Phuket Travel Guide

📍Destination: Phuket, Thailand 🌞Climate: The temperature in Phuket is stable throughout the year, with an average temperature of about 25°C 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Suitable for: Do you like the sea, diving, and food? Are you already eager to go? 🌟Itinerary🌟 1️⃣Phuket Old Street: Here you can taste the most local life, stroll around the colorful shops during the day, and visit the lively night market at night. 2️⃣Chalong Temple: Don't miss it if you like architecture. Although it is not large, it has a strong Siamese style. 3️⃣Cliff Coffee Shop: The average cost is 15 yuan! Here you can enjoy the sea breeze while drinking coffee, enjoying the most comfortable time. 4️⃣Promthep Cape: The view is great, and it is rated as one of the top ten sunset viewing spots in the world. 5️⃣Nai Yang Beach: A niche beach, just a few kilometers from the airport, you can take pictures of planes taking off and landing, and you can watch the sunset. 6️⃣Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Patong Beach: The three major beaches in Phuket, you can visit if you stay in a nearby hotel, there is no need to check in specifically. 7️⃣Koala Beach: A niche beach, quite far away, mostly Europeans and Americans, participate in the Similan day trip, you don't need to get up early if you live here. 8️⃣Similan Islands Day Tour: The essence of Phuket, only open from November to April every year, the Maldives in Thailand is not a false name, here you can see the glass sea, the sea has various blues. 💰Cost list💰 Air tickets: The price of air tickets from Kunming to Phuket is 1618 yuan. Hotel: The cost of a hotel for 5 days and 4 nights is 1128 yuan. Day tour: The cost of the Similan day tour is 580 yuan. Transportation fee: 320 yuan. Catering: 496 yuan. Total: The average cost per person is about 4000 yuan. 🛤Tips for free travel🛤 Prepare your passport, return flight ticket and hotel order in advance! Airport pick-up and car rental reservations also need to be arranged in advance!
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Posted: Jan 9, 2024
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