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Top 5 Fine Dining in Harbin - 2024

Indulge in the best fine dining in Harbin! Experience gourmet meals and exquisite settings.
Updated Jun 2024
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    7 Review
    Cantonese Cuisine
    ""The hall is high-end atmosphere and high-grade, the service is very intimate, especially the little beauty Xu Zhuoran has a wide knowledge, the service is in place, and it feels like home.""
    Harbin.Harbin Central Avenue/Saint Sophia Cathedral/The Memorial Tower of Fig
    4.1km from downtown
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    5 Review
    ""This restaurant is really good, the environment is great, the dishes are serious, and it is said that seafood is airlifted from Russia every day. The disadvantage is that the price is too high, the parking lot outside the door is too crowded, and the elevator is a bit small.""
    Harbin.Qunli New Area/Harbin Music Park
    6.6km from downtown
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    Trip Gourmet Awards
    15 Review
    Fusion Cuisine
    ""Ice and snow as a deed immersive experience ice and fire with food as the medium Ice Palace hot pot grand opening to Harbin Songbei Shangri-La ice palace to start a delicious ice and snow tour Shangri-La ice palace hot pot, built in 2003, the building exterior wall is made of ice blocks, the whole building is a large ice sculpture. Tasting hot pot in the ice and snow, this winter limited specialty restaurant attracts local and foreign guests every year. This year's \"ice palace\" is inspired by the appearance of Harbin Railway Station, which can accommodate multiple guests at the same time. The crystal clear walls during the day, and the colorful lights after the lights are turned on at night, are even more dazzling.""
    Harbin.Ice and Snow World/The Sun Island
    8.4km from downtown
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    1 Review
    2.5km from downtown
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    1 Review
    Other Cuisine
    ""This is a high-end restaurant and should belong to the Peninsula Hotel. [Taste] The taste is good, the dishes are very serious, can't pick the problem, it is a bit expensive. [Environment] Very good, the private room is warm. [Service] Warm and thoughtful.""
    Harbin.Qunli New Area/Harbin Music Park
    7.3km from downtown
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What are some Fine Dining in Harbin?
Some Fine Dining in Harbin include:哈尔滨富力丽思卡尔顿酒店·璟凰轩中餐厅, Yulexuan (qunli), Shang Kitchen, 极旨料理(道里店), 外滩宴·中餐厅
What are some highly-rated Fine Dining in Harbin?
Some highly-rated Fine Dining in Harbin include:哈尔滨富力丽思卡尔顿酒店·璟凰轩中餐厅:5.0, Yulexuan (qunli):4.6, Shang Kitchen:4.6, 极旨料理(道里店):5.0, 外滩宴·中餐厅:5.0
At what locations in Harbin can Fine Dining in Harbin be found?
The Fine Dining in Harbin are mainly located in:哈尔滨富力丽思卡尔顿酒店·璟凰轩中餐厅:Harbin, Yulexuan (qunli):Harbin, Shang Kitchen:Harbin, 极旨料理(道里店):Harbin, 外滩宴·中餐厅:Harbin
What are some specialty dishes found at Fine Dining in Harbin?
Specialty dishes at Fine Dining in Harbin include:哈尔滨富力丽思卡尔顿酒店·璟凰轩中餐厅:Cantonese Cuisine, Yulexuan (qunli):Seafood, Shang Kitchen:Fusion Cuisine, 极旨料理(道里店):Japanese, 外滩宴·中餐厅:Other Cuisine
What's the average price per person at Fine Dining in Harbin?
Average price per person at Fine Dining in Harbin:哈尔滨富力丽思卡尔顿酒店·璟凰轩中餐厅:Average price per person: SGD 72.00, Yulexuan (qunli):Average price per person: SGD 64.00, Shang Kitchen:Average price per person: SGD 27.00, 极旨料理(道里店):Average price per person: SGD 124.00, 外滩宴·中餐厅:Average price per person: SGD 54.00
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