaster with exciting twists and turns for thrill seekers.
Columbus Adventure This swinging ship ride offers high arcs that thrill and excite.
Let's Twist A ride that spins you around fast, great for those who enjoy a quick, dizzying experience.
Hurricane This ride spins and lifts at high speeds, offering a rush of excitement.
Double Rock Spin Experience the fun of spinning in different directions on this unpredictable ride.
Magic Land Thunder Falls A fun water ride with drops and splashes, perfect for cooling down.
Bumper Cars Drive and bump into each other in electric cars in this classic amusement park attraction.

【Unavailable in Winter】

Zootopia: Amazon Express, Penguin Island, Birds' Paradise, and additional animal talks.
Magic Land: Thunder Falls, Play Yard.

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What to do at Everland Korea?

T-Express (Source from Travlists)


Visitors are allowed to bring their own food to Everland, which can be a cost-effective option. However, food must not be carried on rides. Here are some recommended dining options at Everland:

Restaurant Name Location Price Range Cuisine Type Key Offerings
On The Border Global Fair $25-$55 Mexican Known for fresh chips and salsa, extensive menu includes quesadillas, burritos, steaks, and mojitos.
KFC American Village $1-$35 Fast Food Offers a simple menu of chicken, hamburgers, and fries. Touchscreen ordering available.
Holland’s Village European Adventure $3-$40 European Features 12 restaurants with outdoor seating, serving BBQ, pizza, and chicken.
Garden Terrace European Adventure $5-$20 Variety Offers a view near the Four Seasons Garden, serves beer, beverages, sausage, and chicken.
HanGaRam European Adventure $4-$20 Korean Serves traditional Korean dishes like kimchi stew, grilled mackerel, and hot rice soup.
Magic Time European Adventure $4-$10 Multinational Lighter fare such as grilled chicken salad, pork cutlet curry, and various noodles and dumplings.
Snack Busters European Adventure $6-$32 Korean snacks Popular for tteokbokki and chicken, available in a variety of flavors.
China Moon & PhoMein European Adventure $5-$12 Chinese and Vietnamese Offers classic Chinese dishes and Vietnamese pho, typically busy but quick service.
Burger Cafe Europe European Adventure $4-$40 Hamburgers Classic burger joint with options like garlic beef burgers and shrimp burgers.
Coffee Bean European Adventure $3-$10 Coffee and desserts A cafe with a wide range of coffee and dessert options, perfect for a quick break.
Cucina Marino European Adventure $4-$40 Italian Offers authentic Italian cuisine like oven-baked pizza and pasta, great for dinner.

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Best Time to Go to Everland Korea

The best time to visit Everland is during early spring or fall. These seasons offer pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and lower prices, making for a more enjoyable experience. Avoid peak times like the summer months and major holidays, when the park is busiest and prices are highest.

Season Description Recommendation
Peak Season Mid-July to mid-August, Christmas, and New Year. Crowded with long wait times and higher prices. Best to avoid if possible.
Shoulder Season Early spring (except May) and fall. Fewer crowds and lower prices. Pleasant weather. Ideal for visits.
Low Season Winter (excluding holidays). Fewer visitors due to cold weather and some attractions may be closed.
End of April to Early May: Avoid due to consecutive public holidays; high local travel activity.
Late October to Mid-November: Beautiful for autumn colors but not significantly crowded at Everland as many prefer the mountains.
Weekdays vs. Weekends: Visiting mid-week is recommended. Weekdays typically have shorter wait times and fewer crowds compared to weekends.

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How to buy Everland Q-Pass

Even on weekdays, visitors typically manage only 2-3 rides due to queues lasting up to 2-3 hours. With a Q-Pass, you can skip these lines and get straight to the fun.

Everland's Q-Pass is an annual pass of Everland designed to let you enjoy your favorite rides without the long waits.

Select Rides: Choose from 1 to 5 attractions.
Discounted Price: Q-Pass combined with an Everland discount ticket is available for ₩66,000 reduced to ₩36,500.

Step Action
Selection Choose your visit date, type of attraction, and quantity on the booking page.
Confirmation Complete payment and receive an Email Voucher.
Redemption Show your Email Voucher at the Group Ticket Office before entering Everland to collect your paper Q-Pass.
Use Access the Q-Pass line at your chosen attraction. While you might wait briefly for other Q-Pass holders, long queues are unlikely due to the limited number of passes.
Entrance Show the QR code from your mobile at the Everland entrance to redeem the entry ticket.

【Location to Redeem Q-Pass】

Before entering Everland, redeem your Q-Pass at the Group Ticket Booth, located to the right of the main gate and past the Ticket Booth for Foreign Visitors.

【Included with Q-Pass】

Fast Pass for select rides such as Amazon Express, T Express, Safari World, Lost Valley, and Panda World.
Everland entrance tickets/Daily Pass.
A cute headband (available until December 31).

【Not included】

Transportation to Everland.
Special tours (e.g., Safari or Lost Valley).

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