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Romantik Hotel Rindenmuhle
4.4/511 Reviews
We had chosen the hotel for two days as a possibility of staying on our holiday trip to the south and were very nicely received on Friday afternoon at the reception. Due to the Corona restrictions, we were immediately informed of wearing a mask and using the disinfectants. But then we were very disappointed that we couldn't book any place for the next evening in the restaurant for dinner. We were told that we could have done the same when booking, because because of the local visitors and weekend bookings, the restaurant was booked almost every weekend. We could look for something in Villagens on the color road, there would be enough restaurants there. A recommendation did not want the receptionist to express. We didn't think so well, because it should be possible to establish a place for 2 people in some way in the restaurant or in other areas. A weekend before we had experienced this in another romantic hotel where the receptionist had made it possible despite full reservation. Very well enjoyed our room 116 on the first floor, because it was very spacious and had under the roof with the wooden bars and the sharp window still a seat with round table. All was very modern and stylish with wood. A very large flat screen was fitted over the skillfully installed plate with a minibar, which was invited to television because it was in front of the two broad and comfortable beds. The prices for soft drinks and beer in the minibar were moderate. In this room you could really feel well. The excellent lighting system that you could control from the bed was also impressive, as well as the sticks with USB loading boxes. The free Wi-Fi created a quite fast internet connection because at a speed test it reached more than 80000 kbit/s in download and in the amazing 50000 kbit/s in upload. Also, we enjoyed modern bathing equipment With the shower and the huge mirror across the wall. Unfortunately, one heard the train passing by night, reminded one of the trains passing behind the house. Fortunately, the train traffic was not so strong that we could make it comfortable in the afternoon on the comfortable beds under the fruit trees. That was very relaxing, especially as the friendly servant provided us with drinks. We found that this hotel was suitable for a longer holiday than just one weekend, because next to a living room there was also a wellness area with a terrace and comfortable beds. Furthermore, the location outside Villages next to the swimming pool and near the curtain park is very advantageous, because there are many walking and walking paths. Very satisfied we were with dinner on the inner terrace
Dormero Hotel Villingen-Schwenningen
4/540 Reviews
The arrival at 13.00 before closed door, reception only from 15.00 occupies A strongly stressed lady tries her best ... the BAR as a bike parking site and on the morning the reception is orphaned , ...The only contact option is a ”decent” shown Handynr- About landing in the Berlin Central and landing with a very unfriendly ”responsible”, who rejects the very unfriendly conversation cancelno of 2.Nacht! Conclude: But much design friendliness NULL ! The hamper but: The smoke devices -holding on the deck lee ! ...the devices are found casually in the SCHRANK!!!
B&B Hotel Villingen-Schwenningen
4/519 Reviews
We were in this hotel for 3 nights for a group tour in the black forest, we stayed here and we moved on several stages in the day. Slightly decentralized, but still close to several supermarkets. Clean and quite modern rooms. Essential and unexcessful breakfast....ma you could give more. Doulent notes? I'm going with the list: 1. Personal reception scortey and unavailable (I asked for a further couch and they answered that nn had 🙄..... ; they gave me a further shower fabric and the day after I took it again, arguing that the towels were to be 2+2 for each room and not more .....mah . Please understand!!!!); 2. At any request nn I pointed to myself how many times they sbuffed and raised their eyes to the sky; 3. This is a real girl ....My husband dropped for breakfast at 8.10 and he was told that for the group breakfast was served from 6.30 to 8.00 and not later ....N.B the breakfast hours were from 6.30 to 10, 00.....QUINDI??? Why THIS DIFERENCE????? GOOD GOODS ARE CLOSED ..... Then we found that breakfast from 8.00 to then was rich with more food ..... CHE SCHIFO!!! However, spared and little available ... I wouldn't come back ....
Holiday Inn Villingen - Schwenningen
4/541 Reviews
Excellent customer service Tanya from front desk helped me with multiple request. The restaurant meals were delicious. Room was very large, new and comfortable. Only 20 minutes from Black Forest and quick 10 minute drive to village main plaza. Highly recommend.

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