Named the “world’s most fashionable museum”, the Victoria & Albert Museum is a fun, enjoyable, fashionable place to visit. You’d really want to take home every single piece of clothing on display. You’ll feel as if you’re in an actual clothing shop. Plus, the cafe inside the museum is what I’d highly recommend to you all. Once you set foot in it you wouldn’t want to leave. The extravagant and luxurious retro style makes you feel like you are part of Britain’s high society. In the rest area outside, you’ll see plenty of folks sunbathing. It’s really quite cold, but can you see a baby running around in just a diaper and bare feet? So jealous of kids who get to roam free. The V&A Museum has 4 famous collection areas. 1. The Oriental collection, showcasing art works from China, India, Japan, Korea and Islamic Kingdoms; 2. Western art collection. In this area you’ll find a huge Trajan column dating from the Roman times. Along the column you will find relics depicting Trajan winning the war against Daria. The relic is extremely well-defined and authentic. 3. Ancient musical instruments collection, with Western instruments from various periods. 4. Fashion and design collection. Here you will find more about the development of fashion designs and famous pieces from contemporary fashion. Like most museums in the UK, getting into the permanent exhibitions at the V&A is entirely free of charge. However, you will find a donation box at the front entrance. Visitors can donate as they’d wish. Entering themed exhibitions and galleries will require extra admission fees. However, it’s totally worth the price! The exhibition is divided into 2 stories. There are fewer items on the lower floor but you can visit for free.
Posted: Dec 11, 2018
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Victoria and Albert Museum

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