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United States
The United States occupies a vast land area in central North America. It is the world’s largest economy and a cultural powerhouse. Movie studios in Hollywood turn out global blockbusters while fashion designers in New York City set styles for the industry. The capital Washington D.C. is home to the world-famous Smithsonian museums. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming was the world’s first national park and remains one of the most-visited. In California, Yosemite National Park is a place of true natural wonder. With great cities, spectacular scenery, and highly developed tourist infrastructure, the United States has long been a favored travel destination. There is something for everyone across this mighty land.
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Things To Do in United States

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
17 Reviews
西溪老翁The William Rockhill Nelson Art Museum is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The museum broke ground in 1930 and opened for the first time in 1933. It is one of the largest art museums in the Midwest. Since it was in the Great Depression at that time, a large number of low-price dumped precious artworks emerged in the global art market, and there were few buyers. Therefore, the museum acquired a large number of artworks in a short period of time, laying a foundation for Status in art museums. The collections of the Nelson Museum of Art are mainly divided into Asian, European paintings, American paintings and others. Among them, the Asian Department mainly collects and displays artworks from China, Japan, South Korea, India, Iran and Southeast Asian countries. Its heavyweight Chinese paintings mainly include Dong Qichang's "Antique Landscape Album" and Li Cheng's "Qingluan Xiaosi Picture" , Ma Yuan’s "Xiyuan Elegant Collection Picture", Shi Tao’s "Liu Shishishan Water Album", Xu Daoning’s "Autumn River Fishing Boat Picture (Fishing Boat Singing Night Picture)", Zhao Ji (Song Huizong)’s "Four Bird Picture", etc. European paintings mainly include works by Caravaggio, Greco, Titian, Rembrandt, Rubens, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and others. The art displayed here is Native Indian art.
8 Reviews
爱爱李Arcadia is a very delicate small building. The environment of this place is very harmonious. There are many trees and lawns. The size of the house is more acceptable.
Silver Dollar City
6 Reviews
Water Park
M30***41This is a family park and has something for everyone. It’s pricey but they are always investing in new things and in improvements.
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
7 Reviews
M28***81After going to Yellowstone Park all the way to the south, passing through Colorado, you will arrive at Os., as everyone knows, the people of Texas and Os. So don't say that Rodeo is the best Texan. The museum is very good, and the Yellowstone Park American TV drama has been planted. It's nice to buy a sculpture and go back.
Flint Hills Discovery Center
6 Reviews
Science & Technology Museum
姜如意To come to New York, you must go to Manhattan. This is the world's most prosperous cityscape, with many skyscrapers and subway access (but the subway environment in New York is very ordinary), and the future world center is not bad.
Breakout KC
Escape Room

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Union Oyster House
Union Oyster HouseSuffolk County,United States

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The River Café
The River CaféNew York,United States

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New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
New Jumbo Seafood RestaurantSuffolk County,United States

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PPQ Dungeness Island
PPQ Dungeness IslandSan Francisco,United States

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Sabri Nihari
Sabri NihariCook County,United States

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Trestle on Tenth
Trestle on TenthNew York,United States

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United States
Cities are wonderfully dynamic places. Bright lights, people doing interesting things, a new cultural experiences on every corner. Urban centers are arguably humanity’s greatest invention. When we think of cities in the United States, the usual suspects of course spring to mind. , , . But what of those cities with a forward-thinking outlook? Places where people seem eager to break new ground, plac
10 Most Forward Thinking US Cities in 2019
Crystal_Duo   18 Jul 2019
10 Most Forward Thinking US Cities in 2019
United States
Natural Landscapes
National Parks
In the mid-1800s when a group of influential Californians visited the Yosemite scenic area, they were so amazed by what they saw, they persuaded President Abraham Lincoln to grant the area protected status on June 30, 1864, even as the US Civil War raged in the east.
Yosemite National Park: Where Beauty Never Fades
TeddyBear0205   14 May 2019
Yosemite National Park: Where Beauty Never Fades
United States
Flora & Fauna
National Parks
Set in the western United States, Yellowstone is recognized as the world’s first national park. Its grandeur is synonymous with natural wonder. Due to its history and popularity, Yellowstone has a full-range of amenities and facilities, allowing it to cater to anyone from novice travelers to hearty backwoods enthusiasts. The problem at Yellowstone is not what to see, but how best to see it. The following provides a generalized travel plan, which readers should expand upon to suit their individual tastes.
A Route to Explore Nature's Majesty: Travelling in Yellowstone Park
opp-snow   14 May 2019
A Route to Explore Nature's Majesty: Travelling in Yellowstone Park

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