Autumn viewing and Chain Lakes hiking at Mt Baker

The long Thanksgiving weekend at Mt Baker for autumn viewing is a two-way rush for people in Vancouver and Seattle. We crossed the border from Sumas, Canada, made a brief stop at the Glacier Visitor Center, and then drove around the winding mountain road to reach the Austin Pass parking lot. Continuing upwards, you can reach the larger parking lot at Artist Point, but we arrived at 9:30 and there were still parking spaces, so we simply parked at Austin Pass. From here, we walked the Chain Lakes Loop in a counterclockwise direction, and the last 2 kilometers were very easy, all downhill. The total distance is actually about 8.5 kilometers, and we completed it in four and a half hours with stops along the way. I highly recommend downloading the AIITrails APP. Those coming from Canada can download offline maps, which are very useful. It will tell you the exact direction, altitude, distance, etc. You can start a 7-day free membership and then cancel. Along the way, you will pass Picture Lake where you can take pictures in the morning and again on the way back. Things you must bring for autumn mountain climbing are: ⭐Sun hat and sunscreen ⭐Hiking stick, one or two are fine ⭐Enough water, this route takes at least three and a half hours to complete ⭐Snacks, sit down and replenish your energy in places with beautiful scenery ⭐Long sleeves are recommended, a thin jacket can be worn at the mountain top ⭐There are no toilets along the way, and the condition of the parking lot toilets is very poor, FYI.
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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