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Things To Do in Jinjiang

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E57***33A quaint little area, where past meet present. A true living museum.
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Historical Site
鹏哥带你行Anping Bridge is located in a small town in the southwestern part of Jinjiang Province, the longest existing ancient bridge in China. It is only open for free. The surrounding scenery is good, there is a park at the end of the bridge, and there are stalls selling local food. It is very good.
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_GG***64This is a great place to visit with children. we started at the entrance near the Shaolin temple and took a bus to the top of the mountain. It cost 70 yuan each but the kids were free. we hiked to Sky lake, bravery rock, qingyuan caves, Nantai village and viewing area, stupa master, yuanyuan cave, and finally Laozi. There are bathrooms and palaces to eat along the way but I reccomend bringing snacks and lots if water. The views are spectacular. If you can find a clear day to go you will take some magnificent photos. We probably walked aroubd 6km total. Word of warning. If you start from the South gate near Laozi it is a very long hike up many steps to get to the top. If you are not in good shape you can take thr bus.
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Amusement Park
M22***28There are not many rides, but the children have a lot of fun. The price of the ticket is high, the price is a little underestimated, but the waiter is good, and the indoor amusement park is raining. It is good to have a cheaper price.
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Theme Park
E27***05Spent an entire day. Fun and clean. Many water slides and there's a DJ playing great music at the main pool
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携程旅行顾问小丫丫Caozhang Temple is not far from Quanzhou, about half an hour by taxi. The temple is small, but very famous and has a long history. This is the only remaining Manichaeological site in the whole time, that is, the Ming religion in Jinyong's novels, and Mr.Jinyong has also visited here! There is a mountain behind the temple, we didn't have enough time to climb, it is said that climb up there is another small temple!