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About Auckland

Auckland is located in the central northern part of New Zealand's North Island. Surrounded on three sides by water, the extraordinary terrain makes this city ideal for sailing. Many of the city's residents have their own private sailboats, which is why Auckland has the reputation for being "The City of a Thousand Sails". There is always a massive fleet of sailboats out on the ocean. It is also New Zealand's confluence of international culture. As you walk down the street, you can see a rich variety of 19th-Century colonial architecture. For a city like Auckland that focuses on nature and actively protects history and culture, there are also all kinds of museums and art galleries, preserving pieces of the indigenous Māori tribes. This quaint and natural city is definitely worth visiting.

Popular Attractions in Auckland

Hobbit Village
435 Reviews
Film Studio
Hobbit Village is part of Woodley Park and the set for the movies Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. At present, there are dozens of hobbit caves in Hobbit Village, each of which has a unique design. Entering the scenic spot, you can see the semicircular cave houses inhabited by the Hobbits, along with stone arch bridges, mountain paths, fences and gardens, forming an idyllic picture with a magical feeling.
Sky Tower
668 Reviews
Observation Deck
Extreme Sport
Sky Tower is 328 meters high and is the landmark of Auckland. It is integrated with other buildings to form a huge sky city. Sky Tower has three transparent elevators that rise at a speed of 18 kilometers per hour, taking you to the top of the observation deck and revolving restaurant in just 40 seconds, where you can overlook all of Auckland City like an angel. Evenings are recommended so that you can see a beautiful sunset, nightfall, and overlook the Auckland night view. In addition, you can also experience Skywalking. Sky Tower Walk is a 192-meter-high outer ring platform on the Sky Tower, led by a coach for guided high-altitude walks.
Mount Eden
467 Reviews
Observation Deck
Mount Eden is located about 5 kilometers south of Auckland city centre and 196 meters high. It is one of Auckland's many volcanic cones and is also the highest natural point of Auckland. There is a gazebo on the top of the hill to enjoy the city views of Auckland. Mount Eden had several eruptions. It is formed by accumulations from volcanic eruptions around the crater. Mount Eden looks like an inverted cone-shaped bowl. The bottom of the pit has become a lush green land, which is very special. . When you come to the mountain top, you will see a 50-meter-deep crater. The crater is very sacred. Visitors are forbidden to enter, but they can walk around it. It is also a great place to look out over Auckland.
Queen Street
234 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Named after Queen Victoria, Queen Street is an important commercial street in downtown Auckland. There are also gift shops and woolen shops on the streets of Queen Street. In addition to the gift shop, you can also find a range of unique gourmet shops, flavours and cafes. Not far from Queens Street is the landmark Sky Tower, which can be seen from Queen Street, a spectacular sight of Auckland.

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Trip Moments

Mount Eden is one of the must-visit places in Auckland. An extinct volcano, with amazing views. Take a taxi from the hotel, then climb up, not high, there are hiking trails, half-mountain and also good photos. This time, I thoroughly learned what is called a temperate maritime climate. It was just a sunny day, and now the rain is pouring down, but the rainbow is always visible. It is said to be seen almost every day. Mount Eden, an extinct volcano formed between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago and 196 meters high, is the highest volcano in Auckland's land of volcanic belt and one of Auckland's most important symbols. From here you can overlook the panoramic view of downtown Auckland and the two major harbors, as well as the remains of the crater. Figure 9 is the wilderness of me. There is a red-hot photo point, the foot is suspended in the air, and I have seen a lot of photos like this.
Posted: 8 Dec 2018
Mount Eden, the highest place in Auckland, you can see the entire city of Auckland and the sea. The car parked under the mountain. I thought it was to climb a mountain. As a result, I went to the top of the mountain without taking any steps. There is a big crater on the top of the mountain. It is covered with long grasses and has a mysterious feeling. Going up to the crater, you can watch the city of Auckland from 360 degrees, all of them are small garden houses~ The wind on the top of the mountain is really strong, I have to pack my tripod, and my hair is messy. From another angle, you can see the sailing pier, and the dark mountains, which is an active volcano, and I do not know which day it will erupt again. The yellow grass is gently moving in the mountain wind, like a yellow thread.
Posted: 10 Dec 2018
Located in Auckland Park, Auckland, New Zealand, the Auckland Museum is a museum of historical and ethnic artifacts. The pavilion is a Gothic building with various antique furnishings. Opening hours: Museum 10:00-17:00, ANZAC Day is open to dawn at dawn; Library is closed on Sundays and holidays (except ANZAC Day), coffee shop 9:30-17:00; Christmas is closed. Ticket price: Adults donate 10 New Zealand dollars for admission, and children are free to visit, ANZAC Day (April 25) is free all day; Maori shows 25 New Zealand dollars / adults, 12.5 New Zealand dollars / children. Recommended time: 3 hours
Posted: 16 Dec 2018