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5 star

Nikko Style Nagoya
4.4/5301 Reviews

Nikko Style Nagoya

Nagoya|1.9km from downtown
I wanted to celebrate my 2nd anniversary with her this time and found a place to stay at a hotel on the theme of ”non-daily experience in the neighborhood”. The plan is an anniversary plan. It was easy to access from Nagoya Tsurufushimi Station, and the anniversary gift was easy to leave the day before. As soon as the hotel entered, there was a nice space on the left and right sides and the eyes were fins. The premium king room I booked was a nice space with calculation and it was a perfect place for an anniversary! I was able to spend a smiley dinner all the time. The hotel staff was also kind, and we were able to respond politely by email and telephone to questions and meetings about the anniversary surprise. Especially the dinner hall was great. Thanks to you, I was able to spend smoothly until check-in 〜 out on the day! Best bed for healing music and delicious food in a nice space. I was able to meet the visual hearing, the taste, the touch and the five senses of the person! I would like to stay with her again and come to lunch and dinner with my friend. Finally Overall was great, but there are three points that I was worried about (dare to be dry). 1. Decoration options The room decoration on the anniversary was only done by each. I felt very helpful with decoration options and services like other hotels.2. Flower Gift The bouquet I asked was nice as requested, but when I handed it over, I was 々. Also, when I handed it, I was handed over a bouquet of flowers in a bag, and it was a little disappointing that I lacked the mood. I thought that the flower gift itself may not have many requests, but the management of the handover method is an improvement point.3. Video Delivery Service When I was checking about the hotel at the time of booking, there was a lot of video delivery service. I can see the video delivery service that I don't usually use! ? I thought that it was the decisive thing to feel that it was suitable for the nest stay, but in fact I needed each account. I was also insufficient to confirm in advance by inquiries, but I thought it would be better to be careful because there are not many people who misunderstand me like HP's ”how to spend in the room”.

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Family friendly

Hotel JAL City Nagoya Nishiki
4.6/5338 Reviews

Hotel JAL City Nagoya Nishiki

Nagoya|1.87km from downtown
Well, it wasn’t that cheap, but for budget travellers like me and my husband, staying at Hotel JAL City was a relaxing way to end our trip. We specifically chose a hotel after days of staying at guesthouses and airbnbs as we travelled from Tokyo to Hakuba to Magome and finally Nagoya. We only spent a night here, and we wished it was more! From the train station, it was a 10-15-minute walk to the hotel. We were tired but Nagoya at night was beautiful, so it was fine. It was a bit far from the restaurants, although there was a nearby tax-free grocery store that we took advantage of before we left. The size of the room was decent for a couple, the double bed was big enough and comfortable, and the linens were fresh-smelling and very clean. The closet was spacious enough for all our stuff. The room was basic, and the desk and chair could only be used by one person at a time (we had to bring work, ugh). The bathroom, I loved! It had two areas: the toilet with the sink and mirror and the shower area, which included a separate bathtub. Usually the shower head is over the bathtub, but not here. I was able to use the bath soak I got from Muji earlier that day. Complementary stuff like coffee drip, tea, and shampoo were provided in the lobby for guests to grab. They even had this cool gel pad for your tired feet. On the morning of our last day, the front desk allowed us to leave our bags with them so we could go around Nagoya. Our flight was in the evening. They were also helpful when asked for directions. They tried hard to give me the exact directions despite the lack of English. This I really appreciated. Overall, our stay had been great.

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Nagoya Castle

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Loft (Sakae)

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Takashimaya(JR Nagoya)

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Osu Shopping District

Trip & Sleep Hostel
4.6/544 Reviews

Trip & Sleep Hostel

Nagoya|0.03km from Osu Shopping District
My sister and I stayed in this hostel for 3 nights during our stay to Nagoya. The location is amazing. Right off Osu Shopping Street, this hostel is easy to navigate to and has a lot of shopping and dining options right at our door step. The lobby is nice and warm and the staff are very friendly- they walk you up to your room and inform you very well of the procedures that the hostel follows. The room is spacious and there are lamps and desks on each level of the bunk bed. There are ample electrical plugs and the ladder to the top bunk is sturdy. Downsides- complete ban on eating in the room. This is frustrating especially when you just want to bring a small snack home from the convenience stores to snack on before bed (as you can in many many other hostels). You are forced to go downstairs to the lobby to eat, but I didn’t feel like doing that at 10pm. Another downside is the comfort of the bed and pillow. The pillow is way too soft and you can barely feel any support behind your head. The bed ledges are awkward so it makes it difficult to get in and out of your bed especially on the top bunk. Although the room is very spacious (enough for luggage and changing room) the room would benefit from a few more coat hangers to hang towels after showering and a chair for the desk as to get ready in the morning. Furthermore, you have to make your own bed when you arrive which is frustrating especially if you’re tired from carrying luggage around all day which we were. I love the location and feel that although there are definitely cons, this hostel redeems itself through the pros. I’d recommend staying here if you’re young and don’t mind a very hostel-like hostel.

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the b nagoya
4.5/5625 Reviews
Excellent location. If don't mind walking, it is 40-45mins to Nagoya JR. Many things to check out along the way. Pancakes/cafes lovers rejoice, cos they r jus 10-15mins walk away. The hotel itself is near shopping area. It's a lot like Ginza/Shinjuku area, but less crowded. Would totally recommend, and choose to stay again. Nice to have free coffee and donut available. Pretty gd mini donuts. Lawson is jus downstairs.
R&Bhotel Nagoya Shinkansenguchi
4.2/550 Reviews
I just opened in June and everything was new and I was able to stay comfortably. I brought my carrier bag in 2 nights and 3 days this time, so I was before check-in, but when I left my luggage at our hotel, I was able to lock and deposit with a traffic IC card in front of the front desk. We used it after checking out. There was also a locker and I was impressed that the service was evolving. During my stay, I was able to lend an umbrella in bad weather. Like other hotels in the same group, breakfast was free and the eating and drinking space was wide 々. However, it is a little far to the hotel for private railway users of Kintetsu and MEITETSU, but I think it is convenient for Shinkansen users. I think it will be one of the reasonable satisfaction hotels.
Hotel Asutia Nagoya Sakae
4.7/53 Reviews
Went there for the F1 race and it was perfect for the weekend. Just make sure you know how to get into Suzuka and you will have a good race weekend. The beds are your typical hard japanese style mattress and also you do have to turn in your key every single time when you leathe property and then pick it back up again whenever you come back. I do wish they just had disposable keys like most other hotels but I didn't have trouble turning in my key offended each day. I do like that I will also get a free drink each time when I come back at the end of the day
Daiwa Roynet Hotel NAGOYA-EKIMAE
4.5/5306 Reviews
Very near to nagoya station. Within 5minutes walking to meitetsu bus station and train station. If you have luggages, no need worry too much. The hotel is one street opposite from meitetsu train station (to airport) Hotel relatively much spacious than I thought of. I have three big luggages and no problem to open them in my room. Breakfast wise slightly less choice of variation compared to other hotel that I stay. No free amenities such as lotion or moisturiser. Will book again since the location is very strategic and meet my most needs.
Travelodge Nagoya Sakae
4.4/5384 Reviews
Hotel room is clean and nice, booked 2 rooms for family of 5, there is only one triple room on every floor so unable to connect to adjacent room. Hotel is pretty far from the JR station, however next to TV tower and pubs, eateries nearby are opened till late in the nite.
Dormy Inn Premium Nagoya Sakae
4.6/5136 Reviews
Very good and convenient transportation, within walking distance to most attractions There is a paid parking lot, but it’s convenient and you don’t have to look around. It’s also easy to pick up and drop off your luggage. The price is the same as outside parking lots. It’s also a plus to have a bathhouse, so you can take a dip in it to relieve fatigue! The environment outside the hotel is also very comfortable and not noisy!

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