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Weather and Best time to travel

Nagoya is officially the capital of Aichi Prefecture. It is present in the Chubu Region, and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. The place is located in the heart of Honshu, which is one of Japan’s primary islands.

The best time to visit Nagoya is during Spring and Autumn. Most of the time Japan gets extremely hot. If you choose to visit this destination in summer, you are bound to feel its humidity. On the other hand, the days between June and July are known for heavy rains. You will not be able to see most of the Nagoya attractions when you choose to travel in these months. Yet, travelers who are keen on bagging the cheap hotels in Nagoya will find this time of the year useful. Both Nagoya hotels, and flights to Nagoya will be extremely cheap. With this being said, Spring and Autumn are the finest times of the year to see all Nagoya Attractions. During these seasons, you will see the flowers bloom to the fullest, and a rich display of colors throughout the city.

Airports near Nagoya

When you want to travel to Nagoya, you need to ensure that the right flight is booked. And, for this, you have the two airports in the location. The Chubu Centrair International Airport is also known around the world as the Chubu Airport. Then there is the Nagoya Airfield, which is officially known as the Komaki Airport. Getting to Nagoya from the Nagoya Airport becomes simple if you choose to travel by train or taxi. Most of the time, the train is a much-preferred mode of transportation in the city. This is how locals and tourists get to see the splendor of this travel destination.


Travelling around Nagoya is never a problem. This city is famous for its well-established transportation system. The most commonly used mode of transport would be the subways and city buses. On average, you need to spend between 210 SGD and 294 SGD for a ride. This is a flat rate. If you choose to travel by the subway system, you will need to pay between 280 SGD and 462 SGD for adults. For convenience, you can opt for the weekend eco passes or the one-day tickets. These prove to be of good value to travelers. There are six major subway lines connecting the entire city.

Apart from buses, and subway lines – you can choose to travel around the city by taxi or local trains.

How to get to Nagoya

Getting to Nagoya from anywhere in the world is very easy. This is because you have many primary carriers connecting Nagoya with the rest of the world. Airline services like Lufthansa, ANA, Austrian, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific have routes to this destination.

For instance, if you choose to travel to Nagoya from London, your journey will be around 14 hours to the Nagoya Chubu Centrair Airport. But, there are no direct flights connecting London to Nagoya. On an average, your flight from London to Nagoya will cost between 700 SGD and 800 SGD.

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range

If you are looking for the best Nagoya hotel deals, you need to plan the trip ahead of time. This is when Nagoya hotels get booked quickly. Few important hotels in Nagoya for you to consider would be:

  • 5-star hotels in Nagoya: Reputed names in the luxury segment of hotels in Nagoya would be Hilton, Kanko Hotel, Marriott Associa, Nagoya Prince Hotel, Teisho Basarstei, and Hotel Trusty. On average, you need to spend between 100 SGD and 200 SGD for these luxury hotels. 
  • 4-star hotels in Nagoya: Mitsu Garden Hotel, Dormy Inn Premium, Ana Crowne Plaza, Cyprus Mercure, and Castle Plaza are known for their four-star ratings. These hotels in Nagoya will cost you between 50 SGD and 100 SGD per night. 
  • 3-star hotels in Nagoya: Daiwa Roynet, Vessel Hotel, and Meitetsu Inn Nagoyaekimae are known names in this segment. These are cheap hotels in Nagoya, with a price tag of 35 SGD to 50 SGD. 
  • 2-star hotels in Nagoya: Hotel Love, Comfort Hotel, and New Shochikubai Hotel are a few names in the list of cheap hotels in Nagoya. Just like the three-star ones, these hotels cost between 35 SGD and 50 SGD. 

Nagoya Tourist Information

Top Tourist Attractions in Nagoya

The list of things to do in Nagoya is often endless. You have so many places to see and, interesting things to do.

  • Nagoya Castle: It has been in the city for nearly four centuries. This landmark has seen many changes in the past few years. In fact, it was even burnt down. A key highlight of this place would be its gardens. 
  • Atsuta-Jingu Shrine: This shrine has a history that dates back to the 1900s. The place is covered with thick forests, and it spreads across 20 hectares. Many claim that the trees in this region are more than 1000 years old. 
  • Shirotori Garden: This is one of the city’s biggest and most beautiful gardens. The garden displays modern aesthetics in every corner. Indeed, this is one of the finest places to enjoy a traditional cup of tea. 

Top food places in Nagoya

Apart from Nagoya attractions, you have the following food places to try during your stay. 

  • Kaisen Bistro Masuyone is famous for its seasonal seafood varieties. Items served at this restaurant are caught fresh and prepared. The restaurant is reputed for its crab-based dishes. These dishes can be enjoyed all year round.
  • Mikuni Nagoya is run by the country’s finest French Chef. This place offers great food, with stunning sceneries. If you wish to enjoy dishes with lobster and truffles – this is where you need to head. It also features more than 300 varieties of bottled wine. 
  • Cala Carmen in Nagoya specializes in Spanish cuisine. The restaurant is over a century old and it serves the town’s best Pasta Paella. 

Planning a trip to Nagoya will be an interesting one. But, you need expert help for booking cheap hotels in Nagoya, and for finishing all the best things to do in Nagoya. Make use of to boost the best Nagoya hotels for your next big vacation.

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