Feeling tired lately? These healing places are worth a visit

How can we wash away the fatigue and weariness of our body and soul? Surround yourself with some "non-daily experiences"! Vast starry sky, azure waves, and supremely gentle spring water... During the journey, believe that you will be fully revived. Go to Takachiho and feel the gods. 📍Miyazaki Located in the central Kyushu mountain range, Takachiho is the place where the grandson of the heavens descended in Japanese mythology, and also where eight million gods once resided. Shuttle through the mysterious valley, hold your breath in the vast sea of clouds, and feel the breath of ancient myths with every inhale and exhale. The Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki was formed 120,000 years ago during the activity of the Asu volcano, when lava flowed into the Gokase River and formed a canyon. The bottom of the valley is very deep, and the rocks are cut straight like they were sliced, while boating on the lake, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides. The deepest part of the canyon is up to 100 meters, and the stream flowing down the valley forms a beautiful waterfall. Surrounded by starry skies in Azhi Village. 📍Nagano "The brightest place in the starry sky", "a romantic place for lovers", "Japan's number one starry sky" - these are all descriptions of Azumino, located four hours away from Tokyo by car. Azumura is a small village in the western part of Nagano Prefecture's Shimoina District. It has neither tall buildings nor beautiful mountains and rivers, but it won first place in the "National Continuous Observation of the Starry Sky" event hosted by Japan's Ministry of the Environment and was named the "shiniest place in the starry sky". On clear days, you can observe the Milky Way with the naked eye and experience breathtaking scenery. Azhi Village is surrounded by mountains, with effective shading of light, at an altitude of 1400 meters, with clear air and greatly improved visibility. The romantic scenery attracts many couples, and it is said that the success rate of confession and proposal is very high here! Riding the cable car with a total length of over 2500 meters and a height difference of 610 meters, looking at the vast and boundless starry sky, making a vow of love, the stars all over the sky will be witnesses of love. Apart from the shining starry sky, there are also warm hot springs for the body and mind. Located along the Azusa River in the southern end of the Central Alps, the Asahi Onsen has become the "backyard" of the Asahi Village. Because it is far away from the hustle and bustle and has hot springs and starry sky, many people choose to come here to cultivate their body and mind. The center of the hot spring street opens a morning market every day, where travelers can buy seasonal vegetables produced locally. The spring quality here is a strong alkaline hot spring with a pH value as high as 9.7, which has a good effect on removing old and waste keratin from the skin and is a well-known "beauty hot spring" in Japan. In order to appreciate the different landscapes of the Central Alps in all four seasons, such as the alpine plants in summer, the red leaves in autumn, and the snowy scenery in winter, how can one not come to Azumino Village to soak in a hot spring and stargaze.
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Posted: 26 Apr 2023
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