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I'm staying at the London Pan Pacific Hotel for the first time. Standing on the street, looking at this elegant building. This business trip also stayed in the Pan Pacific Hotel inside. When checking in, you can see travelers from all over the world, often hear people from Malaysia, China, Dubai, and the United States chatting The unique feature of this project is that half is a five-star hotel and half is a high-end private residence The Pan Pacific Hotel below the 20th floor is very popular. The hotel manager shared with me that the occupancy rate is almost 100% on holidays, and the average on weekdays is over 90% The hotel-style management in Asia is very similar to the warm hospitality of Asians. Kind, and keep a sense of distance Opposite the project is one of London's largest transfer stations, Liverpool Station, which runs through seven subway lines. The transportation is convenient, and it is very convenient to go anywhere Within a 5 to 20-minute walk, you can walk around London's famous attractions, cucumbers, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Museum, etc. Hundreds of banks, insurance companies, and international corporations surround the project. A few steps away, you can reach the tallest headquarters building of Apple The life in the financial city is also colorful. Bars, restaurants, and high-end cuisine are all located nearby. Spitalfields and Leadenhall, these two major markets are nearby, with antiques, handicrafts, fashion brands, jewelry and food, walking around, you can see all kinds of fresh and fun
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Posted: Feb 12, 2024
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