Which is more suitable for taking kids, LEGOLAND or Universal Studios?

This trip to Japan was mainly about taking the kids for fun, and I did a lot of research on strategies, with the route being Kyoto—Nagoya—Osaka. Today's note mainly talks about LEGOLAND in Nagoya and Universal Studios in Osaka. ‼️Let's summarize first: Personally, I think LEGOLAND is more suitable for children to play! ❌Not to say that Universal Studios is not good, but in terms of crowd levels, waiting times, and cost-effectiveness, LEGOLAND has the upper hand. 🌀Basic information about my son: Almost 5 years old, 110cm tall, likes LEGO, and also likes Minions, Spider-Man, Doraemon, and other IPs, not very brave for the thrilling rides. 🌟LEGOLAND ✅Advantages: Fewer people! Shorter queue times! Enthusiastic staff! My son could play almost all the attractions, none of them were too scary (however, he also played a lot in the Duplo preschool area 😅) ❎Disadvantages: Need to make a separate trip to Nagoya 🌟Universal Studios ✅Advantages: Rich and exciting attractions, large park, can meet the needs of all age groups, very enthusiastic staff! (I have to exclaim that the service industry in Japan is really 🐮) ❎Disadvantages: Too many people! Long queue times for various attractions (rich people can ignore this, buying a VIP pass can enjoy super treatment, ps: even the fast pass lines are long) - 🧷LEGOLAND opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. 🌍Universal Studios opens earlier depending on the crowd that day (it was 8:30 am for us, and closed at 8 pm) - Here's a little strategy: How to change the ticket time for LEGOLAND👾 Our scheduled entry time for LEGOLAND was June 2nd, but it was pouring rain that day, and it was not possible to let the whole family get soaked just for the sake of the amusement park, and the park did not close either. So I called the park and was told that they had no staff who could speak English🧑‍💼(I was shocked😦) and then it was handled by email. You just need to go to the park's ticket office and pay a rescheduling fee of 500 yen per ticket and make up the difference in price (weekday and weekend prices are different). - After playing in both parks, my son said he liked both. If it's LEGOLAND, I suggest staying at the LEGOLAND hotel, which is right at the entrance of the park. Universal Studios, if you're not particularly obsessed with the rides, can be fun to play and walk around in, and kids may not have the patience to queue up! My son didn't want to leave the Sesame Street play area! It's just too crowded! -
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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