Hilary Chua

Wagyu X!

Chef Masa stumbled upon a Hokkaido breed that is bred from the crossing of Kuroge black wagyu cow and Aberdeen Angus bull. This Wagyu boasts a truly unique composition showcasing the exquisite marbling found in A5 Wagyu, complemented by the robust flavour profile inherent to Angus beef. The result is a luxurious texture that strikes a harmonious balance, delivering neither an overly fatty nor excessively meaty experience, but rather a perfectly nuanced and balanced flavour. Imagine relishing a generous 250g serving of this Wagyu, where its luxurious texture also ensures a delightful chew akin to that of savouring an Angus steak. Each bite delivers both melt-in-your-mouth goodness and a delectable beefy juiciness. To bring the best out of the specialty breed, they came up with a dedicated menu at this eponymous steakhouse and would love to have you taste the one-of-its-kind crossbreed Wagyu X beef like no other. #Tripstars
Posted: Feb 29, 2024
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