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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Jingzhou [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Jingzhou. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
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    "The environment is good, there are activities after the evening performance, everyone dances together. The performance scene is lively and spectacular, using high-tech means and the actors' live performance, the story is moving, the time is 1 hour, the fare is a bit expensive."
    Yangshuo.Songcheng Eternal Love Scenic Area
    >100km from Jingzhou
    Highlights: The Guilin Eternal Scenery Area, jointly built by Songcheng Performing Arts and Guilin Travel Group, reproduces the history, culture and ethnic customs of Guilin, and is suitable for all ages, rain or shine. Everything in the scenic spot is tourist-centered, with tens of thousands of square meters of the No. 3 secret tourism complex and wind and rain gallery with full indoor air conditioning. The giant singer statue is magnificent and integrated with the landscape of Guilin. High-tech and children's experience projects such as Haunted House, Qingming Shanghetu Movie Hall, and Wonderful Street are full of fun. "Eternal Love in Guilin" uses advanced sound, light, electricity and other high-tech means and stage machinery, in the three-dimensional space of water, land and air, and sings the legend of the truth, goodness and beauty that the land of Bagui travels through time and space. The Bagui culture has been brought into everyone's field of vision, reproducing a period of unrequited love in Guilin for three lives and three generations. There are also wonderful performances and technology shows such as "The Great Earthquake", "Guozhuang Carnival" and "National Flash Show".
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    "China Tianyan Science Promotion Base is located in Hanglong Village, Kedu Town, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, covering an area of about 300 hectares, with time towers, squares, astronomical experience halls, memorial halls, Tianjie, playgrounds, food courts, hotels, astronomical towns and other facilities, allowing tourists to experience the astronomical scenery. The base has a swing car to the sky eye viewing (no electronic products are allowed, film cameras can be taken). The science base is now a national 4A-level scenic spot. There are buses to Pingtang County and Guiyang City for self-service."
    >100km from Jingzhou
    Highlights: Explore the astronomical mysteries of the universe
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    "Since I have come to Beijing, the temple fair must participate. The Ditan Temple Fair is the largest and most blocked. The dormitory went to the Longtan Park Temple Fair. First, the environment in the park is good, and the import and export are more convenient. The taxi was controlled in the past. I got off the bus and walked a long way to the entrance. The tickets bought online in advance still need to be redeemed, but it is really not expensive. Adults 10 yuan, children and the elderly 5 yuan. Walking around for most of the circle, a little disappointed, in addition to the snacks in the world, it is a variety of Yiwu crafts, entertainment projects are all spent a lot of money to make a small hand-made thing. I didn't see one of the traditional temple performances and projects, it was purely nothing to stroll around. Such temple fairs are lost for real meaning, commercialization is too heavy, not recommended to come."
    Liuzhou.Ma'anshan Park/Longtan Park
    >100km from Jingzhou
    Highlights: Longtan Park, also known as Dalongtan Scenic Spot, is located in the south of Liuzhou City and adjacent to the city center. The park is surrounded by green trees and surrounded by mountains. The twenty-four peaks such as Crouching Tiger Mountain, Beauty Peak and Peacock Mountain have different shapes. The clear pool water pours into Jinghu Lake, and the temperature of Leilong Two Pools is constant. In the middle of winter, the water vapor evaporates, so it is called Shuangtan Misty Rain. Many locals like to come here for a walk, exercise, admire the cliff stone carvings and the classic wind and rain bridge in Leishan, and they can go boating on the lake when the weather is good. In addition, there are also small playgrounds and outdoor swimming pools suitable for children in the park, as well as some Dong villages and Miao villages with ethnic elements, which are very worth visiting.
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    795 Review
    "Happy tribe has a lot of playability and fun. From the Ferris wheel, you can also see the military expo park. There is also a go-kart turntable in the happy tribe. Jumping machine and other facilities to play. Very fun"
    Guilin.Sunac Resort Guilin/University Town
    >100km from Jingzhou
    Highlights: It is located in Yanshan District, Guilin City, on the Guilin-Yangshuo Lijiang Golden Tourist Belt, with a total planned area of about 3907 mu and a total investment of 16 billion yuan. Inspired by Guilin landscape culture and national culture, there are Sunac Sea World, Sunac Water World, Happy Tribe, Magnificent Lige National Show, Military Expo Park, Sunac Hotel Group, Featured Homestay, Lijiang Houhai Commercial Town, etc. The business format with many leisure elements aims to create a unique tourism culture and theme park in Guangxi, and become the most attractive cultural tourism project in Guilin District, becoming a new leading industry in Guilin.
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  • No.5
    1611 Review
    "Very suitable for children to play, the three performances (mermaids, beluga, dolphins) are very exciting, worth the fare. Parking accommodation is very convenient. A little bad is that there are fewer places to eat, and there is only one breakfast, which tastes bad."
    Guiyang.Longdongbao International Airport
    >100km from Jingzhou
    Highlights: Colorful Guizhou City Polar Ocean World, also known as Longchuan Polar Ocean World, is rich in marine life, and also features a variety of polar animals and animal performances. There are many attractions, such as the Amazon Rainforest area, Marine Reef Fish area, Shark area, Polar World Area, Undersea Tunnel Area, Dream Jellyfish area and “Mermaid” Theater, Dolphin Theater, and other exhibition areas and theaters. It is a great place to bring the family.
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    543 Review
    "The theme of the attractions is good, and the nostalgia is full. Tucao 1 is that the traffic is not very convenient, there is almost no public transportation, it is not very convenient to drive by car. Tucao 2 is the service, the supporting facilities can't keep up, and the service awareness is relatively thin."
    Tongren.Zhusha Ancient Town
    >100km from Jingzhou
    Highlights: Zhusha Ancient Town (Wanshan National Mine Park) is situated in Wanshan Town, Wanshan District, Tongren City, Guizhou Province. The main attractions in the park include the Mine Museum, the Theme Sculpture, the Underground Great Wall, the Xianren Cave, the Black Hole and the Yunnan Ladder. The plank road of Wanshan National Mine Park connects the attractions of the park. Standing on the plank road, tourists can also experience the excitement brought by the plank road along the cliff as they experience the industrial culture of the park.
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  • No.7
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    "The scenery is not bad. It was raining heavily on the day I went. The hot air balloon was originally going to rise. I didn’t see the hot air balloon. It suddenly rained heavily. I have to remember to see the weather forecast. It will be better on a sunny day."
    Guilin.Yao Mountain/Guilin University Of Electronic Technology
    >100km from Jingzhou
  • No.8
    176 Review
    "Overall, the play experience is quite good, that is, the drifting exit is a bit too far from the entrance. I hope I can add some traffic cars, or more shifts. Overall, I was very surprised that the driver brought a lot of friends together."
    >100km from Jingzhou
    Highlights: Taoyuan River Canyon Ecological Tourism Area mainly promotes rafting, water park and leisure hall, and has become a rafting Attraction with a reputation of "convenient and fast, brand-new rafting, complete facilities, exciting and interesting, and affordable". The earliest magic rafting project in the country is particularly fascinating. The Taoyuan River rafting river has a total drop of 192 meters and the river is turbulent, making it a place for rafting adventures. The "China Magic Rafting" and Guizhou's earlier "Water Park" are particularly ingenious and were established earlier in China. They are known as "the first rafting in Qianzhong" and "a paradise on earth". Rafting river section: The drop is 170 meters, the water is clear, one after another, and there is no danger. Along the way, you can enjoy beautiful natural landscapes such as lakes, mountains, rivers, caves, springs, waterfalls, and gorges. After the first half of the rafting, you can have a meal at the middle rafting pier. The high-altitude bicycles and children's banana water park next to the reception center square provide a good place for children to come and play. There is a tea lounge on the cliff next to the Surfing pool. While sipping tea, you can not only look out over the three waterfalls, watch the magic drifting warriors rushing down, but also look down at the joyful scene of canyon Surfing fighting in the waves. After rafting, Surfing and playing, tourists can take the Attraction sightseeing bus and return to the parking lot along the sightseeing lane on the bank of the rafting river to avoid running around.
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  • No.9
    32 Review
    "On a rainy day, the pier in the Jiuba rafting section was not closed, so I chose the Fuli Bridge section. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to go back and forth, and there are more than 300 boats for four people, with ceilings. There were more people in line at that time. This water flow is relatively gentle, basically take a boat to see the scenery, the shoes will not be wet."
    >100km from Jingzhou
    Highlights: The old bluestone slabs, the ingenious bridge arches, the green waters, and the picturesque scenery are reflected in front of you. The rafting is very gentle throughout the whole process, without ups and downs, suitable for the Seniors and children. The boatman is very good and can help everyone take pictures on the boat. A good place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and rafting.
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  • No.10
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    "Hengyang 📍 Summer belongs to the amusement park! This summer, there is no baby who has not played in the water 🌊 Hurry up and get up 🐛 Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park is waiting for you 🫵🚗 Transportation: Bus |100|105|150 Road can go directly to Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park. Of course, you can choose to take a taxi. This is more convenient - play project 🌈▪ Super loudspeaker : Feel the excitement of the heart rushing to the clouds ▪ Jungle Water Fort: Children can also play with the safety ropes, very assured ▪ Rainbow Slide: Just remember to hold your breath for a moment, otherwise the water will be uncomfortable ▪ Maya Beach: The wave pool is too happy ‼ Follow the waves to beat the daytime amusement project Very much I just list a little because soon came to the evening and went in. It was as much fun day and night. The crowd of super cost-effective wave pool was passionate, and the wonderful performance of 10,000 people led everyone to believe in Maya forever. I have never been disappointed! tip: 1. As long as you bring your own clothes and some sun protection products, water can be brought, remember to replenish water appropriately 2. There is no hidden consumption in the park, basically all play. 3. Go to play physically, just relax and play happily."
    >100km from Jingzhou
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Jingzhou?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Jingzhou include:Guilin Romance Park, Tianyan Telescope, Longtan Park, Guilin Sunac Resort, Colorful Guizhou City Polar Ocean World
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Jingzhou?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Jingzhou include:Guilin Romance Park:4.6, Tianyan Telescope:4.4, Longtan Park:4.7, Guilin Sunac Resort:4.7, Colorful Guizhou City Polar Ocean World:4.5
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Jingzhou located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Jingzhou are mainly located in:Guilin Romance Park:Yangshuo, Tianyan Telescope:Pingtang, Longtan Park:Liuzhou, Guilin Sunac Resort:Guilin, Colorful Guizhou City Polar Ocean World:Guiyang