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Sentosa Island - Palawan, Siloso, Tanjong Beach

Singapore's famous Sentosa Island for Universal Studios and resorts! 📍You can meet Palawan Beach right away if you take the monorail from VivoCity to Beach Station. You can also take a free shuttle bus to each beach, and since the distances are not far, you can just walk. 🍴There are beach clubs at each beach where you can eat both alcohol and food. The types and tastes of food are similar wherever you go, so just go into a place you like. 🤿 There are changing rooms and showers by the beach, making it a great place for water activities. Beach clubs also provide changing rooms and showers. When you get tired of the city tour in Singapore, visiting Sentosa Island can give you a fresh start to your trip!
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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