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🏝️ This resort is definitely a gem of Phuket Island, a super niche choice known only to a few, perfect for couples and besties, it's simply paradise~🤩 (Apart from us, almost no other bloggers have discovered it) 🏩 Hotel: Mom Tri's Villa Royale 🛌 Room Type: Ocean Wing Suite (Excellent Sea View) 📍 Location: Near Kata Noi Beach on Phuket Island Hotel Highlights: ✨ Here, you will find many foreign tourists and Middle Eastern travelers, with the charm of Thailand everywhere. As soon as you open the door of your room, you're immersed in the endless seascape. Stepping out onto the balcony, you're greeted with the beauty of the sea and sky merging as one. Following the path and down the stairs, you will reach Kata Noi Beach (rocky area). The 【Ocean Wing Suite】 must be specially recommended, offering a unique private area where you can order food and have it delivered from the famous seaside restaurant 'Mon Tri's Kitchen', enjoying a quiet and beautiful dining experience, truly an excellent choice.🌅🍽️ ✨ The hotel has three swimming pools, with plenty of loungers for you to rest and relax. One of the pools is a seawater pool, with seawater constantly circulating, especially suitable for capturing beautiful moments at sunset. However, be aware that some areas may have fallen leaves and branches, suitable for brief photo sessions. The pool in the public area of the hotel is the clearest and cleanest, also offering views of the sunset.🌊🌅 ✨ Breakfast service lasts until 10:30 am, and although not very diverse, mainly Western-style, the quality is excellent. A variety of cereals, bacon, salads, desserts, and fruits are available. Don't forget to try the freshly ground coffee and freshly fried eggs. There are many varieties of jams, as well as a rich selection of oatmeal and yogurt bowls. If you're lucky enough to sit by the window, you can enjoy breakfast while admiring the stunning sea view, which is a fantastic feeling! Moreover, the hotel has a seaside restaurant named 'Mon Tri's Kitchen', one of the top three restaurants in Phuket, perched on the cliffs of Kata Beach, overlooking the entire beach. They serve Thai, Chinese, and Western cuisine, and dining against the sea view is extremely valuable! (We were also especially lucky to witness a rainbow🌈 while dining and happily taking photos)🍳🍉🍹 ✨ The hotel's service is impeccable, especially the butler responsible for our rooms, whose meticulous care was truly touching. She introduced us to many fun places and interesting history near the hotel. The hotel owner is a person who loves to collect, and many of her treasured possessions are displayed in the hotel.💁‍♀️💼🗝️ 🌸 Travel Tips: When the hotel offers a free room upgrade, don't be blinded by the word 'free', make sure to inspect the room personally before deciding. We almost fell for it during our stay; they said they would upgrade us to a room with a pool for free, but when we went to see it, the pool was smaller than a footbath. We immediately requested to keep our originally booked room. Be sure to confirm carefully to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.👀🚫🙅‍♂️ We hope that the revised copy is more vivid and interesting, integrating the characteristics of the attractions, allowing readers to feel the charm of your travel story!🤗✨
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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Mom Tri's Villa Royale

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Near Kata Noi Beach|Kata Beach, Phuket
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