Phuket Old Town in Thailand: The best photo spot for internet celebrities

Thailand has many places suitable for photography, and Phuket Old Town is one of them. This place in Thailand is a multicultural and multi-religious area. The cultural integration brought about by multiple ethnicities and religions is fully expressed in the architecture, mainly in terms of color. Unlike the monochromatic colors in our country, the colors of Thai buildings are very rich. These rich colors, set against the tropical climate's blue skies and white clouds, make it very easy to take beautiful photos of people and their surroundings. 🏨 Hotel Environment: Staying in a hotel in the center of Phuket Town, the room rates here are actually not high, and the distance is very close, which is very suitable for strolling around the old street area. 🧳 Photo Preparation: 1. Lens: Old Master 50 prime or 24-70 zoom lens; 2. Accessories: Flash for the evening, reflector for the daytime; 3. Clothing: Bright and with local Thai characteristics. 🖼 Restaurant: Near the old street, there is a crab shop with a very large crab LOGO. The crab dishes in this shop are very tasty, and there are also some local specialty foods worth experiencing. 📝 Note tips: Don't play too late and go back to the hotel, and definitely do not go to the shops marked with green leaves!
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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